Episode 21 – Script Meeting (Zenpen)



The sixth period class is over and the chimes ring, signaling the end of Monday.

The homeroom teacher returned to the classroom, and homeroom began.

When the teacher had finished her announcements, Usami, the class president, walked up to the podium and informed the class of her announcements.

“We are going to have a script meeting later, so those of you who are in charge of scripts for the festival, please stay behind.”

Yes, just as Usami had said, there was going to be a script meeting.

After greeting the students to go home and rushing into the after-school hours, the surrounding classmates leave the classroom in a rush.

After sitting in my seat and waiting for a while, Usami, who had finished her work as the class president, called the members of the script writing section to order.

Then, at the end of the classroom. All nine members are seated, with a few desks clustered around each other.

After confirming that all the script writers were present, Usami slowly opened her mouth.

“Then I would like to start the script meeting.”

Usami said as if she was in charge of the meeting, but several members were chatting as if they could not hear her.

The volume of her voice must have been rather easy to hear, but they were probably preoccupied with something else.

“So, the club senior–“

“Whoa, it’s really hard to get a part-time job…….”

But, especially the boys who were always in the center of the class were making a lot of noise.

Perhaps they chose the scriptwriter by arrangement to be in the same group of people they usually get along with.

Usami was smiling bitterly, as if in trouble, waiting for everyone to pay attention to her.

And so, the script meeting began, about ten minutes later than scheduled.

Well, a meeting with a bunch of students is a difficult thing to facilitate.

I was more looking forward to seeing what kind of plots the others would come up with.

“Well then, I think everyone has prepared a plot, so…..hmm, what should we do? Then, please present them in turn.”

With that, Usami turned her attention to the boys sitting at the far end of the table.

When we had previously decided on a section, the boy was enthusiastic about writing a harem plot.

However, the boy looked away as if he was having trouble saying something.

“Ah, my bad. I’ve been busy with club activities and haven’t had time to write……”

“I-I see…….. Well, Oshiro kun is busy with the soccer club.”

“I’m really sorry ! I’ll definitely bring it next time…….”

“Yeah, okay. Maybe there will be next time, so make sure to bring it.”

Usami skips over Oshiro and shifts her gaze to the male student sitting next to him.

“Well, Nasu kun, can you show yours?”

“Well, I’ve been working a lot of part-time jobs and haven’t had time to write anything……”

“T-then, Nasu kun, you should be ready for the next meeting.”

With a wry smile, Usami shifted her gaze to the boy next to him.

“What about Yamada kun? Did you write the plot?”


In the end, there were only four of us, including myself and Usami, who had properly written down the plot. The five people who were making a lot of noise earlier were all wiped out.

It’s a little disappointing, I was looking forward to seeing what kind of plots they would write…….

Usami laughs as she lowers her eyebrows in annoyance.

“Then let’s start with Sagami kun’s plot.”

I’ll start right away…….

The first to present among the four who had brought their plots was me.

I cough a little nervously, as if to check the tone of my voice.

“Ah, the plot I’ve been thinking about is–“

The brief synopsis is that there are three childhood friends who promised to marry each other when they were young, and the main character reunites with these three childhood friends in high school and gets caught up in a disaster situation…….

I also presented two other plots that I had thought of with the seniors.

“—And, well, that’s how it goes…..”

After I finished explaining, I let out a breath as if to unburden my shoulders.

I get so nervous about presenting my thoughts to others…….

When I get anxious and look at the reactions of the people around me, Usami crackles with applause.

“That’s nice, all of them sound interesting ! But I especially like the first one about childhood friends.”

Usami continued to speak as she digested what I had just said.

“A disaster situation with three childhood friends. It’s a bit contrived, but I think the audience will like it better that way ! There will be middle school kids there that day, too.”

“I’m glad you said that. I was worried that it was going to be more contrived than I thought.”

I was relieved to get such a good response.

I really owe it all to my seniors……

“How about you guys, any thoughts?”

Usami asked the other members to give their opinions…..but.

“Hm, what was it again? Ah, Sagami’s script? That’s fine, I guess.”

“Eh, yeah, it’s good. It sounds interesting.”

You guys definitely weren’t listening……

I could see they were sneaking around, exchanging words in hushed tones, giggling, and touching their phones under their desks.

I can’t believe that I can’t feel even the slightest bit of motivation from them…..

I guess this is what I mean when I think about the upcoming preparations for the festival.

Well, I’m just doing what I’m assigned to do, but I felt sorry for Usami, who had written the plot while working as the president and working on other duties.

After that, the meeting proceeded, dividing into the four of us having a serious script meeting and the other five making a lot of noise.

I noticed that those who had not brought their plots with them did not even participate in the meeting, but were just talking amongst themselves.

About 30 minutes later, one of the guys who had been chatting stood up and said,

“Ah, I’ve got to go to my part-time job soon, so I’ll see you later.”

“I want to show up for club activities, too.”

“Then, me too.”

With these words, one after another, they left the script meeting.

So, in the end, only the four who had brought the plot remained.

After a while, when the four of us had finished discussing the plot, Usami said,

“Well, let’s get this over with. I’m sorry you all had to stay after school, but I’ll try to make things go more smoothly next time…….”

Usami bowed apologetically.

“No, I don’t think you did anything wrong, Usami.”

The reason it took so long for the script meeting was because of the people who were making so much noise.

As evidence of that, things went surprisingly smoothly after they left.

“No, I’m the leader, after all. I have to be more firm…….”

Usami laughed in a stout-hearted manner.

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