A little further back, after Yuuki and his friends left the classroom.


Kagurazaka side

“…Hey, why is Nakano senpai?”

“And Yuuki kun’s sister, the ‘Ice Princess’?”

Among them, there was one who said,

“Well, Yuuki-kun’s sister said that someone from our class and class 1-4 hurt Yuuki kun. Is that true?

“Nakano senpai said she saw it too.”

I didn’t expect someone to witness it…. Even so, that Yuuki, why is he telling his sister? This is the worst.

“Isn’t it true? Yuuki kun came alone this morning.”

“If that’s the case, Who was he talking about?”

“Someone Yuuki kun knows who’s in our class and class 4…”

Eh, everyone is looking at me. What is this?

“Say, Kagurazaka san…”

“Hm? What’s wrong?

“Did you do something to Yuuki kun–“

“Hey ! Let’s not talk about this for now…”

Thank God. If Ishizaki kun hadn’t stopped it, it would’ve been troublesome. But why? Ishizaki kun had nothing to do with it, right?

“Let’s stop talking about it before he comes… I heard what happened from him. By the way, Segawa knows about it too.”


Oh no, I reacted. Everyone is watching me. Jeez, it’s all Yuuki’s fault that this happened !

“Sigh…, I think everyone already knows, but Kagurazaka san, Otori kun and Kamisaka san from class 4 are the ones who hurt Yuuki.”

‘Eh !? No, no, no, I didn’t do it.”

“…..Is that so? Well, whatever.”

“We’ll know when Yuuki comes back anyway.”

Well, it’ll be all right. I’m sure Yuuki wouldn’t dare to betray us. He didn’t do anything to us when we were kicking him.

After that, the lunch break went on in a tense atmosphere. No one opened their mouths, but for some reason, I think a lot of them were staring at me. I wouldn’t know since I was seated in the front row.

Then, at the end of the lunch break, Yuuki came back.


Yuuki side

What is this? Everyone is silent. Scary.

“Hey, Yuuki…”

Eh,  Kagurazaka san is talking to me.

“I didn’t do anything bad to you, did I?”


What are you talking about? Are you forgetting what you did yesterday? If that’s not [Bad thing] then what is it?

“Listen, you…”

I was about to say it, but the chime rang. I had no intention of interrupting the class to say it. I didn’t even want to get involved in the first place.

I couldn’t say anything right then and there, and I had to go home that day.

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1 year ago

Won’t betray you? Is your head make of tofu? You will have what you deserve later.