We were actually going to go to school separately after Sakino san saw us.
However, Ichikawa san stopped me from doing so.

[What will happen if Shizuka finds out that Komiya kun didn’t properly accompany me when I was sick?]

That being said, I have no choice but to go to school with her.
Certainly, that look in Sakino san’s eyes was serious.

“But this looks….”
“Yeah. It’s not very pleasant.”

As one might expect, we inevitably attract attention.

“Well, you can stay calm. I’m sure Shizuka will do something about it so that word won’t get out.”
“Sakino san will?”
“Yes. I’m sure she knew what would happen if I went to school with one of those boys, so it’s no problem.”
“Those kinds of boys…”
“I’m kidding”

Putting aside the fact that she treats me inappropriately even though she is my girlfriend, Ichikawa san puts her full trust in Sakino san.
I simply envy that relationship.

Not that I don’t trust Naka, but he’s an idiot….

Then we headed to class, feeling uncomfortable.

When we enter the classroom, all eyes are on us at once.
It was proof that the talks about Ichikawa san had already gone to school with a normal boy was already spreading.
By now, I might be wanted as the man who seduced the school’s goddess.

Ichikawa san, on the other hand, was not bothered by such stares. She said she didn’t feel good, but she didn’t seem to care too much.
I feel as if I am the only one who is in a rush.

Then we go straight to our respective seats, ignoring the glances.
At that moment, a shadow forms over me.

“Hey Mob kun. Is it true you went to school with Aoi today?”

It was Nagano Kakeru, a flirtatious guy who was in the group with Ichikawa san, who approached me.
I am sure the other boys were also curious.
His ears twitched here and there.

“Ah, that makes me curious too.”

And then Jinguji comes on board.
At first glance, Jinguji came in fresh, but I wonder if he is still concerned about me and Ichikawa san.

“It’s true though…”
“Come to think of it, I remember you approached Aoi the other day, didn’t you? Don’t tell me that you somehow took advantage of Aoi’s weakness and went to school with her?”
“Nonono, I don’t know anything about that !!”

Why should I be called that just because we went to school together!
To only go to school together after finding her weakness, what a sad creature.

“Ha? How do you like it ? Because there is no way you can go to school with Aoi if you don’t do that. We never even went to school together.”

I don’t care!
And, what’s with that determination …….
This is why I’m not very good with Chara guys

The boys around me nodded their heads in agreement with Nagano.

“Oi, Kakeru. It’s not nice to talk like that.”
“Ren ! but!”

But it was Jinguji who stood by my side amidst the cold stares.

….what? Is he really a good guy?
After all, are good-looking people also good-looking in their hearts?

“Heyhey. So, Ichikawa san, are you dating Komiya kun?”
“I’m curious too~!!”
“Aoi, You shouldn’t be with that mob!”

At that time, the girls’ high-pitched voices can be heard coming from Ichikawa san’s side.
Apparently, Ichikawa san is surrounded by girls as well.

Although Ichikawa san gets along with everyone on the surface, she never went to school with a particular boy as she did this time.
For a girl who likes to talk about her love life, they couldn’t help but bite when they heard about the flirtation of a girl who represented her grade.

“Tch. There’s no way that’s normal. They’re ……”
“No way, right?”
“100% impossible”
“I know right. I’ll bet you 1.000.000 yen” (About 7500 USD)
“Me too !”

The boys, who had heard this, chattered, with Nagano at the head of the group.
The last ones. I’m sorry, but I’m definitely taking that one later. Remember that.

And the boys as well would get into a conversation about whether or not I was dating Ichikawa san. All of that was ‘impossible’, though.

Very uncomfortable for me.
I was feeling bad earlier because of Nagano’s involvement, but now my heart is racing back.

Fortunately, people don’t seem to think that’s true. ……
And Ichikawa san looked a little troubled.

It seems that even the great Ichikawa san is fed up with being involved in this kind of controversy.

“Ouuu–, What’s all this fuss?”

Then a savior appeared before us.
Everyone’s attention is focused on the person who said this in a loud voice as soon as she entered the classroom.

“Ah Aoi, Good morning ! What’s wrong with you being surrounded by everyone? And even Komiya kun?”
“Ah Sakino san ! Did you hear? I heard that Ichikawa san and Komiya kun are dating!

Hey ! Don’t twist the rumors!
Even though it’s true !!

A girl classmate’s comment makes me break out in a cold sweat.
I can’t imagine that she would help me after she had just spotted me.

“Haa ? Komiya kun and Aoi ? impossible”

However, Sakino san completely denies the rumor.

“Eh? But they went to school together today, you know? That Ichikawasan, you know?”
“Ahh, then ? It’s not like that. Aoi, I heard that you got sick on your way to school today. Komiya kun just happened to be there. I had something else to do, so I left Aoi to Komiya kun! Right? That’s right, isn’t it? Komiya kun?”

I’m afraid to smile……
Why are you asking me …….

“Aoi, Was she sick?”
“Ah…but now she’s fine”

Jinguji is immediately concerned when he finds out how I got to school with Ichikawa san.
It’s a lie, but since that’s the way it’s supposed to be, I answer with more lies.

“I see. Thanks for sending Aoi.”
“…You’re welcome”

Maybe he was simply thanking me for his concern, but the way he said it bothered me.

“That’s what he is saying, so don’t get too involved, Kakeru.”
“Well if Ren said that. If you say so, it feels like it’s true. Hey, Mob.”
“It’s Komiya”
“I don’t care either way, Komiya. I’ll give you one piece of advice. Aoi may not say it because she is kind, but don’t get the wrong idea. I relied on you this time because there was no one else around.”

Nagano says this and leaves my seat.
The boys around us soon lost interest and left like spiders.

…not a good feeling.
Frustrating. Why do I have to be told this much?

I knew it, but if they find out that I’m dating Ichikawa san, it will be like this.
More and more, I didn’t want to be found out. At the same time, I also lost confidence.

…… Anyway, thanks to Sakino san for her help.

“Thank you. Sakino san”

I regained my composure and honestly expressed my gratitude to Sakino san, who remained on the spot.

“It’s fine ! I didn’t mean to help Komiya kun. I only helped Aoi.”
“A-ah yeahh”

Can you not say it with such a smirk and sting? I’m scared.
Not doing it for me, but for Ichikawa san, right? Not for me, but for Ichikawa san?

“Komiya kun, be careful. Komiya kun is the one who will be in trouble if there is a rumor about Aoi.”
“T-Thanks for the heads up.”

It seems to contain many nuances.

“If, just if….Ichikawa san date someone, what will happen?”
“Eh-, That’s a bloodbath, of course!”

You should lower your tone of voice a little more. That’s not what you should be saying with that brightness.
And don’t make the motion of putting your thumbs down and scratching your neck. It’s scary.

My characterization of Sakino san has been set in my mind.
Absolutely no one must know about the relationship between me and Ichikawa san.

Ichikawa san, on the other hand, turned her mouth towards me at a time when Sakino san was not looking at her.

“F I G H T”


The operation worked.
Once Aoi and Komiya kun get into a rumor like this, I will certainly deny it.
This makes the awareness that she and Komiya kun have nothing in common more clearly marked.

As I warned him, it must have sunk in that if he approached Aoi carelessly, he would end up in a situation like today.

Fufu, Perfect !
……Aoi I will protect you.

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