“At the end of the day, it’s more a family issue than an organization issue……”

The problem that is engulfing the Yukihanas’ relationship. I felt like that was the root cause. The parent-child relationship is going well. But that’s why it seemed like those siblings were hesitant to destroy their relationship with their father. But for me, that might be a problem.

Shinya and the chairman are receiving [some kind of support] from the Yukihana family. That was confirmed by the conversation they just had. In other words, dissolving Yukihana’s engagement story may be the foothold that leads to cutting off that support.

“The other thing I need to find out is what kind of support Shinya and the others are receiving.”

I won’t know until I get to know them directly. But of course, I can’t ask the head of a group I haven’t dealt with yet, and there’s no guarantee that the siblings will be honest with me. That’s why I need to do my research elsewhere.

“…..I can’t just leave yet.”

I was going to leave immediately because I had obtained the minimum information, but that was no longer the case. I quickly left the place and walked around the house to find a certain place. What I’m going to do now is burglary…..or maybe I should say reverse burglary. Either way, it’s still a crime.

“The direction she walked when she was half asleep……should definitely be in one of the rooms around here.”

The Yukihana house is a one-story building, so there’s no need to go upstairs, but the land and the building are quite large, and there are countless rooms. So I had no choice but to open every single room and take a look. I quietly turned the doorknobs of the unlocked rooms, or quietly pulled the sliding doors to see what was inside. However, I could not find the room I was looking for.

“I guess I should go to the locked room.”

I took off my sunglasses and snapped off the frame. Fortunately, the security system in this house seems to be old-fashioned, and the keyhole can be easily opened with a spoon. Even someone with no picking skills could easily open the door.

I turned the keyhole easily and unlocked the lock, then quietly opened the door, checked that there was no sign of anyone inside, and quickly entered the room. I then turned on the light switch that was right next to it as I entered. Then….

“Finally. But still…..”

Countless colorful boxes and posters piled up in front of me. There seems to be a large number of unopened ones, carefully placed at the edge of the room. There are also figures and cards in slightly larger clear cases, and plastic models that I don’t know where they were bought.

“How much did she spend on this room?”

I mutter about Yukihana, the owner of this room. I was raised in a poor family until my parents remarried. I think that figure alone is worth several hundred thousand yen. At the very least, it was not something a high school student could easily afford.

“I have to finish what I came here to do quickly.”

If Yukihana finds out that I was breaking into her room, there’s no way to get her back. Fortunately, both of them are now being taken care of by the gang members, and I saw them being taken somewhere. At any rate, I looked for the most conspicuous place.

“Well, it could be on the desk in an orthodox way.”

It is possible to put it on the figure stand, but it’s possible that she would not see it because it didn’t stand out. So it’s more likely that she’ll see it if I put it on her desk. The place where it is placed must be chosen carefully because it is something that must not be seen by anyone other than Yukihana.

“I don’t mind if the privacy of both of us is leaked.”

I then carefully placed a letter on Yukihana’s desk. I don’t know if she’s going to follow this letter when she sees it. But if it’s stuck in the corner of her mind as an option, that’s good enough for me. After all, I can’t deny that I’m leaving it to others.

“Well, now that I’ve finished what I have to do, I’m going home.”

I quickly checked to make sure there was no sign of anyone outside and headed for the back door of the house again. I put on my sunglasses with the nose pad as a fulcrum to prevent people from seeing my face. But on the way.


I see Yukihana walking straight toward me from across. I try to pass by her as naturally as possible. But……


“Yes, what is it, Young lady?”

“……Who are you?”

It seems that Yukihana has noticed the foreign entity that is me. That’s why she stood in front of me with her alertness maxed out. I’m talking in a different voice, but it would be tricky to be noticed. If I wanted to go through, I could shake her off and head for the back door. But I don’t want to cause a fuss or trouble later.

“I apologize for my rudeness. My name is Miura, and I’ve been working here since the other day.”

“…..I haven’t heard anything about it.”

“It was all of a sudden. If you could check with Hisui……with Young master, I’m sure he can confirm it for you.”


Yukihana seems to be deeply suspicious of my existence. No, rather, the sense of doubt has become stronger. Perhaps this is the biggest pinch I’ve ever been in.


“Don’t worry, Sis. What he says is true. I invited him home.”

Hisui came up behind her and told her that he approved of my presence. When Yukihana heard this, she was startled for a moment, but naturally let her guard down. After all, it seems that just by having a younger brother, this guy’s sharpness can be reduced all at once. This is valuable information.

