“So, do you have an excuse?”

“I forgot. That’s all.”

“……Yeah, I was a fool for trusting you.”

A while after I got home late, my step sister was there. The moment I made eye contact with my step sister, I remembered why I had gone in the direction of the station.

[You, why don’t you go in front of the station and get me some limited-edition macarons? I want to try the limited time only cherry flavor. Yeah, and while you’re at it, do some shopping too. Fresh food is getting cheaper at the mall in the station, so use your good eye and pick up some good stuff. Oh, and if you skip it, you’re not going to get dinner.]

Yeah, because of Nanase and the situation at Yukihana’s house, I had completely forgotten about the errand. The refrigerator at home was in the same state as it was before, and the only things that could be used properly were the bean sprouts and nori that were lying in the back of the fridge. Not much in the way of frozen goods.

“As for the macaroons, I can understand that. They were only available for a limited time, and frankly, they are expensive. Still… could you miss out on all the food at the mall that was on sale and cheap just today?”

“….i forgot.”

“I’ve heard that already ! Geez.”

I usually don’t feel responsible, but I feel bad about this. Leaving aside tonight, tomorrow’s breakfast will be skipped or a convenience store will be the other option. Regardless of me, my step sister was getting frustrated at this stage because she had more work to do in the morning.

“Nee san, for the time being, just calm down. We have enough instant bagged noodles for two, so let’s eat them topped with the bean sprouts and nori we unearthed earlier.”

“….Right. I’m so frustrated and hungry that I can’t even be bothered to complain about the past. Or rather, you make it and bring it to me.”


“Sigh, the nutritional balance I was conscious of every day…..”

I no longer had the right to refuse. It’s been a long time since the first time I’ve met my step sister that I was this obedient. Or rather, even though she cares about her nutritional balance, it seems like she ate a ridiculous amount at the sweets buffet last time…

“……I’ll put more noodles on my step sister’s side.”

We now live in an age where people are more aware of the division of labor. It’s natural that both men and women should do equal housework and work to compensate for each other’s burdens….or try to get them to forgive each other by such means as that.

“……I’ll curse you, Nanase.”

For now, let’s just assume that it’s that junior’s fault.


“Sigh, I failed to ask him again.”

In the girlish room, there was one girl with her head down. Who is Nanase Natsume?

While reflecting on her actions that she might have been in danger, she sighs that she could not achieve her purpose.

“I definitely think it’s that person.”

She had seen that scene in the past. And the person she longed for was at the center of it all. That figure and that Senpai’s figure gradually became one in Nanase’s mind. And Nanase was able to accept it naturally.

“After seeing that, I started working out, too.”

I have fond memories of taking the plunge and starting kickboxing. Although it was a self-taught program based on an instructional manual, I was able to master the techniques. I don’t know if it was because of that or not, but my originally good style was polished, and I was scouted by a magazine as a model.

My life has been unexpectedly eventful and joyful, but it all started with that incident.

“Next time I see Senpai, I’ll have the courage to ask him.”

Nanase makes a quiet resolve. I don’t know how it will turn out, but I want to meet Senpai again and confirm it directly.

And……prove the existence of who I am now.


There was still one event left to be held at the Yukihana household, which had a rare visitor. Yukihana Ruri watched the time and moved toward the front door. Then the sound of the main gate being opened could be heard from inside the house. Soon after, she begins to hear the loud voices of her cronies.

[ [ [ [ [ [ [Welcome back, Young master !] ] ] ] ] ] ]

“Like I said, be quieter. You’re bothering the neighbors, you know.”

[ [ [ [ [ [ [We’re sorry.] ] ] ] ] ] ]

“Seriously, You guys.”

A noisy voice and the voice of a man complaining can be heard. The moment she heard that voice, Yukihana Ruri laughed in dismay. After all, it’s a harmonious scene as usual. And so she greets him at the door, who has just returned.

“Hey, I’m back, Big Sis.”

“Welcome home, Hisui.”

He, Yukihana Hisui, is the younger brother of Yukihana Ruri. Compared to other boys his age, he is smaller and has a well-defined face. But blood related. They are famous among their cronies for being close, and they have never been seen quarreling.

“Have you eaten yet?”

“I haven’t eaten yet. By the way, you haven’t eaten either, have you? I’ll make you something to eat.”

