With their fist caught in his forehead, he smiled fearlessly, both me and the delinquents eyes were captivated. 

Then, he began the counterattack despite the flinching delinquents. In the blink of an eye, he strikes back at the delinquent who attacks him, and one of them collapses on his knees.

He attacked the other man who saw that with his body, stretched out his leg and knocked down the remaining.

He should have beaten the three of them instantly, but he looked somewhat dissatisfied, and I was also taken aback.

“Remember this ! !”

I returned to my senses after hearing one of the men’s voices, as they were running away.

I am scared by his eyes as he looks at me with compassion.

I think he’s a good person because he helped me, but he may still be a scary person.

I searched for words to say something, but none of them came out.

However, when I noticed that his forehead was a little red, I called out to him boldly.


Noticing my voices that I had mustered up, he looked at me with his eyes. I was frightened by that face and swallowed my words.

But it’s no good if it stays like this ! ! 

“Hey, are you okay….?”

“Yeah, I’m okay. How about you?”

I summoned up my courage and called out to him again, but he didn’t look this way and worried about me.

Those brief words made my heart skip a beat, and I felt suffocated. And then when he replied [I’m fine…] silence came around.

Perhaps unable to bear the atmosphere, he turned on his heels and quickly left.

I could have followed him in the same direction as my house, but I didn’t.

I was somewhat overwhelmed by the image of my older brother, who has been protecting me, and I’m at a loss as to where to put my emotions when I noticed that he was wearing the same high school uniform.

….A student from the same school. Then I’m sure we can meet again.

As I thought of that, I just looked at his back.

But I had no idea that it would backfire.

After standing there for a while, I came to my senses and slowly made my way home.

When I remembered my step brother waiting for me there, I was tormented by disgust.

……Ah〜, i wish that person was my Onii chan〜

I arrived at my house while being possessed by delusions that didn’t come true.

The house is quiet and there was no sign of the fuzzy boy.

I walked down through the silent corridor towards the living room, and when I entered, I dived into the sofa near the entrance.

…..I want to remember him even for 1 second.

I was surprised that I still have a maiden’s heart inside me, and rolled over on the sofa.

Then, I heard footsteps near me.

It’s the fuzzy boy….

I got up from the sofa while feeling exhausted, sat down on a chair and put my face down on the dining table.

I’m sure enough, the fuzzy boy entered the kitchen.

He takes out barley tea from the fridge and drinks it.

And when he came over here, he called out to me.


The fuzzy boy spoke with a somewhat worried voice.

Even if he said that he’s worried, I can’t see his expression because his face is covered by his hair.

However, for some reason, I got angry at his vague words, and I said [Shut up for a sec ! !] while raising my voice.

Perhaps he was shocked by those words, and the fuzzy boy returned to his room silently.

I pretend not to see it.

However, I didn’t realize back then that those words hurt the person I was indebted to.

….But, by the time I realized it, it was too late.

From the next day onwards, I started walking around the school building searching for him who helped me.

Since there are only 6 classes of boys from 1st to 3rd grade in the school building….I thought that it would be easy to find him.

I looked around without rest during break time, but he was nowhere to be found.

If anything, I couldn’t even sense his presence.

……I wonder why I can’t find him.

I feel like I’m chasing a mirage.

Of course I couldn’t find him.

He is my step brother, the fuzzy boy, whom I had avoided.

Unaware of such things, I searched for him for several days.

One day after school, I felt depressed.

It was sunny in the morning, but I didn’t bring an umbrella because it just started raining before I left.

No signs of him, no umbrella.

Even though I felt depressed, I talked with my classmates until the rain died down.

As for the fuzzy boy, he seems to have left the classroom early and is nowhere to be seen. His school bag is no longer here.

Because of my usual attitude, there’s no way he would return home and bring me an umbrella, and since he didn;t have my contact number, I had no choice but to go home wet or borrow an umbrella.

I decided to borrow an umbrella from the teacher, and as I was heading to the staff room, I saw a flash of light around me. 

It’s thunder. 

I closed my ears to the sound of thunder.

I am afraid of thunder.

Ever since my mother and brother passed away, I’ve been afraid of thunder. Hearing thunder at home alone traumatized my heart.

I know it sounds pathetic for a high school student to be like that, but I was able to borrow an umbrella from the staff room while shivering.

I was afraid that thunder would strike me at any moment, so I walked out of the school building quickly.

The students on the street are walking home in the rain at their own pace.

Meanwhile, I noticed someone.

It was the person who helped me before.

The person I was looking for was wearing plain clothes and holding an umbrella.

I felt tension in me.

It would’ve been easier if I had just called out to him, but my pounding heart stopped my steps.

When I made up my mind to talk to him, something caught my eyes.

It was the existence of another umbrella he had.

Thunder struck my mind when I saw that umbrella.

No, it didn’t actually strike.

But the presence of that umbrella was powerful enough to make me fall.

When I saw that sight, I ran away so that he wouldn’t find me.

My eyes filled with tears.

I had no idea that he was the fuzzy boy, and that he was  waiting for me.

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Just die already you bitch

Thanks for the chapter

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I’m sorry, are we suppose to feel sympathy or something to this superficial bitch that takes out her problems on other people?

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apart from the school idol, every other girl introduced is a bitch, if i were to rank these bitches in terms of bitchiness then –
1. would be the step sister ( she hates mc for being gloomy and most of the time calls him fuzzy dude instead of his real name in her monologues )
2. the gyaru ( she hates mc for being gloomy )
3. childhood friend ( she is the type of girl who try to be righteous but most of the time dont care to hear what the context of the situation is, what is
wrong and what is right )