“Hisui, really?”


“…..I see.”

Then, Yukihana takes her eyes off of Hisui and walks slowly to stand beside me, glaring at me. And then.

“If you do anything weird to Hisui, you’ll be in big trouble.”

She then walked past me. I’m sure she wasn’t threatening me, but she was telling the truth. But why is she so obsessed with her brother? I had thought it was because he was her family or because of some other reason such as incest that transcended the boundaries between them, but perhaps there were other reasons. But I can’t go back in time, so I guess I’ll have to hold off for now.

While I was thinking about this, Hisui passed by, this time in the opposite position from Yukihana. And as he passed, he gave me an earful.

“You’re out of here. Don’t get involved with us any more. Also….if you lay a hand on my sister, I’ll kill you.”

Then he disappeared in the direction of the room without paying attention to me. The fact that they are so similar in the way they threaten me is a testament to the fact that they are siblings by blood. I’m not like that because my sister and I have fundamentally different ways of thinking. No, our personalities are the opposite of each other.

“Well, now, I really have to leave this time.”

I’ve already done everything I need to do in this house. All that remained was to go to school on Monday with a nonchalant look on my face. I don’t know what kind of state of mind Yukihana will be in when she arrives. But I’m sure that I can throw a stone into her mind.

“But if she throws away the letter without checking its contents, it will all be all for nothing.”

For now, I just hope that Yukihana won’t treat the letter I left on her desk too carelessly. I came to the back door where I came in, checked again and again that no one was watching me, and went straight out. But I soon found myself hiding in the back alley again.

“Boss, are you sure you want to do this? There’s a lot of speculation and opinions among the members.”

“Yeah. I know, but it can’t be helped. After all, Tamaki is practically being taken hostage….oh, don’t tell those two about this. Keep it off the record, please.”

“Yes. If those two find out, they’ll come at the boss with such force that they’ll beat him to a pulp.”

“Phew, if I only have to get punched in the face, it’s a small price to pay.”

In front of an expensive looking car parked past the main gate of the Yukihana family, I happened to overhear the boss who was in control of the place just now talking with his intimate subordinate. I should stay undetected for now. Hopefully I’ll hear something interesting.

“But then again, I never would have thought he would have meddled with the university hospital. That chairman is a lot more open-minded than I thought.”

“Yeah. Apparently, there are many familiar faces at the university, and most of them have risen in the ranks. We have also received information that there is collusion with corporations.”


“I don’t know the details either, but I heard that the sergeant’s son is given unconditional recommendations to famous schools and his grades are manipulated. The middle and high schools run by the chairman have a high deviation score. Furthermore, he has a wide circle of acquaintances among professors and administrators at other universities. I suppose that kind of thing is possible.”

(……I see. One mystery solved.)

For some reason, very few students from Ichinose middle school, which is run by the same director, go on to Ichinose High School, which I currently attend. I had a problem in the past, so it was a good thing for me, but at the same time, I was wondering why the current situation was so strange. Why are my classmates from middle school and other students in the same grade almost nonexistent in high school today?

(I guess they went to other high schools with that thing called recommendation.)

It must be at least a higher level than Ichinose High School. Indeed, now that I think back on it, I think there were a lot of parental relationships in that middle school. I guess that is the reason why Shinkai was bullied in the past. I doubt if they would be able to keep up with their studies in a high deviation high school.

“That man even pressured me to go to the hospital where Tamaki was hospitalized. I have no choice but to obey him now, but I will make sure he pays for it sooner or later.”

“Is that what you call putting people’s lives first?”

“More like love.”

“But the young lady was being sacrificed……”

“What? I have an idea about that. I’ll take care of it.”

“Yeah, I’m kind of worried……no but I’m counting on it.”

Then the boss got into the car and drove off somewhere and said. I never thought I would hear from that gang leader a story that would lead to the clarification of a former mystery. An edge is something that evokes unexpected things in unexpected places.

“….Well, none of it was my business.”

After all, this story happened in the past. I can’t overturn the result even if I move, and I’m not directly related to other people’s stories. I’m hoping for the boss’s thoughts on the Yukihana family (I don’t know if I can do it), but I’ll also think about a plan.

“Well, Shinya will probably make some moves soon.”

So I went to the park, changed into the clothes I had stashed away beforehand, and returned to my daily routine. My sister asked me if I had been gone since this morning, but I just faked it and went on with my weekend as usual. Just like a normal high school student.

However, school days weren’t what they used to be.

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