“Thank you for the food.”

Yuuto was the third of the four to finish his meal.

Miyu was the first and Kokono was the second.

And the one who is still eating is the eldest daughter who ordered the lemon steak Japanese set, the grated fried chicken set, and the mixed salad.

“——Wait, you don’t have to eat in such a hurry, okay !?”

When I heard the sound of chopsticks clacking against my head, I looked up to see Mashiro with a mouth full of food and both cheeks puffed out.

[I can’t keep you waiting !] I know she was acting out of a sense of responsibility, but there was no need to rush.

“Take your time.”

Naturally, she can’t speak in her current state, but she shakes her head at Yuuto’s words and tells him, [I understand. Thank you very much].

“Hey, Yuuto Nii. What should we do after everyone finishes eating? According to the schedule, we’re supposed to part ways, but……”

“Right. By the way, you don’t have any plans?”


Kokono was the one who answered.

“Then why don’t we look around at clothing stores? The area around here is crowded, so it seems like you’ll be able to find clothes that suit your tastes.”

“No, no, you’re already tired from your part-time work, I can’t make you walk like that.”

“Ahaha, you don’t have to worry about me.”

I’m certainly tired from my part-time job, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t move.

Rather, if I can spend time with the three of them, I will gladly walk. This time is so important and fun.

“By the way, do you have any suggestions for where you want to go?”

“Y-Yuuto Nii’s……house.”

“Oh ! My house !?”

A sudden intrusion.

The person who was as surprised as Yuuto was the eldest daughter, who had food in her mouth, and the second daughter, who had a drink in her mouth.

As for Mashiro, she was like, [What a troublesome thing to say !].

As for Miyu, she had just discussed this kind of strategy with Kokono.

[Don’t you want to know Yuuto Nii’s address…..? We haven’t seen each other for more than a decade, so I’d like to get involved with him more.]


[Well, I’ll say it when the time is right, and you’ll cover for me, okay?]

[Got it.] like that.

[Kokono, it’s your time now !] and immediately took on the role of support.

“We might as well, right? But of course, we’re not forcing you if you don’t want to.”

“Ummm….. I don’t have any particular problems with it but I don’t have anything to play with, and it takes about 20 minutes by train from here, you know?”

“I’m totally fine with that much, right, Kokono? We can talk a lot during the trip and in your room.”

“I’m fine.”

“I-Is that so……? If you’re okay with that, want to spend time at my place?”

“Of course.”


“Are you okay with that, Mashiro san?”


Miyu and Kokono. Realizing from the conversation that these two were in a cooperative relationship, Mashiro, who had been stunned, nodded as she began to chew again.

“Then that’s the plan. I’m going to go to the bathroom.”



After making plans, Yuuto left his seat.

* * * *


“Hm, yeah.”

While Yuuto was on his way to the bathroom.

Miyu and Kokono were high-fiving each other. Mashiro, who was staring at the scene with a reluctant eye, was able to finally speak after drinking tea.

“Doing something like that to cause trouble… You’re going to make Mom angry.”

An argument that is typical of the eldest daughter who knows her place. However, it is only the argument that is admirable.

Miyu and Kokono reply back with an even more stern look.

“Even if you said that, you look really happy. Mashiro Nee.”

“….You’re making a face like that as if you’re going to make Yuuto Onii chan a meal.”

“T-that’s not true at all ! !”

Mashiro’s way of speaking became formal when she was caught off guard.

“I-in the first place….. it’s more reasonable to invite Yuuto Nii’s to our house and not his, right?”

“Of course i thought about that, you know? I thought about it, but I want to know where Yuuto Nii lives, and it’ll be dangerous if he sees something when he comes to our house. It would be the end.”



Both of them looked as if they didn’t know what was going on.

[Sigh] Miyu let out a sigh and mumbled while turning her face away.

“——Like toys or something.”

“Tsu !?”

“Tsu !?”

“I know one of them is for reference, but I bet you have one for yourself, too. After you bought the toys, you received several packages with unknown contents.”

“I-I don’t have it ! !”

“T-there’s no way I have it……”

Mashiro’s face turns bright red, and Kokono is clearly troubled.

“At least you should do something better to deceive me….. Well, including that, but we live in a house that can be said to be a three-person house. I’m sure Yuuto Nii will ask [Do you have a part-time job or something?]. When he asks that, would you say [I’m drawing lewd illustrations with everyone] to the person you haven’t seen in over a decade. And a step brother to be precise?”



“Okay, no argument. That’s all.”

She clapped her hands, that’s it.

Miyu shows the strength of her argument.

And then he returns at such a moment.

“I’m sorry I made you wait. Hm….what’s wrong?”

“No, it’s nothing !”


Mashiro stuffed her mouth with food to escape from this situation, and Kokono reached out to the second daughter’s cup.

Yuuto wondered how their faces turned red, including that.

Miyu looked at the three of them and let out a sigh.

[That’s why you need to be better at deceiving people…..] said Miyu in her thoughts.

“We were talking about cute stuffed animals in Yuuto Nii’s room.”

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Shit my brain… I’m dumb what kinda toys is that….i kinda want to know?!!

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You know exactly what toys young woman are talking about ( ͡⁠°⁠ ͜⁠ʖ⁠ ͡⁠°⁠)