A short time after that, Ayako san came home.
Apparently, she had finished her business.

She said that there were not many customers in the restaurant today, so my work for the day was over.
And now I’m sitting at the table where Yuyu and Asagiri were sitting.

What in the world am I going to talk about with this group of people?
I want to lie down on the bed when I’m tired. But my junior colleague didn’t allow me to do so.

“Seenpai. Good work!”
“Yeah, Thanks.”
“Here you go. Iced coffee. I made it with love.”
“Ah, thank you. I made it myself though.”

As soon as I sat down, Yuyu pulled up a chair next to me and snuggled up close.
She was persistent earlier, and I had been giving her a fair shake on account of work, but as soon as that was over, she seemed to have no reservations.


A soft feeling that I can certainly feel while modesty.
I want …… you to stop.

Certainly, Yuyu has become even prettier than before. There are not many men who wouldn’t be happy to be missed by a girl like that.

But as for me, I can’t help but treat her as if she were my little sister.
Is it simply because she is younger than me or because I have to take care of her? I don’t know myself.
But it is true that I have come to treat her more appropriately than before.


I heard a cough from Asagiri who saw me and Yuyu in such a state.

“Mi, Mitani-san? Aren’t you too attached?”

Her voice was slightly trembling.
What’s wrong with her ……?

“Eeh? I’m not! right, senpai!”
“No, Asagiri is right. Please move a little further away from me.”
“Muu, you say that too, senpai? I have no choice. Asagiri Senpai, if you want to attach yourself, you should do so. ……”
“Whaa!? W-Who wants to attach to arase!!”

Hey, wha’s that

“Eeeh~? Because you were glancing at me enviously earlier, weren’t you? You were glancing at me making out with my senpai.”
“Who was making out with you?”
“I-I’m not jealous of you! I was just uncomfortable to see you extend your nose so much!”
“No, I didn’t! Don’t you think it’s unimaginable?
“Hmph, I don’t know. I’m sure you were just enjoying the feeling of Mitani san’s chest as she hugged you!”
“Hey, don’t say that.”
“Eeh, is that so?! Senpai pervert”
“Shut up, Yuyu!”

Ah, it’s complicated!
What is it with these two! Why is this happening!

It’s not that they don’t get along by any means. ……
It kind of seems as if Yuyu is making fun of Asagiri.

But isn’t this a precious scene in a way?
Asagiri being agitated by her junior. This is interesting.

“A-and, anyway! Mitani san is forbidden to attach up with the Arase!”
“Boo. It’s arrogant. I’m not going to bother Asagiri-senpai by hugging him, am I?”
“T-That’s …… right! I told you so. The grinning face of Arase is a poison to the eyes!”
“I’m not grinning”

What a terrible thing to say.

“Anyway! Don’t do it”
“….I understand.”

However, perhaps Asagiri’s insistence had an effect, Yuyu surprisingly nodded her head in agreement.
For me, it’s a good story because I don’t want to be hugged all over the place.
So far, if I tried to pull away from her, it would only make her cling to me more tightly, so I’ve been leaving her alone so that I don’t have to deal with her.

“It would be good if you could understand.”
“Well, I’ll cling to him when Asagiri-senpai isn’t around!”
“You don’t understand!”

It seems that this was not possible.

“Yes, I’m sorry to interrupt the excitement, but could you please be a little quieter? Other customers are coming in.”

And that’s when Ayako san gave me a warning.
I noticed that the cafe was filled with more seats than before.

“I-I’m sorry. ……”
“I’m sorry. ……”
“Ayako san, do you need my help?”
“No, that’s fine. That seat looks like it’s fun, so just stay there for a little while longer.”

Does it look like fun? I can understand if it was noisy. It was just a normal argument between Yuyu and Asagiri.

Ayako-san said that much and immediately went back to the counter.


What an awkward situation.

“Oh, and by the way…”
“What is it?”
“You call Mitani san by her first name, don’t you?”
“……? What about it?”
“It’s nothing …….”

I don’t understand ……. I don’t know what the problem is with calling her Yuyu. Why is Asagiri sulking a bit?
Why ……?

“You don’t understand, don’t you, Senpai? You are nono”
“What do you mean, no good?”
“Haa~ You know, senpai. Asagiri-senpai is jealous that I am the only one who is called by first name.”
“Mi, Mitani-san! You don’t have to say anything else!”

Yuyu’s words made Asagiri distraught. Jealous? Why would Asagiri be jealous?
I don’t think she ever cared about first names. I’ve been calling Suika and other girls by their first names.
Or maybe Fujibayashi had that conversation too.

Maybe girls should be called by their first names?
I don’t know. …… Yuyu and Suika are easy to call, but I don’t know about Asagiri. ……

“Just call Asagiri-senpai by her first name, too! Come on, come on!”

I somehow being hurried by Yuyu, Asagiri shut up and looked at me with eyes that seemed to be expecting something a little.

“Ugh. …….”

That kind of look will make me feel embarrassed immediately.
I-I Just need to call out to her right.


Asagiri calls my name. The tension is more heightened.
Eei, there’s no point in being nervous about something like this. Call her normally!

“Yu, Yuri..””

The moment I called her name, Yuri’s face turned red.
I saw that and my face instantly got hot too.

It was a strange space that had been created.


And then Yuyu’s voice brought me and Asagiri back to reality.

“What is it? What is that sweet space!”
“Yes, that’s right. Nothing, it was just normal, right?”
“It wasn’t like that with Yuyu~”

Yuyu looked at me with a stern stare.

“Well, that’s the way it was at the time. If you say it in a formal way, it’s …… something different, isn’t it?”
“……Muu~. I can’t help it. I’ll just leave it at that.”

Somehow, I was able to quiet Yuyu down. Although she looked unconvinced.
Asagiri, on the other hand, was still slightly blushing.

I hope she’ll go back to her normal self soon.

“It’s gotten weirder than I thought it would, so I’ll change the subject!”
“That was so abrupt.”
“It’s your fault!”
“So, what are you going to talk about? I’d like to go to my room and rest.”
“Well, well, well, I just wanted to ask you this, didn’t I? What are you going to do in the ball game, senpai?”
“What do you mean, only the second year students participate in the ball games. Don’t first-year students have anything to do with it?”
“There is. It’s a big deal! Because if you don’t teach me, I can’t go cheer you on!”
“You’re going to skip class?”
“Come to think of it, I didn’t hear what Arase was going to do either.”
“Yeah, I’m—”

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