Today I was alone in the classroom looking at my phone.

[Seishun Pre-parade-♪ No matter how much I peek, I can’t see this feeling〜]


The soothing voice coming through the earphones makes me sigh with happiness.

I feel as if my ears are going to be debauched.

I’m watching a video of the live performance that took place two months ago to celebrate the second anniversary of the airing of the Ore Machi anime.

I bought five sets of the Blu-ray DVD set (18,000 yen list price), but I used all the priority tickets to enter the contest and only one of them won.

It was a really fierce battle…….

“Hey, that gloomy is kind of grinning at me.”

“Where? Whoa, that certainly is creepy〜It’s 50% more creepy than usual.”

“Damn ! That’s not good….”

The backbiting I hear around me doesn’t bother me now.

[Everyone〜are you enjoying yourself today–!]

The cuteness of the voice actors purifies my heart.

Ah, so precious…….

“Good morning, Ryoga kun !”

Even so, Elena is amazing…….

Elena is dancing on the screen and she is shining brightly.

“Hey, can you hear me? Hey.”

I wish I had such a beautiful girl as her…….

Good looking guys are really unfair.


“Whoa !?”

When I turned around, startled by the breath that blew in from my right ear, I saw an angel’s smile at a close distance of about five centimeters.

What the hell is going on…?

“Geez, did you finally notice me? Good morning, Ryoga kun!”

“G-good morning…….”

H-Hazuki san?

What, or rather, why? Eh?

“Hey, what were you looking at?”

“N-nothing, just……”

“I’m curious〜let me see it too. Can I sit down for a minute?”

The angel took the earphones out of my ear, put them in her own right ear, and sat down on the edge of my seat.

Why are you getting involved with a gloomy person like me after what happened the other day?

I wonder if she suspects that I’m Ryoga after all.

“Ah, you’re a little too close…….”

“Fufu, I can’t see it unless I get closer. Let’s pack a little more, okay?”


Hazuki san says so and leans over.

The scent of lavender wafts from the angel’s hair.

kuh, my head is starting to spin …….

“Hey, let’s talk with me instead of that guy ! Rinka.”

I looked up and saw Suzuki and the others diagonally in front of me looking at me.

“I’m sorry, Suzuki kun. I’m here for Ryoga kun right now.”

“I see. It’s a shame~”

Phew, suck it up.

It feels good to see Suzuki, who always looks at me with contempt, getting rejected in a second.

I sneak a peek through my phone and look diagonally ahead.

“…Tch, don’t get carried away, you bastard.”

Suzuki stared at me with eyes as if he’s avenging his parents.

The classmates around me are also looking at me to see what’s going on.

“Hey, we’re being watched.”

Hazuki san smiled at me from the side.

What the hell are you really thinking….


But still, it’s not good, I stood out badly again.

Kuh, what should I do…

“I-I’m going to the bathroom !”

“Ah. W-wait.”

I put down my phone and ran out of the classroom.

I managed to escape…..

“Fufu….. I won’t let you go, Ryoga sama.”

At that time, I had no idea.

I never thought that something like that would happen because I left my phone in the classroom–

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10 months ago

dumbass why the fuck you left your phone with a stranger. s2pid.