After the photographs were taken, as Nanahoshi and I were walking towards the station together, Nanahoshi said.

“Toiro-san! Thank you so much for taking a photo with me earlier!”

“Don’t worry about it, I was more surprised that there was no blurriness in the photo at all, I guess the model’s name isn’t for show after all.”

When I told her that, she waved her hands in a panic.

“W-What happened earlier was just a coincidence! Also, I was good with the camera, but in the photo I took earlier, the corners of my mouth were strangely turned up and my cheeks were a little red. As a model, I have to be better to be a photographing subject than at taking pictures. However, it turned out to be the other way around…”

“Is that so? At least from my point of view, you had a beautiful smile.”


When I looked at the photo and honestly told her my impressions, Nanahoshi reacted in surprise, turned her head away from me, and said,

“T-thank you ……”

“I was just saying what I thought.”


Afterwards, when we came together to the front of the station, I said to her

“Well, I guess this is where we say goodbye.”

“Yes! Thank you so much for today, thank you so much!’

……There was a lot going on, but this is the end of it with Nanahoshi.

The person named Toiro disappears except for the two-shot he took with Nanahoshi.

I’m a little concerned that the two-shots I took with Nanahoshi will remain, but that’s my choice, so it can’t be helped.

As I was thinking about this, Nanahoshi continued.

“Let’s go out together again!”

…… again, huh?

I guess its coming, because it would be terrible to darken Nanahoshi at the end of the day.

I say to that her.

“Ah, see you later.”

“…… yes!”

After a short pause, Nanahoshi says this with a smile, and finally me and Nanahoshi enter the station.

This really brings me back to my ordinary day-to-day life again.

After entering the station, Nanahoshi and I each walked next to each other through the station gates together, climbed the stairs and arrived at the station platform, where we waited for the train to arrive.

“It looks like we have about two minutes before the train comes, so it was perfect.”

When I was waiting for the train, Nanahoshi, who was also waiting for the train next to me, spoke to me like that.

“Yes, just in time.”

If it had been a little earlier, that would have made the wait feel longer, and if it had been later, I might have been in a hurry to get on the train. ────

“Wait, Nanahoshi?”

“Speaking of which, why are you here, Toiro-san?!”

It was so natural that Nanahoshi and I didn’t feel any discomfort in each other’s presence, but we noticed the discomfort almost at the same time and said so.

“Even if you ask me why, I’m only here to go home.”

“So am I!”

Nanahoshi too….? …… I see.

“As I recall, the day Nanahoshi was being wooed by two guys, you said you were close to home when you left.”


“I’m close enough to walk there from home too, so that means we take the train together.”


When I said that, Nanahoshi’s eyes widened in surprise, but she immediately put on a happy expression and said.

“So I can still be with Toiro-san then?”

“…..Ah, yes.”

It seems that ──── I can’t leave Nanahoshi …… and Toiro yet either.

After that, Nanahoshi and I lightly chatted while waiting for the train, reflecting on today’s events, the train came and we got on the train and sat down next to each other.

Nanahoshi’s mouth was always loose during the train ride, but I didn’t pay any attention to it and got off the train when it arrived at the station I wanted to go to.

Then, as expected, Nanahoshi also got off at the same station, and we walked out of the ticket gates and went out in front of the station together.

“Which way is Nanahoshi?”

“That way.”

Nanahoshi pointed in the same direction as me.

“We’re together, shall we walk together to the halfway point?”


Me and Nanahoshi walk together on the way home. ──── and.

“I’m this way.”

“Right, I’m that way.”

At last, as we parted ways, I said to her

“Nanahoshi, be careful on your way back.”

“There’s still light, I’ll be fine!”

“Right, …… then.”

As I said that and I started to go on my way home, Nanahoshi and I parted ways.──── Nanahoshi said in a loud voice to me from behind.

“Toiro san! Can I said one thing?”

“Oh, what is it?”

When I turned around after being told that, ──── Nanahoshi came closer to me and said.

“Toiro-san, when we arrived in front of the station, you said to me, ‘See you later’,…… but that was a lie, wasn’t it?”

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