“–Oh, I wonder if it was when I took a bath with Asahi kun?”

[ [……Eh? ] ]

At that moment, the air in the room froze.

Disaster comes out of nowhere.

With my mouth wide open, I turned to Futaba senpai, who dropped the bomb.

The two people sitting across the table from us had also stopped moving as if they had lost functionality and were not even blinking.

It was as if we were enveloped in silence, cut off from the hustle and bustle of our surroundings.

A little later, Futaba senpai finally realized her blunder and hurriedly covered her mouth with both hands.

“W-wait, Futaba senpai !”

“I’m sorry. I was going to keep it a secret, but I accidentally……”

I knew that Futaba senpai was an airhead, but I didn’t expect him to go this far.

As we whispered, I suddenly felt a kind of pressure coming from in front of me.

“What in the world is going on, Asahi san……?”

“Depending on the situation, we may not be able to finish the discussion…..”

“Hey, why don’t you two calm down? You’ll understand if I explain it……”

Nagisa senpai and Juri senpai’s eyes were cold as ice.

I hurriedly tried to appease the two, but their anger was far from subsiding, rather it only swelled.

“The fact that you don’t deny it means that you really took a bath with Futaba……”

“Eh !? No, it’s not wrong, but it was an accident…..”

“A-accident !? W-when did you two have such a relationship……?”

“It was an accident ! Seriously !”

That’s the one place where you must never make a mistake.

The story becomes complicated, and above all, it causes trouble for Futaba senpai.

Then, Juri senpai glares at me with watery eyes.

“Asahi, you……not only to me, but also….to Futaba.”

“J-Juri……? W-what do you mean…..?”

“Ah, no…’s not like I……”

For some reason, Juri senpai’s cheeks blushed and she averted her gaze.

Seeing that, Nagisa senpai’s eyes seemed to grow colder.

“Something happened after all. Please confess honestly, Juri…….”

Juri senpai is questioned by Nagisa senpai.

However, Juri senpai stubbornly refused to talk about what happened…..maybe she was afraid to say it. Nagisa senpai turned her gaze this time, perhaps because she had exhausted herself with Juri senpai.

“Asahi san…… will you tell me honestly……?”

“Well, I would say this is just another accident……”

“You will tell us, won’t you?”


In order to avoid complicating the conversation, I wanted to keep this matter as vague as possible, but…..

I was completely defeated by Nagisa senpai’s pressure and decided to speak honestly.

“Erm, well…….I was seen naked by Juri senpai……”

“N-naked…..!? naked…..t-that means……the bottom too….?”

“Yes, she saw all of them……”

“Hey, you ! It’s like I’m the prevert one ! You’re the one who showed it to me !”

“Hey, that’s not the right way to put it……!”

When I desperately tried to explain myself, Juri senpai seemed to be convinced and made a difficult face.

“T-that’s not entirely wrong…..”

“Yes, that’s right. That’s why, Nagisa senpai, this really can only be described as an accident—”

“That’s enough.”

“Nagisa, listen to me, it’s really just an accident…..!”

“That’s why, I don’t want to hear such excuses anymore.”

Her voice sounded emotionless.

There was a cold sound that chilled the soul.

Apparently, I really pissed off Nagisa senpai.

That’s no wonder. Even though it was an accident, I had done something akin to sexual harassment to Nagisa senpai’s dear friend.

It would be natural for her to be angry if she knew that her friend suffered from such a situation.

No matter what the circumstances, it is still a fact.

That is why I thought that I should accept my senpai’s resentment and then clear up the misunderstanding.

If it is said that I’m at fault, I cannot completely deny it.

I was at fault in no small measure, and I should reflect on that.

While reflecting on my carelessness, I was prepared to take Nagisa senpai’s scolding properly, but……

“I-I also…..”


The words that came out from Nagisa senpai’s mouth were different from what I expected.

I was surprised because I thought I would definitely get scolded.

And then, a more outrageous statement was made—

“I also wanted to be embraced by Asahi san…….”

“Huh, hey……what are you saying……?”

The atmosphere reached the ground level when Nagisa senpai made the unexpected statement.

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