Boring. This is the only word that comes to mind. On the contrary, I can’t think of anything else. School is really boring. These days, such negative thoughts are flying around in my head. This may hinder me in various fields. What should I do?

I sighed, holding my head in my left hand during math class. Even this class is not motivating me at all. I might as well fall asleep like Kamiki-san next to me. She seems to be sleeping comfortably.

Hmmm. Looking at her like this, I can say that Kamiki-san has a well-defined face. At the moment, she is sleeping with her arms like pillows and her head resting on them. And she is facing me, who is standing next to her on the left. In this state, her face is fully visible.

Then the math teacher noticed.

“Is Kamiki sleeping again? ……. She doesn’t seem to be interested in taking the class at all.”

The teacher sighed as I did. While crossing the arms and sighing, it was as if he was saying, “I’m done”. When I saw that the teacher seemed to be in trouble, I tried to call out to Kamiki-san.

“Kamiki-san, wake up…”
“Wait, Matsukaze.”
“Eh? Y-yes. ……”

The teacher was writing letters on the blackboard in a matter-of-fact manner, as if nothing was wrong. The letters on the blackboard made everyone in the classroom rustle.

[All of us will clap in unison.]

Haa? What’s that…no, what is he writing?

Then the teacher said in a thin voice.

“Everyone, let’s surprise Kamiki”

Hmmm. I see. A surprise, huh?

No, too much of a bad character, huh? Just wake her up. Besides, it looks like they’re having fun. Most of the people who were buzzing around the classroom were grinning, as if it was something really funny. They really all have bad personalities.

The teacher holds up three fingers. Then he expresses the number 3 with a mouthful. Then he would change the movement of his fingers and mouth to 2, then 1, and so on.

But right before I did that, I noticed something.

Huh? Kamiki is …… awake, right? She is completely awake, isn’t she? Her eyes are wide open, and she is looking at me.

I paid attention to it, and my eyes are perfectly aligned with hers. Wow, what a situation. Our eyes are meeting, but I don’t think it’s fateful because there is no such sparkling background, like in a romantic comedy. Because when I say we’re making eye contact, it’s a sharp look. In fact, she’s staring at me. It’s scary.

Because I was looking at Kamiki-san, it was hard for me to tell. The teacher’s finger was already one. It was the moment when the teacher signaled “1” to everyone again in a thin voice.

“Ah, I slept well! Thanks, Matsukaze, for waking me up.”

Eh? No, what?

I looked around. All eyes were on me. Oops, could it be that I’ve caused everyone’s disapproval? I won’t forgive you, this woman.


I ate lunch alone after that. It was on the landing of the stairs. I usually eat at my seat in the classroom, but after the incident, it became difficult for me to stay there.

I don’t have any friends at this school, so I eat alone almost every day. I am not lonely. This is true. I’m not trying to be pushy or anything.

I keep chewing my food without thinking. Now, what should I do? My image of myself must be getting worse little by little after that one incident. If I don’t do something, it will be the same as when I first entered the school.

While I was thinking “Hmmm,” my phone in my pocket trembled. I immediately check it.

“Something wrong?”

The sender was Shirono. I wanted to ask her how she knew, but Shirono must have noticed that I was not in the classroom, since she has made it a habit to take a peek at my class during lunch break.

Nothing,’ I replied.

“Hmmm,Where are you?”
“Take a guess”
“On the stair”

How do you know? Are you following me 24/7? How do you really know?

“I’m on my way over there now.”
“I like you so much that I can’t pass my throat unless we eat lunch together. Hey, …… no?”

I blew up the moment I read this sentence. Rest assured. I don’t have anything in my mouth, so there’s no way I’m going to spread it around.

And, Shirono. You might want to say that last sentence face to face. Video chat works too. More importantly, this sentence ……. It’s clearly aimed at me. Totally unfair.

I replied in a way that annoyed her.

“I’m very sorry to tell you this, but I’ve already finished eating.”

There was no reply from there. Instead, I received an incoming call. I wish you would stop calling me right away when things don’t go your way.

Reluctantly, I answered.

“You don’t want to have lunch with me?”
“No, it’s not like that. ……”
“Then what?’”
“Really, I’ve already eaten.”
“Hmmm. So, where is stair now? West staircase? East staircase? Which one?”
“Which way! Answer me!”
“Takkuun, you idiot!”

Then the phone went dead. It was no wonder. I didn’t give any answer.

And there was a reason for that, too. I don’t know how she knew I was here, but right in front of me, that hateful Kamiki Reina was looking at me with a sneer on her face.

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