The clock struck twelve and it had been exactly one week since I had been locked up.


I shifted my bed to the side, just as everyone in the Shinryuuji household had gone to bed.

Then, a small door, just big enough for one person to pass through, appeared on the floor.

“Obviously, someone had dug a hole, right?”

I opened the door and saw a handmade ladder extending into the darkness.

I climb down the ladder with determination.

“O-oh ! ! I didn’t know there was a basement like this ! !”

The room I descended into was smaller than the one above.

It was covered in dust and looked like it hadn’t been used by anyone for a while…….

“Is this a diary?”

On a small table in the center of the basement was a book that appeared to be a diary.

I casually opened the diary and read inside.

….I feel bad reading someone’s diary without permission, but I can’t help it because I’m curious.

[To you who read this diary. You have probably been spotted and locked up by a child of the Shinryuuji. If it’s any consolation, so am I. Apparently, the daughters of the Shinryuuji family tend to like the same men as each other. After all, I am the man who may become your father-in-law.]

“Oh, oh, oh ! ! ! ! The diary written by my predecessors ! !”

I read the diary further.

[Since I was kidnapped, I have been r*ped by the children of the Shinryuuji family on a daily basis, one after another. The frustrating thing is that all of them were beautiful, beautiful girls who are national treasures. Let’s be honest. I can’t do it anymore.]


[‘I am enjoying this life right now. I can’t believe that a dull, plain guy like me can spend every day with such exquisite beautiful girls and beautiful women……. I am too happy. I must have saved the world in my previous life.]

Oh, no, this guy.

[You already know that, don’t you? Yes, I have decided to take advantage of this situation. I chose to accept their love and be with them. Oh, man, this is really bad. I can spend a wild life, or rather, a sex life, with such an erotic, cute, and beautiful girl, and it’s really the best.]


I closed the diary with a snap, threw it on the ground, and stomped on it.

After all, whoever wrote this diary has become a useless person.

I shudder to think what it will be like for me if I fall.

I will never fall. I will escape and live as a decent human being.

……But who wrote this diary?

It said that he might be the father-in-law, so is he Akane san’s father?

Thinking about it again, I don’t know much about Akane san and her parents.

From what I’ve heard, they bought an island somewhere in the south and are living peacefully……

I pick up the diary and read inside again.

[In the end, I couldn’t choose just one. When I say it honestly, they said I should just marry all of them. We moved to a southern island and had our wedding there. I’m sorry about the kids, but they’re grown up now, so I guess it’ll be all right.]

“Don’t tell me that this predecessor is Akane san’s……?”

The possibility of this is not completely impossible.

[This is my advice as a predecessor.]


[It’s better not to resist in vain. Give up early and enjoy your harem too ! !]

I slammed the diary to the ground once again and stomped on it.

“Well, so much for snooping through other people’s diaries……. I guess it’s this one I’m interested in.”

Besides the diary, there was one other thing that bothered me.

It was that there were several other ladders besides the one I came down.

There were seven ladders in all.

“…..Let’s go up.”

I climbed up one of the ladders and found a narrow space where I had to crawl on my side to get to the top.

“What is this place? It’s so narrow……hmm?”

Suddenly, I heard a voice from right above me.

The voices of Murasaki chan Aina chan, Aoi chan, and Midori were heard.

There was no way I could have misheard them.

The ladder that I climbed up was apparently connected to the floor below the other rooms.

[……Finally completed. This is the medicine for big breasts.]

What’s that medicine, say it in detail ! !

[If you take it, it will make a cliff the size of an apple, as if it were an oasis in the middle of an empty desert.]

[Hey, don’t say “desert” or “cliff”. It makes me sad. I….have it.”

[I’m still growing, you know? I’m just getting started.]

[Murasaki still has a future ! !]

Aoi chan hit the desk or something with a bang.

[The three of you are not very well aware of this.]

[ [ [?] ] ]

[Asumi Onii san is a boob person. He loves big tits. And the three of you that I have invited here have the genetic makeup of small boobs.]

[ [ [!?] ] ]

I can feel Midori and others are upset.

[N-no, but Akane Nee, Touka Nee, and Kirin Nee are big !?]

[It does not necessarily mean that the others will have equal breast size. However, this medicine will solve everything. Now, I have a question for Midori Onee san, and my little sisters. Do you want to use this medicine?]

It was Aina chan who nodded to Aoi chan’s serious question.

[I-I’ll use it ! ! If I use it, Asumi Nii will easily fall for me, and he can’t even hide it ! !]

Hey, Aina chan.

I don’t get mad at girls, but that’s a little offensive.

I’m definitely not a pervert.

But both Midori and Murasaki chan seemed to agree with Aina chan’s opinion.

[Right. If he’s a perverted guy, he should fall if you push his big tits on him…….]

[Murasaki will use it too ! !]

[I understand. It takes time to start working, so I think the best time to take it is the day before your turn. Operation Big Tits, let’s begin !]

Operation Big Tits…….

I don’t know, I’m starting to feel a little bit sorry for Midori and the others.

Next time I see them, I’ll tell them I like small boobs too.

They need words of comfort, not empty boobs.

I pretended I didn’t see anything, went back to the basement and went straight back to my room.

“……I’m not going to be a useless person.”

I went to bed and went to sleep with a renewed determination.

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