A heavy silence fell over the place.

A breeze blew caressing the night cherry blossoms, and fantastic petals danced in this illuminated place.

Directly behind me was a beautiful girl who blended into such a fantastic scene and radiated a presence.

She heard my words and gently lowered her eyes.

“W-well! It could just be that I have a scar like that, but it’s not the same! So pretend you didn’t hear that!”

And then—

“Take it off.”

“I’m not in the position to be stripped!?”

She demanded that I undress in a public place.

“…… otherwise I won’t be able to see your scars, will I?”

“W-Wait a minute! You don’t know if I’m on the nomination list yet!?”

I may not be the prince she thinks I am.

…… No, to be honest, I’ve already guessed it somehow.

I thought it was different because our hometowns were in different places.

But when I opened the lid, the place was here, the dog attacked her and she was saved, and the prince was wearing a hero’s mask.

There were so many things that matched that I wanted to deny it myself, even though I had said so myself.

(I really wanted to go through with it that way though ……)

For some reason, the face of Yuzuha, who had cried, passed through my mind.

Then I felt I had to ask her.

“Just, please”

Gently, my hand is held from behind.

It was like a clinging, pleading hand. Unlike the air before, I could see the earnestness in her eyes.

I hesitate for a moment.

I felt that if I told her, I would no longer be able to deny it.

However, if I remember the look on Yuzuha’s face when I told her a little while ago, there was no way I could refuse a request from a girl with a face like this…

“I think …… it’s a little unbearable to look at.”

I pull on the collar to expose the shoulders.

It’s not as bad as the burn on my back, but it still had a scar etched into it as if it had been roughly opened and then sealed.

Looking at it—


Kirishima shed tears.

I think I have seen this scene somewhere once.

“B-By the way, I have to ask you, …… how did you get this scar?”

Kirishima asks, wiping away tears.

“….. long time ago, I was attacked by a dog to save a girl here.”

“Do you have a mask?”

“……I-I did.”

“……I see.”

Kirishima sat down again on the bench, as if the model man was no longer in her mind.

“Huh, it’s dark under the lighthouse.”

“Umm, I’m sorry?”


“No, you know, you were looking for that …… guy.”

Maybe she had a dream of a prince.

He’s cool, he’s nice, he’s kind. It is possible that she imagined a man who was cool, kind, and charming.

But the reality is that we are just students at the same school.

Not only that, if I had come forward a little earlier, she would never have had to search for him until now.

–But in my defense, I thought it was different because we were from different hometowns

“Why are you apologizing to me? Rather, I’m the one who should be thanking you.”

Kirishima said

“When I think about it,……, there aren’t that many people who would be willing to put themselves on the line to protect someone.”


“The point is, if you were the one who saved Yuzuha, it would make sense.”

it’s something if you could help anyone.

I felt a bit embarrassed and couldn’t help but scratch my cheek.

“But I see!”

Kirishima abruptly leans against the back of the bench.

Her expression was somewhat cheerful, but she had tears in her eyes that she couldn’t hold back.

“I feel so much better!”

“Is that because you’ve found me?”

“Yes, of course!”

And then…

“Thank you, for saving me that time.”

She smiled at me with a big smile on her face.

I couldn’t help but get a kick out of that fawning smile.

But that was a long time ago.

I wanted to be a hero, so I saved her because I wanted to save her…

“W-well, ……, you know, what the heck. I’m not too concerned about this matter, it was a long time ago, so don’t worry about it either.”

I was a little embarrassed to be told this to my face, so I turned my face away a little.

But for some reason, Kirishima took my hand and looked into my face. 

“I can’t.”


“It’s impossible not to care.”

Her words were strong.

It was not so much that I found her words difficult, but that she was determined

“…I heard from Yuzuha that you said that, but it’s impossible for me to not care. Your presence was huge in my mind.”

…… I suddenly remembered Shiori san’s words when I heard her voice.

[I understand because we are in the same situation. For Kurusu-san, Yuzuha-san, and …… me, the existence of our own prince is a big thing.]

The existence of a prince for these girls is bigger than I think.

The girls may think that this trivial longing, this trivial foolishness, is their destiny.

When I think about it, it’s hard for me to deny their words.

I wonder if this is what Shiori san meant when she said, “Take it in stride.”

“B-but …… don’t do me a favor now. I don’t want to dig up the old days and try to indebt you.”

“…..I’ll try not to, if you insist.”

Posh, something hits my shoulder.

When I suddenly turned my gaze to the side, Kirishima’s small head was buried in my shoulder.

“But I see.”

Kirishima gulped, burying her reddened face in my shoulder.

“…It’s the same as Yuzuha.”

I’m in trouble, she said. After leaving such words, sobs began to be heard.

The sound of a girl sobbing, which didn’t suit the beautifully lit up nighttime cherry blossom scenery.

Fortunately, we were a short distance away from the staff members. I doubt they can hear us.

Still, I couldn’t leave her crying.

It may sound rude, but I kept gently patting her head until she stopped crying.

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9 days ago

Wow I thought Author would drag this out with drama. But he closed it quickly! A lot of respect, I prefer Kirishima the most to be honest but President types are never chosen either. I’m in love with their parents personalities bro