Why did Nanahoshi talk to me, an ordinary guy?

Could it be that she has already found out that I, Torio, am the true identity of Magiri Iroto?

…… not true, if that were the case, Nanahoshi’s personality would have a more over-the-top reaction.

In other words, she spoke to me for a different reason……, but either way, she’s still only asking me if she can talk to me, so there are any number of ways I can stay out of it from here.

“Sorry, I’m kind of busy right now, you’ll have to find someone else.”

This seemed to be the solution …….

“I came to school early today and the others aren’t here, so please talk to me until the others arrive.”

I see …… that you mean to pass the time.

However, it seems that Nanahoshi is forgetting the most important part.

“I told you to look elsewhere, but I also told you that I was busy. ……What do you think about that?”

“That’s a lie, because you didn’t do anything.”

“I was just about to do it.”

“Moou! Don’t talk like that, just listen to me!”

I didn’t say I would listen to her at all, nor did I nod my head, but when she said that, she continued to talk.

“Yesterday, I was walking down the street at night and two guys were making a pass at me, and then this cool guy came dashing out and knocked them both down and saved my life!”

“Well, I guess that happens.”

The thing she wants me to ask is about that night last night. …… Well, of course, the right thing to do here is to pretend that I don’t know that story right now, so I’m just going to minister to it appropriately.

“Yeah! So, I thought he was already a really cool guy, and he was calm and …… older than me, but he’s my age, and we exchanged contact information!”

“I see.”

“Moou! Magiri, don’t you think you’re not reacting a little bit? I said he’s a really cool guy! If you see his face, you’ll fall over because he’s so cool!”

“How is that possible?”

Regrettably, that won’t happen because I’m not so abnormal that I would fall over at the sight of my own face,……, but I do feel a little embarrassed when I’m praised directly like this.

Well, I don’t think she meant it to be direct.

When I was thinking about this, Nanahoshi leaned forward and said

“It’s true! Well, I’ll ask that person to let me take a picture next time, so let me know what you think then!”

I thought, “Why do I have to look at my own face and tell Nanahoshi what I think of that ……,” but since this is just a matter of me not giving Nanahoshi permission to take my picture as a Toiro in the first place, I may as well nod my head.

“Okay, I’ll let you know how I feel about it then.”

“That’s a promise! Ahhh~, if only that person was in the same school as me!”

You wouldn’t dream of thinking that the person in front of you …… Immediately afterwards, Nanahoshi’s friend came into the classroom, or Nanahoshi said to me, “Well, what you just said, I promise!” and waved her hand at me and ran toward her friend.

She must have been talking about the same thing she had talked to me about earlier.

I was supposed to be just a friend to talk to her, but she made me a strange promise.

But I can control that promise, so I guess I shouldn’t worry too much about it.

Yes, it’s not something to be concerned about that promise,……, but I still have to cut ties with Nanahoshi as Toiro as soon as possible before things get any weirder.

──── and after school that day.

I received a message from Nanahoshi to me

“Toiro san!? Are you free this Saturday?”

“I’m free.”

“Then, I want to go out for dinner with you this Saturday!”


“Thank you very much! I’m really looking forward to it!”

Through this exchange of messages, it was decided that this Saturday, Nanahoshi and I would go out to eat together.

──── and Saturday.

……Today is the last time I will be involved with Nanahoshi as Kirima Toiro, and I will no longer exist as him

I made up my mind to do so, and after getting my hair set with my bangs up and paying more attention to my fashion than I usually do as an ordinary Magiri Iroto, I left my house and headed to the meeting place to meet Nanahoshi.

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