Volume 2 Episode 19 – Kairi and Kanna



When I came back to the living room after my talk with Onee-chan, Kanta and Onii were studying as usual.

“I’m back! Kanta, are you doing well?”
“Of course I am. What were you doing, Kairi?”
“That’s right, Kairi. You were slacking off, weren’t you?”

Oh, no! I came back late, so the two of them thought I was the one who skipped work.

“I-I got a stomach ache from the cold today.”

The stares from the two of them hurt me.

Moou! Even when I’m doing everything for Onii’s sake!
But in order to help Onii, it’s essential to do things like this in the shadows.

…… Patience, patience, patience.

“I-I’m going to study for now! I don’t care if you say I’ve been slacking off!”
“What do you mean?”
“you’ve been doing is teaching Kanta, it’s my turn next. Onii, please teach me~”
“Yes, yes”

As soon as I sat down next to Kanta, I asked Onii, who was sitting on the other side of me, to help me with my studies.
I was wondering if Kanta …… had become a little friendlier with the onii

If Kanta becomes Onii’s male friend at this rate, I might be able to get some information from him.
“That’s right. Is Kanta’s twin sister is also good friends with Kairi?”

Kanta’s, twin, sister ……?

I looked at Kanna, who was sitting next to me on my left, and she repeatedly winked at me as if to say, “You guessed it”.

Did she mean to say that she is her twin sister?

“O-of course! Kanna and I are good friends, we hang out all the time! They are the only best friends I have!”

Kanna blushed a little and poked me in the side.
Now you don’t have to be shy! I’m only saying this because I’m in front of you!

“Hee…If thatat’s the case I guess I can relax a little.”
“O-Onii san!! Rather than that! I don’t understand this”

Kanna leans forward and thrusts her text in the direction of Oni, who is sitting in front of her.

…… something is not right with her?

The current reaction is the same, and it’s kind of strange that she is making the setting that she is the twin sister.

I resumed my studies, even though I felt uncomfortable with the flow.


Kairi and Kanta-kun’s study session continued until the evening, and when the study session was over, I was listening to ASMR on V-tubers on my bed in my room, when my phone shook as if it was overlapping with an ear-licking sound of chattering.

“…. hmm?”

Kanna: “Nice to meet you, I’m Kanta’s sister, Kanna.”


I had a lime from Kanta’s sister, Kanna.

Even though it was a lime, it was a conversation with a girl I’ve always been afraid of.

She’s Kairi’s best friend …… she wouldn’t betray ….., right?

But the other person doesn’t know me.
They might think I’m creepy….
I don’t like it if she is unwilling to engage in conversation with me, either. ……

Kanna: “My brother told me what happened! Please let me help onii san if I’m good enough for him!”

“Kanna san…..”

I replied, ‘Thank you,’ and for the first time in a long time, I had a conversation with a girl in lime.

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