No matter how many compensatory holidays we are given, we still have to go to school on Saturdays and Sundays in a row from Friday.

Because of this, when I woke up in the morning after forest school today, I felt like a company animal who had prepared for seven consecutive working days.

In addition —.


“Tsukkun, are you sleepy?”

I can’t help but feel absentminded.

On the ground there is the whole first grade, some senior students and the teacher.

The homeroom teacher was currently giving an explanation to their class, so the teacher didn’t point out my yawning while I was standing at the edge.

“Last time we had snapper, remember? And in that vein, yesterday I was watching a video on how to make aqua pazza. ……”

“Gunnu……, Tsukkun’s family strenght is getting better and better!”

I thought I would try making it next time I had time.

“Well then, that’s it from me. From here on out, please follow the instructions of the second graders.”

While I was absent, the teacher finished her explanation.

Then, Yuzuha, with a somewhat happy smile on her face, pulled my sleeve and stood in front of the first grade.

Perhaps she is about to start introducing herself.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Minase Yuzuha, who will be in charge of your class at this forest school! I look forward to working with you today!”

In this forest school, we will be in charge of the first grade of the same class as ourselves.

Of course, the third grade students will also be in charge of the same, but as far as I’ve heard the explanation, it seems that they only follow up the second grade and basically lead the way.

That is why we are the only ones who make these greetings, and the third graders are casually getting on the bus now. I envy them.

“Hey, isn’t she so cute?”

“That’s what I thought. I mean, Minase-senpai, as I recall, was called one of the three most beautiful girls?”

“Was that a serious story? But when you see how cute she is, I can understand why you call her that.”

When Yuzuha greets them, I hear a boy’s voice coming from somewhere.

I understand how you feel. I think it’s no wonder they get so excited when they see such a cute senior just after entering the school.

However, the voice seems to be reaching my ears.

Naturally, it also reached Yuzuha’s ears, and as …… expected, she frowned a little uncomfortably.

(…… it’s not something you should be talking about here and now)

I turned my body slightly and stood in front of Yuzuha.

I then raised my voice to the buzzing first-graders.

“Eee, I’m Tsukasa Irie! Although this is a place to deepen our friendship, …… please act with moderation in order to have fun and make precious memories!”

The boy’s voice, which had been buzzing, quiets down, perhaps because I spoke out strongly.

The impression may have been a little worse, but I have to say this with a gusto…

“(Uuuu …… Tsukkun is too cool. He casually protected me, and even at a time like this, I’m nervous.)”

Really, you don’t say things like that behind my back even though it’s a time like this. I can hear it

“Hey, Irie-senpai, I’m pretty sure he’s the one who’s always ranked first in his grade in tests, right?”

“Ah, I heard that from my senpai too. Moreover, I heard that he’s so athletic that he stands out so much at the sports festival.”

“He also has a cool face. …… Hey, can we exchange contact details or something this time?”

As soon as it seems to have quieted down, this time the girls’ voices are heard here and there.

…… Why me? What did you hear from that senpai?

(I mean, there’s no point in saying this so strongly. ……)

No, I’m glad the girls are lifting me up so much that they’re buzzing about it.

But at least do it at a different time, not like this, or else we wouldn’t be having this conversation at all…

“We’re going to get on the bus now and head to the site.”

At that moment, I suddenly felt a soft touch on my arm.

When I turned my gaze to the side, I saw Yuzuha hugging my arm.

“So, let’s go quickly. If we don’t hurry, we’ll be left behind in another class~.”

Yuzuha smiles at the first year students.

Even though she was supposed to be smiling, I could feel that she wasn’t smiling at all.

As if I wasn’t the only one who sensed this, the students who had been making noise calmed down this time.

“Ah, hey …… Yuzuha—”

“Let’s go quickly, Tsukkun! Don’t be late! If you’re late and your schedule gets disrupted, you won’t be able to enjoy the fun!”

Still hugging me in her arms, Yuzuha walks ahead as if leading the students to the bus parked on the grounds.

Although I completely agree with that statement, I can’t help but think that there is no need to hug me in her arms.

I was about to point this out, but she turned slightly ahead of me and opened her mouth.
“…… If we do this, people won’t think weird things about us, will they?”

If they see us like this, they’ll think, ‘Oh, you two are already dating?’

It’s true that we are the ones who lead, but we are also the ones who interact.

But the main thing is the interaction between the first years.

We are not first year students, we are second year students, we are just sub people, so I don’t want them to pay too much attention to us.

(A-as expected of an aspiring teacher ……, you’re thinking about it.)

I am inwardly impressed.

Then, this time, she blushes a little red in the cheeks and–.

“…… I’m jealous too, you know.”


“I also wanted to keep things in check…”

Words spoken with embarrassment.

For some reason, not only Yuzuha, but even I, who received it, felt embarrassed.

“I-I see……”


I know both of our faces are red.

Even so, I tried to remain calm and quickly got into the bus so as not to be seen by the first-year students.

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