“Ryoya, I knew you didn’t suspect us at all.”
“Usually people don’t think that sleeping pills are mixed in the drinks they are given, so it can’t be helped.”

My sister and I were having such a conversation while looking down at Ryoya who was sleeping peacefully on the bed. There are two reasons why we let Ryoya sleep this time.
The first reason was to secretly install a small surveillance camera in Ryoya’s room, which can check the video and audio with a smartphone, so as not to be noticed.
It was necessary to put him to sleep in order to carry out the large-scale work of wiring the camera to ensure that it would operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Needless to say, the second reason was to have sex with Ryoya. We had given our virginity to Ryoya that night, but it was clearly impossible for us to hold back once we knew such pleasure.
Seeing Ryoya’s erect lower body in the bathroom aroused both me and my sister, and needless to say, we wanted to push him down right then and there.
But we held it back desperately. Because we wanted a more romantic situation for our first act when Ryoya was conscious.
We are girls, after all, and we wanted to be particular about that. My sister and I talked daily about what kind of situation would be best for us, but we never seemed to come to a conclusion.
It seems that even twin sisters have different tastes in this area. So it will definitely be a long time before Ryoya has his first real experience.

“For now, let’s set up a surveillance camera.”
“I want to finish it quickly and make love to Ryoya-kun a lot.”

Then we temporarily placed the surveillance cameras in several places we had already planned and began to check the visibility of the images. As a result, we decided to place it on top of the bookshelf, which is taller than we are.

“I don’t think Ryoya will find it here, and I think it’s a pretty good location.”
“If we camouflage it well, it will be perfect.”

The surveillance camera is installed after successfully disguising it so that it appears to be part of the bookshelf. Then, we ran the power cable from the back of the bookshelf down to the floor and plugged it into an open outlet hole.
This is because of the fact that the place is crowded with routers and other things that must always be plugged in, so there is no need to worry about Ryoya pulling it out.

“…… finally finished, thanks for your hard work, Riona.”
“Took quite a while.”

I noticed that quite a bit of time had passed since I started installing the surveillance cameras.

“Well, now it’s time for what we’ve been waiting for, right?”
“I can’t stand it any longer.”

My sister and I took off the pajamas we were wearing and stripped down to our natural state. Then the three of us made love until we were satisfied.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

“I’m insanely sluggish, and I’m also feeling awfully heavy. ……”

I woke up with a strong sense of fatigue and a terrible difficulty in sleeping, but I noticed that both sides of my body were unusually heavy.
When I tried to move my arms, they didn’t seem to move at all, so I turned to my right and there was Reina, clinging to me and sleeping with a look of contentment on her face.

“…… means to the left…”

I turned my head to the left this time and found Riona sleeping with a happy face.

“Their bodies are so soft.”

Reona and Riona were sleeping with their breasts pressed against my body, and I could feel their softness directly. Incidentally, they even smelled good, which is peculiar to girls.
Normally, I would have been so excited that my lower body would have been energized, but for some reason, I could not seem to get an erection at all. It was as if I had generated electricity on my own many times.

“Is this really real to begin with ……?”

Sleeping in the same bed with two beautiful girls is just too unrealistic. To begin with, they must have a partner they like, so there is no way they would do this to me.”

“…… Well, this is a dream.”

I was so convinced. I must be having a lucid dream, a dream that I am aware is a dream.
I thought it was very realistic to feel the softness of her breasts and even smell them, but it was too convenient for me, so I was sure it was a dream.

“I see, if it’s a dream, I can do whatever I want. ……”

I could rub their breasts, kiss them, and do more extreme things to them, but since it was a dream, there would be no problem. At first I was excited to think about what I was going to do, but then I started to feel empty.

“……What do I want to do by having a dream that is the direct result of a virgin’s fantasy?”

Even if I could do whatever I wanted to Reona and Riona in my dreams, nothing would change in reality. I’m a loser, a loner, and in the bottom of the school caste.

“I’m going to sleep.”

I felt ridiculous for even trying to sleep in my dream, but I decided to go to sleep anyway.
It is another story that I was woken up by Reona and Riona because I slept until late afternoon.

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Well now I just feel bad for this guy. He’s acting like a complete tool so he kinda deserves this, but these chicks are insane.

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Girls: Men don’t take the obvious signs
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