Saturday morning, the day of the offline meeting.

Having gone to bed as early as possible last night, Amamiya woke up before the clock alarm went off.

Yawning, he heads to the washroom to wash his face and brush his teeth.

Normally, his childhood friend Tojo would kick the door down and come into his room, but he hasn’t had any contact with her since the day he confessed his feelings to her.

They used to go to and from school together, talk at school and eat dinner together at home, but that normalcy has ceased to be normal.

Seeing his pathetic reflection in the bathroom mirror, Amamiya feels nauseous and runs to the toilet.

Just remembering that day was traumatic and made him feel sick.

Downstairs, Anna, who had made breakfast, was sitting on the sofa with a forlorn expression on her face, watching anime that was being broadcast in the morning.

When she noticed Amamiya coming downstairs, Anna put on a caring smile and sat down at the dining table.

It’s been a long time since the two of them were alone at the dining table.

“I’m sorry, Anna. Because we had a fight, I made you feel lonely. ……”

It took quite a while to comfort Anna, who was deeply shocked that Tojo had stood her up on her promise to make curry for dinner that day.

Anna does not know why they fought.

“No, it’s fine. The better you get along, the more you fight, that’s what friends do, right? It just happened the other day.
I think you can make up one day, if you’re onii chan and Chika onee chan.”

“Y-yeah. I hope so, I hope so. ……”

Although Tojo said ‘for the time being’, if things continue as they are, she may never come home again. Amamiya couldn’t very well confide in Anna, who looks up to her like an older sister.

“Oni chan had something planned for today, right?”

“Oh, yeah. I’m meeting up with a friend.”

The other party might be a senior or a member of society, or even an elderly person, so it is not possible to remain sloppy.

Amamiya had carefully prepared for this day.

He set his hair with an unfamiliar wax and spray, wore a polo shirt and trousers he bought at a speciality shop, and tried to make his appearance as clean as possible.

“Could it be a woman, ……?”

Anna stared at Amamiya with a jitters as she drank a glass of water.

She is a little suspicious that they might have had a fight because of it.

“No way, it’s a boy. Do I look like I have any female friends besides Chika?”

“You don’t have many male friends either.”

Amamiya smiled bitterly at Anna, who was hitting a sore spot.

Needless to say, Anna warned him afterwards that he should practise a more fresh and popular smile.

Meeting his best friend in real life, whom he had only interacted with on the internet.

Amamiya was reluctant when he was invited, but he was traumatised by being completely rejected by his childhood friend Tojo, and he was conversely looking forward to it in order to drown out his bad feelings.

Playing with friends on holidays was a childhood request from primary schools, when he was a rambunctious child.

Kouba Street, in front of the fountain.

Arriving at the meeting place, Amamiya opens his mobile phone to check the time.

(It’s only ten minutes before. …… Let’s text just in case.)

It was Saturday around noon, so there were many couples waiting for each other in front of the fountain.

With such a high percentage of beautiful men and women that he couldn’t compare to himself, Amamiya felt like he was floating and took some distance away from the fountain.

He types ‘I’ve arrived at the rendezvous point☆’ in his mail and sends it.

It would be embarrassing if he bumped into his classmates, so he wants to meet up as soon as possible and get away from this place.

After a minute of waiting with a serious expression on my face like a child waiting for an injection. Amamiya noticed a lot of noise on the other side of the fountain and moved his gaze in that direction.

“Is that girl Japanese? She’s very pretty.”

“Her skin is white and nice. ……”

“Why is she standing alone in a place like that? Maybe she’s waiting for a boyfriend? That’s nice.”

“Why don’t you try picking up that

“No. Take a good look. She may be used to being picked up, or she may look normal at first glance, but she has an aura of ‘no, thank you’ about her.
It’s useless to talk to her.”

There is a crowd of people, perhaps even celebrities.

Regardless of whether they were men or women, they all had bright red faces and were shouting yellow.

Amamiya, too, became increasingly concerned and moved to the other side of the fountain to blend in with the group.

He stood tall to see which celebrity on earth was attracting the attention.


Amamiya immediately bent down and looked in front of him, “A cosplayer?” and hid behind the back of the interested foreigner.

It was a classmate he knew well who was standing in front of the fountain.

Moreover, it was that beautiful half-Russian girl from the same class, who always sits quietly in the back seat.

(K-Karina san?!??)

In order not to be discovered, he stands up tall again and looks at her.

Her school uniform alone is beautiful, but she has a white blouse that matches her white skin, a pretty ribbon, a long black skirt that extends below her knees and boots.

Maybe she’s meeting up with her boyfriend, or maybe she’s always quiet, but she’s good-looking enough to have a boyfriend or two, so it’s not a strange sight.

(I envy her, but it’s none of my business. ……)

While Amamiya was admiring Karina, who was dressed up more than usual, as well as the people around her, his mobile phone rang. It was a reply from Dragonhead.

“I’ve arrived too, but where is Rein san?”

Dragonhead reported his arrival, but there were too many people.

Perhaps deciding that it would be difficult to find a particular person in the crowd created by Karina, Amamiya sent a text message to change his plans.

“It’s pretty crowded, and the meeting place, you know, can we change it to the coffee shop we were planning to go to?”

“I’m sure we can agree on that.”

Relieved that he immediately agreed, Amamiya headed alone to the appointed coffee shop.

Sometimes he turns around and looks for people who might be heading to the coffee shop as well as him, but because the crowd has suddenly started to disperse, it has become increasingly difficult to find them.

Is he really coming ……?

As far as the eye can see, there are couples, and a group of girls eating cake and ladies in expensive clothes.

It’s awkward, and like at school, it’s a table by the window, so it’s even more awkward to be seen from the outside.

If there’s a man sitting opposite them, they can’t avoid the attention of the people around them.

They will think they are a gay couple.

Amamiya wondered why Dragonhead had chosen this restaurant.

Even so, the situation is one he cannot back out of, and he can’t just pretend to be asleep and get away with it.

The best thing to do is to stand tall and dignified, like a boyfriend waiting for his girlfriend.

“Welcome – one person, is that right?’”

Amamiya’s shoulders shook as he heard the shop door open behind him.

No way, Is he already here?

Just as before the fountain, yellow voices rose again in the shop, from both men and women alike.

Amamiya couldn’t believe his ears.

Amamiya smiled bitterly, as his sister had just warned him about such coincidences.

[I’ve arrived at the shop, I don’t know which seat you’re sitting in, can I ask you to raise your hand?]

He got a text from Dragonhead.

The time had finally come for a meeting with his irreplaceable partner, a friend and confidant with whom he had shared many hardships and joys.

Amamiya slowly raised her hand, her body trembling with happiness and embarrassment.

“I’m sorry for making you wait. I couldn’t get out of the crowd and I’m late. ……”

Thinking he smelled nice and fluffy, the person who casually sat down on the seat opposite him was not a man.

It was neither a dog nor a cat, but a girl.

Moreover, she had the clear silver hair and snow-white skin that Amamiya knew so well.

When he rolled his eyes and froze, the other side was the same, or was she surprised with her mouth open?

Even that gesture is so cute and endearing that it is picturesque.

“…… Amamiya-kun!?”

“Ka, ka, ka, Karina-san!”

He couldn’t believe it, he rubbed his eyes to see if he was dreaming, but everything was real.

The true identity of the friend He had been playing with all his life, the highbrow who he thought would never be a part of his life.

She is half-Russian and has captivated many male and female students.

She is Karina, the most beautiful girl in the high school…

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