Kohanai Futaba left the library after parting with Asahi and returned to the student council office.

Even though it was during summer vacation today, the student council had been driven out for work related to the cultural festival.

However, thanks to the hard work of the four of them from this morning, they had already finished what they needed to do, and the reason why Futaba went to the old school building was to return the equipment to the Preparation Room.

In other words, she happened to run into Asahi on her way back to the Student Council Room from the Preparation Room.

When she came back to the Student Council Room after the conversation with Asahi, Juri suddenly called out to her.

“Futaba, you’re late, what were you doing?”

“I’m sorry, I had some business to attend to~”

“Minor business?”

“Y-yeah. It’s not a big deal~”

When Futaba said it in a deceptive manner, Nagisa, who was working on her computer, looked at her quizzically.

It’s nothing to hide, but she couldn’t decide how to explain it now, so she decided to keep it under wraps for a while. However, it is necessary to talk to them as well.

Futaba looked around the room and noticed something.

“Hm, where’s Hanabi chan?”

“If it’s Hanabi, she has already left.”

“I see, I wanted to have tea on the way home since we’ve gone so far……”

Since the day they all went to the pool, the four of them got together for the first time in a long time, so she was thinking of taking a detour somewhere on the way home, but….it seems that Hanabi had gone home before she could say that.

Then, Nagisa put her finger on her chin with a worried look on her face.


“Hanabi was acting kind of strange today…….”

“Definitely. She’s not feeling well.”


Nagisa and Juri talked worriedly.

Futaba had an idea.

The truth is, she’s been trying to sort it out in her own mind.

Actually, she was thinking of talking to them after she sorted things out a little more, but when she saw how they were doing, she felt a sense of guilt for staying silent.

Futaba thought about it for a while and decided to speak now.

“……You know, I met Asahi kun in the library a while ago.”

“Ah, Asahi? Why is he…”

Remembering it correctly, the script wouldn’t progress at home, so I came to the library for a change of pace…..she was about to say that, but now it’s not important, more than that–

“Um……Asahi kun seemed shocked to find out that he has amnesia.”

After saying that, the student council room was enveloped in a dull, heavy air.

Both Nagisa and Juri knew that Asahi had amnesia from the day they consulted with Hanabi.

They had been careful to avoid shocking Asahi.

However, Asahi found out. They had fallen into the worst situation they had ever imagined.

When Futaba had finished explaining the details of her exchange with Asahi, the two looked at each other with a mysterious look on their faces.

“So that’s why Hanabi was acting strange…….”

“Um, how was Asahi-san? He was thinking about something……”

“Yeah, he said he didn’t know who he was anymore…….”

Telling the truth could cause mental health problems in some cases.

The worst case scenario was flickering in the minds of the three of them.

“Asahi san, is he going to be all right…..?”

Suddenly, Nagisa, perhaps unable to bear her anxiety any longer, muttered in a trembling voice.

Juri also looked at Futaba with worried eyes.

The two of them nodded deeply to reassure each other.

“Yeah, if it’s Asahi kun, I’m sure he’ll be fine….Asahi kun wanted to regain his forgotten memories…that’s what he said.”

“I see…..he is strong after all.”

“I’m sure Asahi will be fine.”

Nagisa narrows her eyes as if she feels nostalgic.

“If Asahi kun says he wants to remember…I want to lend him my strength.”

“I’ll help too.”

“I also want to do my best for Asahi san.”

Futaba didn’t doubt that these two would say that.

They’ve been friends with them since childhood, and she knows everything about their personalities and ways of thinking…besides, they’re the same. Only friends who have the same thing can understand.

Futaba looked at them with a serious expression.

“How to get Asahi kun’s memory back. Actually, I have an idea.”

“An idea, you mean…..?”

“Yeah. But first, there is one thing I want to make clear.”

“W-what is it…..”

Futaba asks the confused two.

“The two of you like Asahi kun, don’t you…..?”

Then there is a brief silence.

Then, unexpectedly, Juri moves her chair with a rattling motion as if to turn over.

“Eh !? W-what are you suddenly saying, you…….!?”

Juri’s face turns bright red and she shows her upset.

However, in contrast to Juri……Nagisa, who was sitting next to her, returned a serious look.

“Yes. I like Asahi san. From a long time ago…….”

“Yeah, I know. But I also like Asahi kun.”

“Yes, I know that too.”

Saying so to each other, Futaba and Nagisa laugh quietly.

Then, Juri muttered softly while dyeing her ears bright red.

“I also……like Asahi…….”

[ [We know] ]

Then the three of them reconfirmed each other and laughed.

Suddenly, Nagisa says nostalgically.

“It’s like the common ground that brought us together in the first place.”

“Oh, yes, that reminds me of that, it was so nostalgic~”

“Well, if anything, it’s a bitter memory…..”

It is true that it was definitely a bitter memory.

If you think about it, it’s strange that these three people, who became friends because of that, are trying to regain his memory together.

“I mean, what is the plan to regain Asahi’s memory?”

“That’s right, we’re going to relive the memories of Asahi kun.”


Juri’s face is doubtful.

Futaba smiles and Nagisa explains instead.

“So you mean that by reliving the memories of Asahi san inside of us, we can awaken the memories he’s forgotten…..?”

“Yes, yes, as I expected, Nagisa chan.”

“I see. It’s true that there are memorization methods that can be learned with the five senses, so it seems worth trying.”

Juri nodded as if she was convinced.

Then Futaba continued the conversation.

“Then, the order~”


“Yeah, it’s the order in which we’re going on a date with Asahi kun.”


Their reaction was that they had no idea what she was talking about.

However, considering what the three of them have in common, a date would not be a far-fetched idea.

After a little while, the two seemed to realize this and looked convinced.

“So we’re deciding it by rock-paper-scissors.”


“I understand.”

The two looked nervous and Futaba smiled at them.

“Then, rock-paper-scissors-shoot.”

And so, the three of them decided on their strategy.

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