After finishing dinner with Nanahoshi, we walk out of the restaurant and talk as we walk.

“Today’s place was delicious too!~”


‘But the place I went with Toiro-san before was delicious too!~”

“That’s right, you had the sauté before right?”

“Yes! We ate the sauté together!”

She said, emphasising the ‘together’ part.

And after a while of such conversation, I stopped once.

“Toiro san?”

In response, she also stopped, so I took out my card key from my pocket ──── .

As soon as she saw it, she darkened the happy expression she had earlier and said.

“Yes, that’s right,…… originally, Toiro-san is meeting with me today just to return it, isn’t that right?”



She received the card key from me with a dark expression on her face.

I’m sorry Nanahoshi, but with this I can no longer have a relationship with you and also completely erase the existence of Toiro.

All that remains is for me to leave this place. ────

“Toiro san!….. one thing, may I?”

When I was thinking about leaving this place, she asked me that, so I pause for a moment and say.

“…… Yeah, what is it?”

Then she said loudly, as if to cover up her own current emotions.

“If you would like, you can come and watch my shoot tomorrow at the studio! I don’t think it’s often you get the chance to see a model shoot in person, so it’s a rare opportunity!”

“That sounds like fun, I’ll think about it.”

When I told her that, she smiled—but it was different from the smile she had had earlier, and it was clearly a mended smile.

…I haven’t said a single word about not wanting to meet Nanahoshi, but I’m guessing that Nanahoshi is convinced that I don’t want to meet her anymore.
That’s why she must think my current words are a lie.

But that’s also none of my business.

“I might be going there, so if you want, send me a message with the location of that studio.”

“…… yes!”

On the surface, I try to convey my words so that Nanahoshi’s emotions won’t be shaken, and on the surface, Nanahoshi puts on a fake smile so that I won’t realize that she’s darkened… It’s definitely my fault for creating such a negative atmosphere, and it’s also my fault for making her smile like this.

But in order not to let that happen again, I will never again meet Nanahoshi as Toiro.

I stepped towards the station to leave this time.

Then, she also walked next to me.

“I’m going home with you because I’m going to the same station as you, too!”

Nanahoshi said, but immediately stopped and said

“I’d like to say ……, but since I’ve come all the way to the city, I’m going to enjoy the city a little more.”

────The last signal from her to me.

At this point, I would say, “Well, then I’ll enjoy the city a little more with Nanahoshi” and that is what she wants.

But ────

“I see”

I won’t go along with that.

For me who tries to cut off relations with Nanahoshi to no end,──── Nanahoshi said while becoming a little tearful.

“Toiro-san,……, I’ll send you the location of the shooting studio and the time of the shoot, so if you found the time you spent with me even a little enjoyable, please come and watch the shoot tomorrow.”

“….. wait, that’s ────”

“Excuse me!”

Saying that, she ran away from me as if to hide her face from me.


I don’t have to go, if I ignore her and don’t go tomorrow, nothing more will be sullied.

“If it felt like fun, huh …… then does that mean that if I don’t go, she’ll interpret that as me not enjoying the time I spent with her?”

No. …… Even if that’s the case, it’s none of my business.

It’s none of my business how she interprets my feelings.


While saying this, I went home and checked the location and time of the photo studio that I had received via message from Nanahoshi

◇Nanahoshi side◇

Nanahoshi came to a shopping mall in a lonely town. She sent Toiro the location of the photo studio and the time of the photoshoot, and at the clothing store in the shopping mall, she picked up a piece of clothing she liked and wore it. She took it and went into the fitting room.

Then, while adjusting it to herself in the mirror, she said.

“If it’s this one, I wonder if Toiro-san will think I’m cute too~! Yes, it looks good on me!”

She saw herself smiling in the mirror as she said that, but ──── soon the tears she had been suppressing began to flow, and she collapsed to her knees and crouched there as she muttered.

“Toiro-san, why did you look so happy when you were eating dinner and talking normally with me,…… and yet,…… Toiro-san, you idiot! ……!”

After that, Nanahoshi stayed in the fitting room for a little while.

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