“Want some help”

“Don’t you ever go in the kitchen again. If I hadn’t been there, there would have been a fire the other day. And my favorite mitten’s still burned on the floor.”

“T-that was your birthday, Hisui, so I thought I’d make you something.”

“It’s already enough that you took me to the movies. For now, please wait in the living room.”

Yukihana usually responds with pauses, but when it comes to talking with his brother, she answers in a brisk manner.

It’s proof that she loves her family that much.

After some time has passed, Hisui walks into the living room where her sister is waiting for him with a meal. Hisui specializes in Japanese food and always prepares dinner before leaving for school. That is why he is able to prepare meals right away. By the way, waking up hissister is also Hisui’s role, who wakes up early.

“Here you go.”

“As authentic as ever.”

“That’s because I’m going to have people eat it.”

“Next time, teach me how to cook again.”

“You keep saying that and staying up late almost every night, and you never wake up early enough.”

“If anything, Hisui should be getting more sleep.”

“Seriously, what a brocon sister.”

“Did you say something? Siscon Hisui”

The two of them were always like this. They are irreplaceable family members to each other, even though they no longer trust their parents. That is why they do not tolerate those who harm each other.

For example, if there is a female student who might be harmful in the future, the older sister tries to get rid of her in order not to worry her younger brother.

For example, if there is a male student who is clearly dangerous, the younger brother will try to eliminate him by any means necessary to prevent harm to his sister.

Both of them do this because they care about each other. The first reason given for their actions is that they care more about each other than about themselves.

“Come to think of it, there are no Japanese sweets that I bought to eat with you, Big Sis?”

Did you happen to eat two portions by yourself? The sister answered with a laugh to the brother who had asked such a question in a roundabout way.

“I had a rare visitor today, so I served it to them. Um, I’m sorry for doing it without your permission.”

Yukihana replies embarrassingly. She must have been hurt that she had ruined her brother’s consideration for her. Hisui answered while sipping tea and sighing, perhaps guessing her sister’s feelings.

“Well, if that’s the way it is, I don’t mind. I mean, if my sister handled it, then they are your guests?

“Yes, from the same school. Two people came.”

“Hee, are they your friends, Big Sis?”

“One of them is, but not the other one.”

“? I don’t know what that means, but if it’s good enough for you, it’s good enough for me.”

Hisui decided that it would be fine as long as his sister was satisfied. The fact that his sister has too few friends has been a source of concern for Hisui. He is glad to hear that she has been able to resolve this issue.

“Hisui, it’s been quite a while since you entered our school, but did you make any friends?”

“I don’t think so. The first thing I noticed was that rumors were spreading about this house. It’s also a prank by those wicked people. Thanks to that, my image is messed up.”

“Who did that?”

“No more. I tried to take action before they found out that I have an older sister, but it seems that they were causing another incident. I took advantage of that and expelled them both a long time ago.”

To appease her sister, who looks like she is about to kill someone, Hisui told her the facts in a concise manner.

Yes, on the very day Hisui was about to take action, those people had caused another incident. The truth is indeed unknown, but they tried to attack Shinkai Sakura, the student council vice president. He doesn’t know the purpose, but luckily he found them hiding near the school, so he shivved them up moderately. I was bitter that I couldn’t make any friends because of them. All I had to do was to call the strong-looking cronies and force them to leave the school. It was a bit of a letdown that they were so easily dismissed.

“Well, it doesn’t matter now. And, sis, leave the dishes in the sink when you’re done eating. I’ll clean them up later.”

“You’re eating in a hurry, what’s wrong?”

“I just bought a video game. Look, it’s the remake of the Pokemon Diamonds game that came out today. I’m going to go to the Pokemon world now.”

“That’s not fair. My pearl won’t arrive until tomorrow.”

“I’m thinking about the party composition now.”


“I mean, today was the release date of the new issue of the novel you’re reading, right? I hope you can read it all by tomorrow.”

“I know.”

After that, the two parted ways and went to their respective rooms. This is the distance between the two of them in the Yukihana household, an exchange between two people who have been together for almost as long as they were born.

“Speaking of which…..”

Yukihana puts the dishes in the sink and walks to her room, remembering something. That’s right, if I’m not mistaken, Hisui and that Nanase girl who came today…

“I’m pretty sure that they’re in the same class.”

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