────After the holiday.

I went to school a little later than usual as Magiri, and for some reason Nanahoshi was standing in front of my seat.

“…… what is it?”

Looking around the classroom, it seems that the female members Nanahoshi usually talks to are there, so there should be no need for me to be Nanahoshi’s talker just because no one else is coming to school like before,……,Or rather, I went to school a little later than usual today to prevent that from happening, so I’d be in trouble

Even though I was thinking this, I couldn’t just stand there like this, so I headed to my seat.

And just as I’m about to sit down in my seat, ────

“You’re late! I had something I wanted to talk to you about, so why are you so late today!”

Nanahoshi said to me in a very unreasonable manner.

I almost sighed at such unreasonable words, but I knew that if I sighed, she would definitely get angry with me, so I kept the sigh to myself and said I would sit down.

“I didn’t promise to talk to you this morning, so what could I do? Besides, if there was something you wanted to talk about, you could talk to your friends who are already at school, not me.”

When I said the obvious, Nanahoshi said a little angrily.

“Today I want to talk about something that I want to hear from a boy, not a girl! You’ve already talked to me once before, so why can’t you at least do that?”

Although I’ve only talked to her once before,……, at this rate she’s not only not going to leave until she’s talked to me, but she’s going to come back to me at the next break time, so I’ll listen to her while I can.

“Okay, let’s hear it. What’s the story?”

When I asked her that, Nanahoshi’s complexion brightened up in an easy-to-understand way.

“I went out to eat with someone I owe a debt of gratitude to on Saturday.”

Although I did not intend to sell Nanahoshi a favor, I went out for dinner with Nanahoshi on Saturday, and since I did something that Nanahoshi could have taken as a favor, this person to whom she owed a favor is definitely me, or more precisely, Toiro

“I feel like that person’s response to me is rather cold…he’s a calm person to begin with, but he’s probably trying to avoid me.”

“I see.”

“Yeah…and somehow this week, I found out that the person was kind from one incident, so it might be a little harsh, but I think I can take advantage of that kindness and get a chance to meet that person this week…But I have no idea why he avoids me, so I’m wondering what I should do next.”

“I see.”

……I’m not a gentle person, but I certainly cannot avoid meeting with her this week if she entrusts me with her card key like that.

“Really, I don’t know what I should do…I’ve had boys in my class stare at me and try to get closer to me, like the boys in my class are still staring at me, but I avoid them. It’s my first time being the one who attack, so I don’t know what to do.”

This is exactly the kind of statement you would expect from a popular girl model in class, but it is fortunate …… because I am the person Nanahoshi is asking for advice from.

In other words, all I have to do is say what I want Nanahoshi to do.

So I said to Nanahoshi.

“Well, if you’re thinking about that person, why don’t you stop having anything to do with that person for now? From what I’ve heard, that’s what that person wants too—-“

“What matters is why that person wants it, because if I can solve it, the problem will go away…Haa”

Nanahoshi sat down in front of me once with a look of dismay.

…… Apparently, I couldn’t just say what I wanted her to do.

While I was thinking that, she looked at my face and said,

“I mean, Magiri, your hair is so long, it’s hiding your eyes.”

Then ──── Nanahoshi reached for my bangs.

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