The sports festival will be held two weeks from now. The practice for each class is to be started two weeks before the festival. The whole school is in the atmosphere of the festival, and I feel uncomfortable because I don’t fit in.

(Well, this is a big milestone for third-year students.)

There are many events at this school, but apart from the school festival, this is the last one that third-year students actively participate in. And even in such a school festival, third-year students will not be able to participate satisfactorily due to the time of year. In other words, this sports festival is the last time they can forget about their studies and have fun. Of course, it would make you feel better. They will also want to leave behind the memory of winning the championship.

“So, those who are going to participate in the pole topple, meet me in the schoolyard after school.”

And as a result of a strict lottery, our class was the first to be given the use of the school grounds. The schoolyard is normally used by the soccer club and other clubs for club activities, but during the period of preparation for the sports festival, the starting time of club activities is delayed. And this is also the case for club activities held in the gymnasium. It’s proof that this school puts a lot of effort into the sports festival.

Because of this, I’m still in my gym clothes after school, even though I’m a go home club member. For the time being, I want to finish the troublesome things quickly, so I decide to leave the classroom early.

“……Are you in pole topple?”

“Yeah. Thanks to the extra suggestions from someone out there.”

“…..I regretted it a little myself, so don’t mention it.”

I was about to head to the schoolyard when a girl sitting next to me stopped me. Because of her unnecessary suggestion, I ended up taking part in the pole topple. If it had been decided by rock-paper-scissors or something like that, I would have definitely made it.

“….are your athletic skills good?”

“I’m about average. I’m one of those people who won’t be of any use in this sports festivals.”


Yukihana said that and glared at me. Ah, come to think of it, Nanase and I got mixed up with her underlings. At that time, Nanase and I showed clearly abnormal behavior. Maybe that story got through to Yukihana as well. Well, it would have no particular effect on me even if she found out about it.

Moreover, I had a thought about Yukihana’s attitude during our earlier discussion.

“You’re unexpectedly putting a lot of effort into this sports festival, aren’t you?”

”……It’s not like that.”

“I see.”

I thought it was an unusual behavior for Yukihana. From the nature of this girl’s personality, sports festivals should be troublesome. And yet, her earlier remarks were clearly intended to win. To be precise, it can be said that Yukihana was proposing the minimum necessary strategy to win.

(Did she have something on her mind?).

She has her own circumstances. Maybe she’s being threatened by her family to win. I don’t know what kind of person is in charge of that family, but she’s being forced to bet on the prestige of that house and that it would be bad for the economy if their daughter loses in a competition.

Normally, I’d dismiss that as an impossibility, but after seeing her house, it’s surprisingly plausible.

(Well, I don’t know.)

By the way, Yukihana is just showing her stupid stubbornness to show her brother her good side, but I had no way of knowing that.

“Hey Shiina, you too, get over here quickly !”

While I was talking with Yukihana, I was called by a boy who was the leader of the pole topplegroup. If I’m not mistaken, that guy was Hayama Souta. It should have been faster to count the grades of physical education from the top in the school year. I’m sure the pole topple will move according to Hayama’s instructions. With this in mind, I grabbed my luggage and left the classroom.

“Hey, Shiina, are you taking your luggage with you?

“Well, just in case.”

You can leave it in the classroom, but I don’t want to leave it as much as possible. It’s fine because the classroom can be locked during PE, but it would be a problem if someone stole my wallet from my bag when no one was looking. This kind of security awareness will help to eliminate unnecessary suspicions.

“I see. Then leave it at the edge of the schoolyard and come over right away.”


Saying that, Hayama left me behind and ran to the entrance. That guy should do a foot race or a scavenger hunt as well. Maybe he’s looking forward to the sports festival as much as Kisaragi is.


He’s the opposite of what I am now. He’s a popular guy with excellent grades and a good personality. I’m sure that a guy like Hayama will gain people’s trust. He doesn’t have the charisma (?) that Kisaragi has, but if it weren’t for Kisaragi, I’m sure he would have been the center of the class. Yes, just like someone else.

(Well, it’s none of my business……)

[I’m not sure I feel comfortable with the current Senpai.]


……Anyway, let’s go to the schoolyard.

The first thing I did was to put my luggage at the edge of the schoolyard and gather in the center of the schoolyard.

In the shade of this tree, I can always check if something is going on even during the pole topple and deal with it. I look up at the pole and feel a little relieved.

(I’m surprised they prepared such a thing.)

How in the world did this school prepare such a thing? This is exactly the kind of thing you see at Self-Defense Forces’ athletic meets. Aren’t they too enthusiastic?

The rules of the pole topple this time are almost the same as the common ones: the one who tilts the stick more than 45 degrees wins. If the opponent is injured, he or she is disqualified without question. The time is three minutes, and if the match is not settled, the winner is the one whose stick has bent more at that time.

As I was recalling the rules, Hayama, the leader of the team, started to take charge. Apparently, the teams will be divided into attackers and defenders. Well, that’s a reasonable strategy.

There are 35 students in our class. And the number of boys participating in the pole topple is 18. Since we have a rather large number, we can think of various strategies.

“Well then, those who want to be on the attacker, come over here. The defenders will stay near the pole.”

Hayama first asks what they want. I chose to stay with the defenders, where I would not have to move. Then, about 10 people were assigned to the defense.

“Eight attackers. I think that’s a pretty good balance, right? What do you guys think?”

Hayama then asked each person’s opinion. This is very different from Kisaragi. Shall I kick Kisaragi out and make him the leader of the class?

I’m thinking about it and Hayama asks me for my opinion as well.

“Shiina, what do you think?”

“I think it’s well-balanced and that’s good, right?”

“I see. Okay, thanks.”

After a minimal exchange, Hayama went on to ask the next guy for his opinion. I guess listening to people’s opinions like that is what is required in today’s world.

“Then guys, I’m going to go cross check o the class over there, so just wait a minute.”

Saying that, Hayama went to the guys from another class who were also trying to practice in the schoolyard. We were going to have a quick practice match. It’s true that it’s easier to understand by doing that than to make a muddled strategy.

(Isn’t it better just to be provided with a helmet? If we can coordinate with each other, the probability of injury will be greatly reduced.)

For the time being, it seems better for me to actively participate this time in order to see the overall flow. Then Hayama came back here in a hurry. Apparently, he had received approval from the class over there.

“Then everyone, for the time being…….”

Hayama then went around telling us about the plan. This time it seems that he will check the defense without actively attacking.

“The other class is the same as ours, but many of them are very large, so be careful not to get hurt.”

Everyone nodded to each other and quickly got into position to start the practice game. Now all he has to do is give us the signal and we’ll get started right away.

(Well, let’s see everyone’s tricks.)

And so Hayama started off with his voice. Then the attacker from the two classes started running in unison. Some of them tackled each other.

And finally, the other team’s attacker came to me…..

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