I tried to say it as naturally as possible, but Nanahoshi seemed to see right through it.

But I deny it, because no evidence can be produced to determine that it is a lie unless I admit it.

“There is no reason for me to lie about something like that.”

When I denied it, Nanahoshi said.

“….. for example, you don’t want to see me anymore, but you were trying to keep things quiet on the surface.”

……It’s spot on, but the right thing to do is to pretend I don’t know.

“What reason do you have for thinking I don’t want to meet with you?”

When I asked that, Nanahoshi immediately opened her mouth and said.

“Because, I… I was in a bit of a mood today, I was going out with a boy for the first time, so I was nervous, but I also got excited… Seeing me like that, I think there’s a good chance it happened.”

It’s true that I don’t want to meet her and that I’m trying to keep things quiet on the surface, but the reason why I don’t want to meet her is off the mark. …… Well, I don’t think you can see through the fact that I want to erase the existence of this person, and return to my normal, ordinary life.

“It’s not that”

“Then …… you have a girlfriend, or something?”

It might be possible to pretend that I have a girlfriend ……, but if she asks to see a two-shot of me with her, I’m done.

The excuse that I don’t have any two-shots because we just started dating recently is also useless because it would be unnatural when I am taking two-shots with Nanahoshi.

After thinking about all these things, I say to Nanahoshi to deny what she said.

“I don’t have one”

“If that’s the case, why do you think you don’t want to see me?!”

Nanahoshi said with a sad expression and tone of voice.

…… I, too, enjoyed the time I spent with Nanahoshi today, but there are more reasons why I shouldn’t see her any more than this.

But since I can’t tell her that, I’m going to tell a lie.

“In the first place, I never thought I’d never want to meet with you.”

“….. then promise me you’ll see me next time!”

“Yeah, I promise.”

I say promise, but it’s an oral promise…….I’m sorry, but I’m willing to break an oral promise if it means returning to normalcy.────

“If you promise me, please take this.”

With that said, a card was handed to me with the name ” Nanahoshi Chiha” and a picture of a smiling Nanahoshi’s face on it.

“What is this? It looks like a business card, but it is not made of paper.”

As I was wondering about this, Nanahoshi said

“It is a card key to enter the studio where I will be photographed as a model next Sunday.”

“A card key to get into the studio…..? Why did you give me that?”

“If you are willing to meet with me again, please message me when you are free until next Saturday …… and I will ask you to return the key card to me then.”

“You mean you’ll leave this keycard with me ……? But what are you going to do if I don’t return it?”

“If you say you’ll meet with me next time, I don’t think you need to worry about that,────, but if you do, it will only damage my credibility as a model.”

If I were not to meet with Nanahoshi next time and not return this card key to her, would it damage her trust in me as a model?

…… I can’t cause trouble for people around me.

“I’ll return it.”

Saying that, I tried to return the card key to Nanahoshi,──── but Nanahoshi put her hands behind her back and said.

“Returning it today is a foul! Please return it properly when we meet later! Well then, I’ll see you again! Toiro san!”


Nanahoshi took a step away from me, waved me off, and ran from the scene.

“,….I guess I’m screwed.”

──── Apparently, I still can’t sever my relationship with Nanahoshi, and I still can’t erase the existence of Toiro

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your local gacha boy yt
your local gacha boy yt
29 days ago

Text are repeated

Garrulous Ghost
Garrulous Ghost
5 days ago

It’s lamentable that JP MCs in general are incapable of saying no. This kind of plot device is frustrating to see but imma read it anyways lol