On Sunday mornings, I said [I’m going.] to a house where nobody was there. 

Why was no one there?

My parents said they wanted our family to go shopping, but I had something to do before noon, and my step sister had promised to hang out with her classmates, so it ended up being just the two of them on a date.

Well, for me, if two newlyweds can go on a date, I don’t think I can be there, and my sister would rather die than hang out with me. 

I was able to keep up my appearance in front of my parents, but the incident that happened the other day made me embarrassed until now.

I brought my luggage with one hand and headed to my destination.

The destination is a coffee shop that’s about 10 minutes away by train.

A coffee chain store that originated in Nagoya, sometimes I went there because of the morning coffee.

I can concentrate there rather than staying at home.

As I was shaken by the subway, I saw my reflection in the window.

A dull guy without glasses stood there.

Today I’m going to meet Tamio san,  so I’m following his advice and dressing like an author’s style.

I remember girls were screaming at me during the book signing, but i’m sure that’s because of my reputation of being a highschool writer and because of Tamio san’s makeup.

I’m actually a lazy and gloomy person, so there’s no way I’d look cool when I’m dressed up.

Sometimes I can feel the women’s eyes staring at me, but they were probably looking at me with contempt for the way a gloomy person is dressed up…, then I get off from the subway while resisting the urge to cover my eyes with my hair. 

After leaving the subway for a while, I arrived at the coffee shop I wanted to go to.

“Welcome〜. Are you alone?” 

When I entered the shop, a female waitress confirmed the number of people. 

…..No matter how you look at it, I’m alone ! !

I’m about to curse but I hold it back. The loneliness of 365 day welled up from within me. 

But today’s different….

“Ah….i’m waiting for a companion ! !” 

And emphasize that I’m not alone.

..Today, my companion (editor) will be with me ! ! So I’m not alone ! !

“Understood, then I’ll show you to your seat for four.”

The waitress calmly guided me to my seat as I was boasting in my mind that I had a companion.

The waitress’s ordinary feeling shattered my small pride easily.

Feeling disappointed, I sat down at the seat I was shown and ordered a cup of coffee (sweetened) as usual, and opened my laptop.

I will write a sequel to my maiden work called “I fell in love with you who’s standing in the rain” 

“Sorry for the wait.”

The waitress brought me coffee and toast while I was absorbed in writing.

“Thanks. …..! !”

When I stopped writing and looked up to thank the waitress who brought my order, I noticed that the waitress’s face looked familiar.

“Matsudaira sensei ! !”

As soon as the waitress saw my face, she said my pen name.

The only people who can look me in the face and say my name are the fans of my works. Moreover, she’s a fan who comes to book signings.

There’s only one person who’s face I can recognize….

It was my childhood friend, Miuchi Asuka.

….Huh〜, it’s weird?

You weren’t here the other day〜.

I’ve been using this place for a long time, but i;ve never seen my childhood friend working part time here.


“Why are you here Matsudaira sensei?”

When I smiled bitterly, she asked me a question with sparkling eyes.

“I’ve been using this place for a long time when i’m writing. I can concentrate more here.”

I’ve managed to get through it with a very calm sales talk, but I’m panicking inside.

If my childhood friend spread the word to the class that I’m eating here as a loner, it would be the beginning of bullying in my lonely life.

….But why is she treating me like I was an author? Since we’re classmates, shouldn’t Kaizei be fine?

As I questioned that, my childhood friend’s eyes sparkling more and more.

“Really !? I just started working here last week ! ! it’s like a fate isn’t it〜.” For some reason, she felt like it was fate.

It is indeed fateful to say that it is fate.

Meeting a childhood friend as a classmate in highschool, meeting her as a friend at book signing, and meeting her as a waitress at my favorite shop, what would we call it if it wasn’t fate.


“Wow〜, this uniform is cute, isn’t it? I want to work while wearing a cute uniform…” 

My childhood friend shows off her uniform while she’s abandoning her work.

She wears a light brown shirt, a red checkered skirt, and a white apron, and my childhood friend’s slightly large breasts are emphasized by the apron.

Certainly, my childhood friend who wore the uniform was cute without any makeup. My head cooled off despite my childhood friend who was happy with a shy expression.

Eh? Why? I just received a lecture from this guy the other day ! ! and it was one sided….

The bell rings to call the waitress, my childhood friend who happily talks to me without seeming to care about it at all.

When she noticed it, she raised her voice saying [Yes, just a sec〜] as she turned to me. 

“Well then, please do your best with your writing, sensei ! !” 

And with that, she left.

I look away from my childhood friend with a twitch on my face.

I felt uncomfortable with the gap between her attitude towards me as an author and me as her classmates.

As I was worried about that, I ate the toast, but it was already cold.

…How long have we been talking?

Even though I was stunned, I finished the toast and continued my writing, then my smartphone started beeping.

It was a message from my editor in charge, Tamio san.

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1 year ago

Thanks for this chapter

1 year ago

The childhood friend is somehow 2nd best. That’s kind of like finishing second place in a foot race where everyone but you and one other don’t have legs though.