Yuri and Kairi switched places, with Kairi going to the restroom and Yuri talking with me while watching the illumination.

While looking at the illumination, Yuri said, “I want to take a picture over there,” and asked me to take her picture.

It was the Christmas tree in the center of the flower park.
When I tried to hold up the camera on my phone, Yuri stuck her index fingers on her cheeks and smiled at me.
I was a little surprised, because I had thought that Yuri was not the type of person who would smile so mockingly.

“Yeah, it’s a cute shot, isn’t it?”
“Y-Yeah! I think it’s really cute.”
“……, hmmm.”

I heard a sexy voice coming out of Yuuri’s mouth for a moment, but then I thought …… was she choking on phlegm or something?

“Yuuri, are you all right?”
“I-I’m fine. I’m sorry about that earlier, onii chan. Kairi and you were talking so happily together.
“There’s nothing to apologize for, is there?”

Especially Kairi didn’t seem to be having a good time.
“Hey Onii chan. Who would you rather go out with, Kairi or me?”
“Don’t ask me such a weird question. I don’t want to go out with either of you.”
“You don’t have to put up with me just because I’m your sister, okay?”
“What do you mean, put up with it?”
“If onii chan thinks I’m cute, why don’t you just …… honestly like me?”
“….No, no, no, no!”
“Even if we’re related by blood,……, if you really like each other, that’s true love, isn’t it?”

Yuuri, with a look of realization on her face, stared at the white breath from her mouth with distant eyes as it disappeared.
“What in the world are you talking about?”
“Because, if it’s onii chan, I won’t back down even if he says he loves me.”

I’m your older brother, you won’t back down if I say I like you?
Would I, as an older brother, like Yuuri ……?

It’s something that makes my head hurt.

Liking Yuuri, whom I always thought of as my sister,……?
Something is boiling inside of my brain and it’s almost boiling over.
There’s no way …… I’m going to look at Yuuri differently.

“What’s wrong, onii chan? Your eyes, you’re scary♡”
“……Yu, Yuuri. I’m not going to let you make fun of me just because I don’t have a girlfriend.”
“But onii chan,……, when I said I wouldn’t back down, you fantasized about messing up my body, didn’t you?”
“I did not! Of course not!”
“No way Because you were looking at my boobs”.

I thought about what Kairi had said to me when I had looked at her breast before.

[Girls are sensitive to the gaze.]

Don’t tell me I …… unknowingly looked at Yuuri’s chest ……?

I was astonished, and before I knew it, Yuri had moved her mouth close to my ear.
It’s as if she was ASMRing me and her breath was tickling my earlobe.
Of course, at this distance, Yuuri’s breasts pressed against my ribs, making me even more aware of her breasts.

“It’s not like Kairi’s big, sloppy boobs, but they’re well-shaped, firm, and slightly warm like the warmer I mentioned earlier. …… If onii chan insists, you can touch them,”

The sweet whispers that melted my brain.
Morals inside of me are going to be destroyed.

“I-I’m ………”

Yuuri’s ample breasts stroke my ribs sideways.
I-If this is the case, I’m really going to have to take Yuuri seriously—–

While breathing hard, Kairi came back.

“T-The food court over there! Half off fries! Let’s go!”
“Half off fries……?”

That was the only thing that brought me back to my senses.

As Kairi approached, Yuri moved away from me and moved to stand next to me.

“I… I’m! I’m hungry.”
“You ate two steamed meat buns before we went.”
“Thats? A-Anyway, let’s go, girl onee chan.”

Kairi and Yuuri suddenly started glaring at each other.
There is no need to glare at each other that much over whether you’re hungry or not.

“Aaaaah, okay, okay. I’ll buy you fries and anything else you want. hey, Yuuri, don’t give me that sour look.”
“I’m not looking at you that way. I was just worried about Kairi’s stomach.”
“O-Onii chan. That was all a joke.”
“……, you should never get excited by your sister, you know♡”.

I knew she was just making fun of me.
I thought Yuri was just an honor student, but I never thought she would make fun of me like this.
Was she taken in by the Christmas atmosphere?

But what is it about ……?
I lusted after Yuri’s breasts …… even for a moment, no, no, no! Not that!

Kairi and Yuuri are both cute and stylish.
But I’m their older brother and we’ve been living together since we were kids, and I’d be a psycho if I had any weird feelings for them.

It’s okay……Because I can’t listen to ASMR, I just have a weird sexual appetite.
Damn, Yuuri said something like that situation voice.

I shook my head and started walking behind them,…….

“What’s up, oni?”
“Onii chan?”

I suddenly caught sight of a figure.
I was in a flower park full of couples, but a schoolgirl in school uniform walking alone.
The girl has a slender body, light pigmented hair color, and her bangs are pulled to the left with a large hair clip.

Although her hair color had changed, I had a sense of déjà vu with her.
No, it wasn’t deja vu.
That was …… for sure.

Mizuno Chifuyu – the one who used me as a wallet in junior high school.

“Oniiii! Hurry up or I’ll get fries!”

I looked away for a moment, and Chifuyu was gone.
Maybe it was just an illusion that Christmas had cast on me.
The illusion of an ex-girlfriend is …… a bad Christmas.

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