“Hi〜I’m Angel chan ! !”


Well well.

Being a good old man, I rubbed my eyes.

I’m sure I died quietly in the hospital room, right?

Don’t you go to the Pure Land of Paradise when you die?

Oh, was it the Sanzu River first?

But then, there in front of me, boom!

Blonde curly hair, dark skin.

Flamboyant makeup, flamboyant breasts.

She looks like a gyaru who’s out of uniform, a self-proclaimed angel.

What, is such a curvy gal like her my guide?

Hey, hey.

Where is my soul going?

Or rather, where will they take me?

Well, well, well.

Even I, who had gained a lot of life experience at the company, was freaking out—.

“Well, yeah. It’s understandable to be puzzled, yes. You are a special exception among special exceptions.”


There, in detail.

And don’t talk while looking at my nails.

“I’m sorry, but the goddess was monitoring your love life. Then, all of a sudden, she started crying and said, Uwaaa ! ! This is too sad. What? Is this something you can’t watch? Mukiiiii ! ! Haaaa, I’m so frustrated ! ! Also, I can’t allow my Rena to suffer until the end. I want to hear your request right now. No, let me hear it. I mean, Kashiwada, that shithead, is dead, marry me ! ! I’ll make you happy, I’ll make you happy] And went crazy. But that’s not going to happen, a goddess marrying a human and of the same sex? Anyway, can we come up with a compromise? What do you call it? So, we negotiated with the god of the earth, and as I recall, he owed us a big favor. I threatened him, and we decided to have Kashiwada san transfer to another world, which is very popular nowadays〜”

I’d like to add a lot of things though…….

First of all, you should stop that teehee pose.

“It’s lucky for you, Kashiwada san ! It seems that your body will be rejuvenated and you will be given some useful cheat abilities. It’s that thing. Please do that thing, I’m Tueee.”

Hey, hey.

Angel chan, isn’t it too much for someone else?

And don’t give me that reverse teehee peace, either.

Don’t give me that [Isn’t this angle good?] either.

“Ah, but.”

What’s wrong?

Angel chan suddenly turns serious.

So you can make a face like that too.

”Please make sure you don’t regret it this time, okay? Because no matter where you go in that world–it depends on Kashiwada san’s heart. I’ll be rooting for you, Kashiwada san. Me too, I’ve been watching you guys for a while now.”

The smiling face was far from the angel I knew, but–.

I bowed my head and said, [Thank you.]

“I didn’t do anything. If you want to thank me, please thank the person who has been thinking of you so seriously for so long. Well then, since there is no point in standing around talking, I will open the gate to another world. Have a good trip, Kashiwada san. Have a nice life journey !”

I stepped into the other world as the black gyaru, Angel chan, waved her hand with a buzzing sound.

And then–

In the space where Kashiwada was no longer there, the angel muttered.

“Aah, I wonder if it was for those who really thought about it.”

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8 months ago

WHATTT!!??? THIS IS ISEKAII!???? Yeah my impression is just WTF!!???