I, Ichikawa Aoi, was not feeling well.
I thought I was a person who could control my emotions.
But I realized that was just being self-conscious.

If you’re wondering why this is happening, it’s because my boyfriend is flirting with a new student who arrived today…

….That’s not the reason.
I certainly had my thoughts on that too, but it didn’t matter.

“I think it is annoying for Aoi too, right? I can’t believe that she is rumored to be with that guy.”
“’Yeah, for a moment I thought you were really dating. Aoi, I’m sorry.”
“Hey, Don’t say that. Komiya helped Aoi. Well…I really wish I could have gotten in real close.”
“Huh~? Ren kun are you jealous?”
“Eeh~ I’m so jealous that Ren kun is jealous of you, Aoi.”
“Shut up. It’s not like that.”
“He’s so embarrassed! Shizuka, can you say something ?”
“Kakeru, Shut up”

My head hurts.
I was fine in the morning.

As long as he could laugh and let it slide, I was willing to do nothing.
I couldn’t understand what he was saying, but I still couldn’t get rid of the sad expression he showed me for a moment, which stuck in my mind.

The scene was somehow settled when Shizuka came along halfway through, but I still didn’t feel good.
Finally I managed to smile at him, but now it’s tough to even put on a fake smile.

[Uwa~ here we go again]
[It’s always dark when I saw it…]
[hey, isn’t it stink?]
[Speak more clearly.]
[I wish Kou kun didn’t have to be so nice to that guy.]
[Mobsters should be mobsters and stay out of it.]

The words that go through my head. It stirs my heart.


It throbbed again and stimulated my head.
I felt as if something I had been holding inside of me was being peeled away.

……Ah, it’s tough.

“Aoi? You okay ?”

As expected, Shizuka seemed to realize what was going on.

“Noo, I’m fine”
“…Really? Don’t force it, okay?”
“Fufu, Shizuka says the craziest things.”
“Mouu !”

I stroke her gently and Shizuka turns away, embarrassed.

“But still, isn’t the new girl cute?”
“Oh, it’s Shinozuka, isn’t it? She sure is a beauty.”
“I know right~. Maybe she’s really my type”
“Didn’t you tell me that, too?”
“Ha ?! I didn’t say that !!”
“Is that right~?”
“Well, Kakeru you are a bit of a sucker”
“It’s true !….But, after all, she was sitting behind that mobster again. He can’t read the air.”
“It’s the teacher’s decision, and she is sitting in the very back, so you have no choice. Give it up.”

They continue to talk without regard to my poor mood.

“Eh~I’m not sure I’m going to be able to do that. I’ll nail him again, just in case. Before he gets the wrong idea.”
“….Don’t say too much okay ?”
“It’s fine. You wouldn’t want him to get it all wrong and turn into Aoi’s stalker, would you?”

…… can’t bear to hear.

“Well, that’s true, but ……”
“Stalking, yuck.”

…….My head hurts

“It doesn’t look like he’d go that far. ……”
“You don’t get it, do you? Those things are sticky. If you’re going to deal with him, it’s better to deal with him now.”

Stop it.

“I understand~”
“So scary~”
“Hey, You think so too, don’t you, Aoi?”

At that moment, I felt something snap.


The desk makes a loud noise and echoes.
The classroom was quiet all at once.

Shizuka, Nagano kun and Jinguji kun who were around me.
Fujimoto-kun and Komiya-kun who were talking in the distance.
Everyone in the classroom had their eyes on me.


I did it. I did it.
I looked around and finally remembered that I had raised my voice and I stood there in silence.
Then I stepped out of the classroom.


Shizuka calls out to me from behind.

“I’m sorry. I’m feeling a little sick.”

I shook off Shizuka’s concern and ran out of the classroom.

I ran out of the classroom and proceeded down the hallway at a quick pace.
I’ll go somewhere where I can be at peace.
It was the usual place that popped into my head.

“Ouch !!”

On the way, I bumped into a female student coming out of the restroom.
She had beautiful blonde hair and was a new student today.

But before I had time to apologize, all I could think about was leaving the place.

“Hey! Apologize!”

I hear a loud voice behind me.
I ran down the hallway, suppressing a headache that was getting worse.

The classroom was in an uproar.
It was because Ichikawa san, who always acted so cool, suddenly started yelling.

Jinguji and Nagano, who were usually around her, as well as her other classmates, all seemed to have no idea what was going on.

Even Sakino san has a puzzled look on her face.

“I wonder what’s going on, Ichikawa san. ……”

Naka, who had just spoken to me, mutters.
I’ve never seen Ichikawa san like that either.

And my feet were naturally moving to go after her.
However, as if to block my way, someone entered the front of the room before I could get out of the classroom.

”Hey, Komiya. You did something, didn’t you?”

The identity was Nagano, who had been relentlessly involved with me since the morning.

I can’t wait to get to her.
……I’m getting annoyed.

“Aoi’s behavior became strange after she went to school with you today. I can’t think of any cause other than you.”
“I didn’t do anything. Just step back.”
“I’m not backing down until you tell me what you did.”
“This guy ! Enou—”
“Hey. Move out of the way!”

When I couldn’t stand it and tried to force my way through, Suzu came back from the corridor and called out to us who were blocking the entrance.

“S-Shinozaki san…..Ugh!”

Nagano was clearly upset by Suzu’s appearance.

“Damn. That woman has the nerve to ignore me after bumping into me. I’ll complain to her later!..Wait, what’s with the atmosphere?”
“Ahh, that..”

Suzu was swearing at something, but the disturbing atmosphere in the classroom made her twist her head.
Nagano, flustered by this, tried to call out to her.

But this is my chance.

I take advantage of the momentary gap and run out into the hallway.

“Ouch, Wait !”

Then, without looking aside, I started running.
On the way, I passed a teacher who came at the chime, but I pretended not to hear him.

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