What is this? What is this situation where I am being held by Kamiki-san? Will it continue all the way until Shirono comes here? For the time being, I want her to leave me for once.

I took her by both shoulders and pulled her away a little forcefully. Kamiki-san didn’t wince and started grinning again. Huh ……. What is that thing you do every single time? Are you making fun of me? Or do you have something funny to say?

I see. She enjoys watching my reactions. Kamiki-san hugs me again without hesitation. And I’m upset and on the lookout for people coming over. Yes, it is Shirono who I should be especially wary of. Perhaps if she sees this scene now, she will …….

I felt a chill of fear run down my spine. I felt the warmth of Kamiki-san’s soft body, and after a few seconds I came to myself.

“K-Kamiki san? Let’s get this straight once and for all. I feel like the conversation is going off in a very strange direction, don’t you? And can you stop hugging me? It bothers me.”
“Hmm? Oh, so it bothers you. Hmmm.”

With a “tssss”, she moved away from me this time. But it was only for a few seconds. Soon after, She put her hand behind my back again. A surprise attack is not fair.

“Then let’s embarrass you even more!”

Kamiki-san says something that I don’t understand. She was a little flushed as she kept on sticking to me.

“Well, let’s get back to the story, shall we? I saved a female student from a delinquent. And the student at that time was Kamiki-san, is that right?”
“Eh? No, it wasn’t.”
“No, what? What is different? Did I make a mistake?”
“Yes, you’re wrong. It’s not me, the student. I just discovered it.”

Hmmm. In other words, I was wrong. Oh man, I’m so embarrassed.

Why did Kamiki-san say, “I finally met you”? I think that’s something that another girl who was saved should have said to me. No, that sounds patronizing too. I feel uncomfortable.

Another question. Then, who was the girl student? As for this, I am at a loss. I don’t know anything. Besides, I’m not interested, and I’m not in a situation where I have to know. And, more importantly, I myself am not interested in knowing.

Rather, I must first stop Kamiki-san, who is in an out-of-control state in front of me. I’m sorry to treat her like a monster, but I have to stop her from attacking me with hugs.

I asked her as she hugged me, being cautious of my surroundings.

“Why are you doing this to me?”
“You know, I really like strong men. You are usually quiet, but in fact you are strong in fights and cool. That’s why I want to do this.”

So, does this mean that I fit perfectly into the “I love you” category? No, but that doesn’t mean you should suddenly start hugging me. I told her that.

“You don’t like it?”
“Well, I mean, if you do this with me, people will gossip about us, right? They might say we’re dating.”
“Heee, so you’re worried about me. But don’t worry, I’ll let those rumors slide.”
“No, I’m not okay with it.”
“Why not? Is it bad for Matsukaze, a Loner?”

Yes, there is. I don’t know what Shirono will do to me if she hears about it. If someone clearly tells people that they are in a relationship, they don’t have to deceive them. Why doesn’t she do that? She has her own ideas, so I must not deny them.

Then, the perceptive Kamiki-san immediately got to the heart of the matter.

“Matsukaze, are you dating anyone?”
“N-No, I don’t, though ……?”
“Hmmm, …….”

Yes, I’ve been caught. I’m sure she’s aware of this. Kamiki-san looked at me with narrowed eyes. But not as much as I did today, when I was sure I was going to be locked up and had no motivation to do anything about it.

“Is there anyone you like, Matsukaze?”

She suddenly asked me that. Then I suddenly remembered Shirono’s face. Naturally, my girlfriend is Shirono. I have never had anyone else. But what about her? What do I think about Shirono? It was something I had never given much thought to.

Crossing my arms, I groaned, “Hmmm….” Kamiki-san, who couldn’t bear to look at me like that, looked embarrassed, scratched her face cutely, and said without listening to my answer

“I have a personality that makes me want to be mean to the people I like. It’s like being in elementary school. I’m like a boy.”

Kamiki san continued.

“That’s why I mess around with Matsukaze and do things that people think are annoying. ……”

Oh, I see. So that’s what it was. Kamiki-san thinks of me as ……. I suddenly felt embarrassed when I thought about it in my head. I covered my face with my hands. Then I sighed.

A lie, or rather, I wouldn’t have gone to such lengths in a punishment game or something. So there is no possibility that it is a lie. Hah ……. That’s honestly nice to hear. But. That would be a problem. Various things.

Hm? What’s …… now?

“Well, Matsukaze! S-So, you know! Its …….”
“Wait a minute, Kamiki-san.”

I heard someone’s voice. I hear this voice every day. The owner of this voice is Shirono. Shirono is coming this way.

Taking Kamiki-san’s hand, I left the place. I fled to a nearby empty classroom, a multipurpose room. If she sees us alone together, what she will probably do during today’s confinement will be more extreme than what she has done so far. So I fled from this place immediately.

“Wait, Matsu ka—!”

A little forced, but let’s keep our mouths shut for a bit. It would be bad if she heard me talking to her.

“Mouu, where the hell is Takkun? I’m going to have to punish him a lot today!”

The voices gradually faded away. Is she gone?

I slowly peek into the hallway. Shirono is not there. She seems to have gone down the stairs just like that.

Hm? Something is hot on my hand. I looked at Kamiki-san.

She was shaking full-blown. Her face was so red that I could tell even though she was holding her mouth with her hand.

……I’m sorry.

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