A week passed without anything special happening from there.
“Sixth period’s over!”
“You still have homeroom.”
“It’s almost over! Hitomi senpai asked me to come watch the basketball team today!”
I heard that earlier as well. high tension is a bit of a problem, but I’d like to support my friend’s love.
I’ve heard Mirei san talking with Hitomi senpai sometimes at night from the room next door and she always seems to be having a good time. I’m sure the two of them will make it work.

“This is RINE from Mirei san”
[‘m going to help the teacher grade the world history quiz today because she doesn’t seem to be able to finish it, so go home first]
The world history teacher, as I recall, was also in charge of history for my class. She’s a kind and slightly outgoing female teacher.
She usually asked Mirei on days when she had club activities, though…
Hmmm, what should I do? I don’t have anything to do if I go home first, so maybe I should wait?
for the time being
[I understand]
I’ll return it for now.

“Then I’m off!”
“Yeah. See you tomorrow.”
And he went away.
I think I’ll wait after all.
I’ll wait for her to come while watching “Tsubuyaita” in front of the school gate.

But… she doesn’t come. The people who are going to club activities have already gone and the people who are leaving have gone home, and it’s getting a little quieter.
It’s been 30 minutes…it’s going to take a little longer, so I think I’ll go home alone.

Walking alone along my usual route to school is surprisingly enjoyable, as I can see swallows’ nests on telephone poles that I had never noticed before. But I feel lonely because there are not many people on the street. It would be more fun to go home while talking with Mirei san….
I should not be so selfish and push Mirei san around.
As I was thinking about that…
“Yo, it’s been a while.”
I froze involuntarily at the sound of a voice coming from behind me.
When I turned around, it was my father.

“Oh, Dad…”
“I never thought you’d go to such a good high school. The boss’s daughter loves you very much.”
“You have plenty of money, don’t you? Give it to me.”
I had expected her to meet me for almost all of these reasons.
When I was working part-time, he kept asking me like this.
“No. I can’t give you this.”
“Don’t say that~”
He was about to take my bag away from me.
“Shut up! Who do you think you’ve been living thanks to?”
I fall on my buttocks because of the forceful grab.

“Give it back!”
I clung to my father.
“Shut up! You shut up!”
He punches me and kicks me.
It hurts.

“I’ll tell you something Your mother didn’t die of an illness. That’s bullshit from your relatives. Your mother abandoned this house and hanged herself. She left you.”

“The last thing she said was, [I wish I’d never had you]. She didn’t want you, either. And the boss’s daughter doesn’t want you either, does she?”
“No, that’s wrong”
“Don’t be strong. She may look that way to you, but she’ll always betray you in the end like she did, and you’ll be no longer needed. The same goes for your relatives.
Thanks to me, you’ve come this far, okay? You should be grateful.”
I’m not needed…I’ll be betrayed in the end.
“Are you crying? I’m the one who needs you crying! Because of you! All the time!”
It hurts, it hurts, it hurts.
It hurts. It’s hard to breathe.
Help me.

“Mirei san…”
Mirei kicks my father.
“Are you okay! You have bruises all over. You’re hurt too!”
“I’m fine, this much…”
“SP, come quickly. In 10 seconds, Catch this guy and send him to the police.”

“You son of a…”
“Shut up.”
Mirei san kicked my father in the back.
“I know you were scared. I’m sorry. Because I wasn’t there. I’m sorry.”
She hugged him.
It was like the SPs had really been here for 10 seconds.
“Get him out of here.”
“Hey! Let go of me! Masaya! Say something!”
I suppress my trembling hand.

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