After I finished listening to Natsuki senpai’s story, I finally remembered.

“Ah… I think there was indeed something like that. That incident.”

“You finally remembered it?”

“Yes…., I’m sorry,  I had completely forgotten about it until now. I didn’t even realize that it was you, Natsuki senpai…” “…No, it’s okay. If you remembered it now, then it’s fine !”

I felt bad about it. Natsuki senpai said so, but it seems like she’s a little depressed.  Was it better not to say it? Is there anything I can do?

“I’m sorry, Natsuki senpai, but is there anything I can do to help? I’ll do anything as long as it’s not something weird.”

“Eh !?…….Anything?

“Yes, anything.”

“Well〜 let’s see…”

Natsuki senpai was kind of grinning when she said that.

Come to think of it, when I looked next to me….my sister was looking at me with terribly resentful eyes. I had to do something about it.

“You can have one too, Onee chan. If it’s something I can do.”

“Eh !?……Whatever I want?”

“……Well, yeah.”

My sister is doing a small gut pose. What are they going to do with me?.

While I was talking with my sister, the hem of my clothes was pulled from the other side. It seems that Natsuki senpai had already decided.

“Umm, Yuuki kun.”

“Have you decided? Natsuki senpai.”

“Yeah. Um, can you call me without a suffix? …Preferably, from now on.”

“Is that okay?”

“Oh, and no honorifics.”

“…..Okay, Natsuki.”

“—-Tsu !”

When I did as she told me, Natsuki let out a voice and turned bright red. It’s kind of embarrassing.

When I was looking at Natsuki, something came up behind me with a thud. It’s my sister.

“Onee chan, have you decided too?”

“Yeah. Can I have two?”

“Eh, why?”

“It’s okay, right?”

“Well, okay. So? What do you want?”

“Fufufu…The first is, can we stick together at school?”

She made a ridiculous proposal. Even if we’re brother and sister, we’ll stand out, right? That kind of thing.

“Such a thing…”


My sister looked at me with puppy eyes. Damn, those eyes are not fair.

 “Okay, I get it. and then? The seco–“

“Yay ! Thanks, Yuuki !”

Saying that, she hugged me. No, you could say that without hugging me. My face was caught in her things. ….I’m happy, no I’m not.

Natsuki is staring at me…

 “…Ugghh, Onee chan, we’re at school. This kind of thing is.”

“I guess so… Then ! The second thing is…”

At this rate… Huh? I have a bad feeling about this.

“I want to sleep in the same bed with you every night !”

See? I knew it. I couldn’t say no and nodded my head, and she tried to hug me again, but this time I managed to dodge it.

Natsuki is staring at me again.

“Jeez, why are you avoiding me?”

“It’s embarrassing.”

“You’ll have to prepare yourself at home, Yuuki.”

My sister might be pampering me at home.

While we’re talking about this, the end of the lunch break was approaching. All of us have already finished our lunch, so we have to go back.

“It’s time to go, let’s go back. Onee chan, Natsuki.”

“R-right ! Let’s go back.”

“Yes….., let’s go back.”

Both Natsuki and my sister looked a little regretful. I thought the atmosphere had suddenly cooled down.

“Um, can we eat together again?”

“[[! !]]

[[ Of course !]]

I was surprised to see the exact same reaction, but for now, I exchanged contact information with Natsuki and we decided to return to each of our classrooms.

However, when I returned to the classroom, the air was somehow strange. What happened? When I couldn’t understand the situation, Ishizaki gave me a look.

In the direction Ishizaki looked, there was Kagurazaka san.

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