“Mirei san?”
“I want you to stay here until I fall asleep…”
“That’s all right. It’s a normal thing to do.”
“Thank you. Good night.”
“Good night.”

It’s been about ten minutes since then.
“I wonder if he went to sleep.”
I leave the room so as not to wake Masa.
It is now 10 o’clock at night.
“Ah, welcome home, mother and father.”
“I’m home. Is Masa alright?”
“Everything’s fine.”
“I see. I’m glad to hear that.”
I know that Mom seems to be a bit of a stranger to Masa, but I know that she actually cares about him in some way.

“Are you going now?”
“Well, this is the only time I can do it. Father and others can go to bed first.”
“Yeah. Good night, then.”
“Good night.”
I went back to my room and put my arms through my black clothes.

“Let it out.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
I’m in the worst mood right now, but I can’t wait to get it over with because I won’t even feel refreshed if I don’t do this.
Don’t think that you can do exactly that and just spend time in jail for hurting him mentally.

SP also seems kind of nervous. Did I give off that scary vibe?

I head for my customary warehouse.
“You can take its mouth
“Puhaa! You’re Masaya’s…!”
“Yes. It’s been since yesterday. Are you Masa’s father? No, you’re not his father anymore.”
“Why am I here?”
“I’m here to ask you a question, and they let you out of jail for a while.”
“What do you want to ask me?”
“Why did you hurt Masa like that?”

”Haa? I don’t need that guy. That’s why I was happy when they said you were going to take it. But it annoyed me to see him getting happier and happier.”
I found myself holding a small knife to the man’s throat.

“Miss, Masaya-sama will be saddened if you do such a thing.”
“I understand. But…!”
I managed to hold back. The man was rotten to the core. I’m not sure what to do with the rest of it.
For 15 years, Masa had been with this man…!

“Masa has been having a hard time because of you all this time, right?”
“He’s my child, so he deserves to serve me as his parent, don’t you think?”

“You have no right to call yourself a parent!”
I forget that I was being respectful and kick the guy to the curb. This is when my old martial arts skills come in handy.
“Hey, get up.”
“You don’t care one bit about your own children, and you’re not going to use that as an excuse to beat him up again and again.”

The man sits down
He was so overreacting to being kicked
“Well, I’m going to give you a taste of hell before I send you to jail. Take him away.”
The SPs take the guy away.
“No, no, no! Get off me!”

“Phew, I’m tired.”
I can’t take that guy around overseas because he needs to go to jail and pay for his crime properly.
Then I heard from my father that there was someone who wanted a sandbag, so I thought I would lend him one for the day.
Well, that person seems to be a so-called backstabber, and he seems to be crazy, so I have no idea what he will do to me.

Father told me that when you have a faction, strange connections can be made.
But for once, I was able to take advantage of it.

“Please, Miss, don’t be moderate. Japan is very strict about this sort of thing.”
“I know. But I couldn’t forgive him. I can’t forgive him now and I won’t forgive him in the future. You won’t either, will you?”
I think SP was also very close to Masa, so he didn’t show it this time, but I think he was pissed inside.

“I’m home~”
When I quietly opened the door, there was an angel sleeping peacefully.
He’s so cute after all.
I hadn’t been able to touch him much today, so I hugged him as hard as I could.
I love you so much. No one will ever hurt you again. I will always protect you.

Maybe I am the one who is dependent on him.

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