“Well then, let’s get down to business.”

Nagisa senpai clapped her hands as if to change the atmosphere.

“Yeah, it felt like everyone should come up with an idea for Asahi kun’s script~”

“I’m looking forward to working with you.”

I bowed my head, and Nagisa senpai immediately asked me a question.

“Asahi san, do you have any ideas for the kind of story you want to tell, or for the kind of characters you want to have in it?”

“I don’t think I can write a full-fledged theatrical story, so I’d like to focus on the relationships between the characters in a daily life style.”

“Daily life….huh.”

Juri senpai immediately took a note on the back of the order form.

As expected of the secretary of the student council.

“Also, many of the novels that Nagisa senpai introduced me to were about romance, so I thought that would be a good option.”

“Oh, I see that you’ve already read it !”

“Yes, all of them were so interesting that I couldn’t even spare time to sleep and read them.”

“I see, I’m very happy that you found them interesting because I can recommend them with confidence ! That’s right, I would love to hear your detailed impressions–“

“Nagisa, stop. You suddenly change your character when it comes to books…….”

“S-sorry…… Now we were thinking of ideas for the script…….”

Being stopped by Juri senpai, Nagisa senpai cleared her throat with a little embarrassment.

Once again, I feel like I was able to see an unexpected side of Nagisa senpai.

“Hmm, love story~. I wonder what kind would be good~?

Suddenly, Futaba senpai was standing next to me, putting her index finger on her mouth and making a gesture as if thinking.

“That’s right……. When I often read interviews with novelists, I feel that many of them say that it is important to write based on their own real-life experiences. They say it leads to the reality of their work.”

“Real-life experiences, then, why don’t you tell us about your past love stories one by one?”

When Juri senpai suggested this, their eyes intersected as if they were probing for each other.

However, none of them were willing to start talking.

Nagisa senpai, in the subtle atmosphere, said in a troubled tone,

“E-even if you call it a love story…….what about you, Juri?”

“……You’re asking me that?”

“If anything, Juri chan is popular with girls~”

Just like Futaba senpai said, Juri senpai is extremely popular with the girls in my class.

It’s true that she’s cool for a girl, and I think I can understand why she’s popular with girls.

“Don’t Nagisa and Futaba often get confessions?”

“Yes, but I’ve never actually been in a relationship……”

“Right~I’ve never been in a relationship until elementary school~”

Sigh….., all three of them let out a sigh.

“Well, there’s no such thing as a floating story between us…..”

“Right, I wonder if there’s anything we can ask Hanabi chan about that~?”

“Not her.”

“You’re right. It’s impossible.”

“It’s true that Hanabi chan doesn’t seem to be interested in love at all.


While the seniors were talking, I couldn’t really get into the conversation, so I could only occasionally offer a few words of support.

Somehow, when I hear this kind of story from a girl, I feel a sense of immorality.

There is a boundary that no man should ever enter, such as a secret garden or a sanctuary of yuri.

“I mean…….”

A hesitant pause.

Suddenly, the place is filled with tension.

Before I knew it, Futaba senpai and Nagisa senpai were also looking at me.

Before long, Juri senpai opened her mouth as if she had made up her mind.

“A-Asahi…..w-what about you…..?

“Romance? Ah, I don’t have any at all either…….”

To be honest, the sighs of the seniors who seemed disappointed overlapped.

All three of them held their chests in unison and exhaled.

It seems that they were prepared to hear something very important, but it was a letdown.

No, maybe they were just being cautious of me……?

[I’m sure this introvert is not the kind of person who would have a girlfriend, but it’s better to ask him just in case. But it would be troublesome if it gets weird–] …..Was it like that !?

When I was unintentionally damaged in the heart, Juri senpai smiled with a smirk on her face.

“I see, that’s true !”

“Why do you look a little happy……?”

Are you that happy that I’m a loner introvert……!

Well, this may be Juri senpai’s own kindness.

She’s making fun of it on purpose so as not to create a strange atmosphere.

But still, it’s hurtful…….

“But, we’re in trouble…… I didn’t think any of us had any romantic experience…….”

“Ah, geez, even if it’s a child’s romance, just come up with a love story !Otherwise, we won’t be able to maintain our face as a high school girl……!”

“What do you mean by that……”

Nagisa senpai looks at Juri senpai with a dumbfounded look.

“When you think of a high school girl, you think of romance ! At this rate, If we don’t do something about it, we’re going to graduate without experiencing any youth.”

“Gees, Juri, you’ve been reading too many shoujo manga. Love is not the only way to experience youth.”

“I-I don’t read shoujo manga !”

“You don’t have to hide it.”

“I’m not hiding it ! I mean, it doesn’t matter what it is. Has your heart been pounding recently or something happened that made your heart flutter?”

The expression of the heartbeat was completely that of a shoujo manga……

Futaba senpai made a thoughtful gesture next to me when I smiled wryly.

“Hmm, something happened recently that made my heart pound~…….”

Futaba-senpai was lost in thought for a while, but suddenly raised her voice as if she remembered.

“Ah, maybe when I took a bath with Asahi kun~?”

[ [….Eh?] ]

At that moment, the atmosphere in the place froze–.

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