◇Magiri side◇

When I got home, I thought I could finally take a break from all the things I had been through ────, but the moment I took off my shoes and walked up to the front door, I heard a notification ring from my phone.

I looked at the screen of my phone and it showed that I had received a message from Nanahoshi.

“We exchanged contact information and she immediately sent a message… If something weird were to spread, it would be troublesome, so I don’t want to talk about it too much if possible…”

Maybe something happened related to what happened earlier, so now that I’ve seen it, I can’t just ignore it, at least for today.

With this in mind, I opened the message from Nanahoshi and there was this message.

[Thank you so much for helping me earlier!]

Thank you huh …… I told her she didn’t have to do it, but she said she’d feel bad if she didn’t treat me once, so I guess she’d feel bad if she didn’t thank me again in the message.

I replied to the message, knowing that Nanahoshi has a more disciplined personality than I thought.

[Don’t worry about it.]

When I replied so, the message was immediately read, as if the message screen had been open for a long time, and Nanahoshi sent me a message.

[I think I’ll know my schedule tomorrow, so I’ll contact you again tomorrow!]


The conversation had now come to an end, and I was about to end the message──── when.

[By the way, I was wondering why you were out so late at night, Toiro-san?]

Nanahoshi sent me a message.

If this had just come as a notification, I would have prioritised taking a bath because I was sweating on my way home from the gym, but since I had already read it, I couldn’t just ignore it here.

I have no choice but to reply to it.

[I’m on my way home from the gym.]

[So you go to the gym! I sometimes just use the running machines to lose weight!]

I wondered if Nanahoshi also goes to the gym,…… which is a bit unusual for a high school girl,──── but since Nanahoshi is one of the students who cannot be measured by the usual measure of a special-purpose High School to begin with, it is probably natural that she is such an unusual person.

I agreed with that and sent a reply with my thoughts on Nanahoshi’s story as well.

[Really, I thought you were thin enough, but I didn’t realise Nanahoshi also goes on a diet.]

When I told her exactly what I thought, Nanahoshi sent me a message after a short pause.

[I’m not at all! I like sweets, and when a new product from my favourite restaurant comes out, I tend to eat it even if I know it’s no good!]

…… If I continued the conversation, it was going to go on for quite a while and I wouldn’t know when it was time for me to take a bath, so I typed a letter to end the conversation and sent it.

[Right, I’m on my way home from the gym and need a bath as soon as possible, see you tomorrow.]

When I sent that and tried to forcefully end the message, Nanahoshi sent a message to match it.

[Okay, I understand! I’ll contact you again tomorrow! Good night today!]

[Good night]

After I finished the message, I felt as if I had used all my energy at once, exhaled once, took a shower, soaked in the bathtub and went to sleep that day.

The next day.

When I woke up in the morning, I finished getting ready to go to the special school as usual, ate breakfast, and then headed to school and took my seat.

Because I am basically mediocre at school, I have no friends, I just sit alone in my seat.

If I were ordinary, it might be more natural for me to have a friend or two, but in this special school, it would be heretic for me to make friends with someone who is not ordinary, so what I am doing is definitely ordinary.

In this way, I feel relieved that I am ordinary. ────

“Hey Magiri, can you talk to me for a minute?”

A person who can’t be called very ordinary,────, who is also a model and has appeared in dramas, and who, incidentally, I wouldn’t want to be associated with as a person if I could right now, Nanahoshi Chiha, came to talk to me.

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