Saturday, 9:50 a.m.

I was hanging around in front of the door.

My sister made fun of me. Even though she’s nervous because we haven’t had anyone over lately.

It can’t be helped, okay? I’ve never invited anyone over except my former friends.

Ding dong.

Ah, someone’s here. My sister peeking from behind.

When I opened the door, Ishizaki and Segawa were standing there.

“Yo. Good morning.”

“Looking forward to today.”

They both said [Pardon the intrusion.] and came in. There’s a lot of movement from them. What’s wrong?

“Hi, nice to meet you today. Thanks for always getting along with Yuuki”

When she spoke in the same manner as she was with Natsuki, the two of them suddenly relaxed. I see. It’ll be a problem if she was still the same Onee chan from school.


They’re still a little stiff, but they seem to be okay.

I led them into the living room, served them drinks, and waited for Natsuki.

However, even though it was past 10:00 which is the appointed time, there was no sign of her coming at all. 10:30 had passed, and I thought that this was indeed strange, so I sent a text message to Natsuki.

Then, she replied…

[Sorry… I’m a little lost… Can I ask you to pick me up? I’ll send you the location.]

Eh? Natsuki’s house is near that park, right? It takes less than 10 minutes from that park to my house, right?

How could she get lost? How do you go to school?


The place she told me was about a 15-minute walk from my house.

When I got there, Natsuki was there with a depressed look.

“Ah, Yuuki kun… I’m sorry, I’m sure everyone’s waiting…”

“Well, they’re there, but they probably don’t think what you’re thinking now, Natsuki. We’re kinda hitting it off. We’re having fun.”

“I see….. I hope they’re not angry….”

“Sigh…. There’s no point talking about it here. Let’s go.”

“Eh?! Uh, oh, yeah.”

If you start thinking about it negatively, nothing will come out of it. …But I don’t like to like to lecture her.

Natsuki won’t stand up at any rate, so I pulled her arm and made her stand up. I grabbed her hand and headed home.

As we were walking for a while, Natsuki started doing what is known as a ‘lover’s connection’ and when I looked at her, Natsuki had a nonchalant look on her face.

“What’s wrong? Yuuki kun. We’re just holding hands, okay?”

That’s true, but. It’s kind of embarrassing.

“Fufu. Your face is bright red, you know? Yuuki kun.”

“Shut up. We’re going now.”

I turned my face away, embarrassed by the teasing and the embarrassment of my blushing face being seen.

At this time, I was walking so quickly that I didn’t notice that Natsuki’s ears were red.


We came home while still holding hands somehow.

When I entered the house, I heard somewhat joyful voices coming from the living room.

Therefore, I let go of her hand and headed into the living room.

When I looked inside, I saw that the three of them were playing a mobile game.

Hey, Now it’s time for the study session. And it was an FPS game, with one long session.

“I’m back.”


There’s no response. How focused are you?

“Hey ! I’m back !”

I said as loudly as I could. As expected, there was a reaction this time, then my sister and Segawa looked at me. Well, they immediately returned to the game.

Ishizaki, this guy didn’t react at all. Why didn’t they use that concentration to study? No, maybe they were so focused on the game that they forgot to study.

It seemed that they’re going to continue playing the game, so I waited for a while, chatting with Natsuki.

It must’ve been about 20 minutes. It was just before 11:30. It’s already noon.

The three of them seemed to have almost finished playing. I could tell from the way they were playing that they were very close to the end.

“Finally, it’s over. …Both of you haven’t heard of her. She’s Nakano Natsuki, a second year senior.”

“Nice to meet you, you two.”

[[Nice to meet you too !]]

Unlike with my sister they seemed to be energetic. They seemed to have relaxed a lot.

“What should we do? It’s already 11:30. Shall we have lunch?”

“Fine by me. I want to eat lunch that you made, Yuuki.”

“Eh ! That’s great ! Your bento always tastes so good.”

“Hee, so you can cook, Yuuki.”

“That’s great, you can cook…”

Onee chan’s words somehow made me want to make lunch.

Isn’t Segawa mixing some other feelings?

“Okay, I’ll go buy the ingredients for now. Ishizaki, follow me.:

“You’re not going to make me carry your luggage, are you?”

“That’s what I’m about to do.”

“Sigh… You don’t have to be honest about it. I’ll follow you while I buy something, so that’s fine.”

“Thank you.”

Well, I’m not intending to make him carry all the food, I just thought it might be a little heavy if I had enough for everyone.

I felt bad, but at least I’ll buy him a drink.

“Then, I’m going now. Do you have any requests for what you want to eat?”

“Anything’s fine, I’ll leave it up to you, Yuuki.”

There it is, the one that gets me in trouble. However, in my sister’s case, it’s a little different, it’s not about the food itself, it’s about the fact that I made it.

A long time ago, I remember she got a stomach ache after eating a cake that I made. It had an aura of disaster, but she ate it because [Yuuki made it.].

The other two seemed to be fine with anything, so Ishizaki and I headed to the local supermarket.

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