It was the time of day when the school was completely quiet. However, it was not completely dark, but bright enough to see the sunset through the windows. However, other students would have gone home completely.

“Well, I guess I’ll be going home again today……”

I stretched my back, which had become stiff after working for a long time. Recently, I’ve been really tired from the office work.

“…Prez Haruka, you’ve been doing this for almost a year.”

At this rate, I’m going straight to the company slave course. Let’s upload a daily routine video of a high school girl who is the vice president of the student council on SNS. I can’t help but feel like I can somehow get the views.

“Even so…..”

The opinion box for the student council that I checked on behalf of President Haruka. Immediately after joining, a huge number of reports were submitted, but recently the number has decreased considerably. However, there were some interesting entries in it.

[Nanase Natsume is being blackmailed in the library after school.]

As one would expect, one cannot make a judgment based entirely on this. But now that I’ve seen this, I can’t help but check it out. If it’s a report, there’s no problem even after everything is over.

“Fuu, let’s go take a look.”

It’s not far from here to the library. I’m going to visit the library while I’m trying to loosen my stiff body. It was only fifteen minutes before closing time, and maybe I could check out a book.

“Let’s go then.”

I put my luggage in the student council office and headed for the library. There was still about an hour before school closed, so I would be able to leave before dark today. I opened the thick library door and went inside.

“Hm, there’s no one here…”

Usually there’s a member of the library committee or the librarian, but it seems that he or she is not here today. I wonder if they’ve already gone home.

“No, but the door was unlocked….”

Did the librarian forget to lock the door? But normally that would never happen. And there must have been some students who stayed here to study. It’s obviously unusual that no one is here.

Then why……

“Oh, you really came !”

“……It was worth the wait.”



As I stood there in a daze, the sound of the door locking rang out. I turn around in surprise to see two strange men appear. They appear to be students at this school, but I have never seen them before. They look like third-year students, but the color of their school shoes indicates that they are first-year students.

(Were they hiding behind a bookshelf?)

I’m frankly surprised, because as expected I could not even recognize the presence of a person. But why in the world would they…..

“Hey Senpai, how about a cup of tea?”

“……If you fix your crappy way of asking me out and that creepy smile of yours, I might consider it.”

“She can’t do both…..,but, well, you’re as uptight a woman as you look.”

Two men look at me with a nasty gaze. I wonder when is the last time I was looked at like this. No, I don’t think they had any lust back then, so this might be the first time.

Anyway, I quickly switch my attention to the fact that I’m in danger.


I observe the two of them. No, not only that. The distance between them, their surroundings, the position of the door. I observe everything I see. Bargaining with the other party begins with a grasp of the situation.

(There’s no problem, is there?).

If it’s just those two guys, I can easily dodge attacks and escape. If I wanted to, I could go toe-to-toe with them. However, I would like to avoid moving around too much with my body, which has not been getting enough exercise lately.

(Finally, I have no choice but to create an opening.)

Just three steps back is the counter where the library staff sits. And there should be various equipment from the library on it. With that, I might be able to create a good gap. If there is nothing useful, just move my body as much as I can to break the ice. That’s where I’m going to start.

“What on earth do you intend to do by locking me up?”

With a frightened expression on my face, I took a step back. This is to pretend to be as natural as possible and get closer to the counter.

“Ah? It’s obvious. Rather than being frustrated with a woman I can’t get, it’s natural to get my hands on a woman who looks like she’ll get screwed if I threaten her a little, right?”

“Oh, so you’re saying that if you threaten me….you’ll get laid.”

“Yeah, that scared look on your face says it all, doesn’t it?”

I took one more step backward. The two people in front of me also closed the distance toward me. But since they don’t seem to be in a hurry, I should probably calm down a little more.

I’m sure that these two are probably caught off guard by the fact that I’m a woman. If that is the case, let them keep their guard up as long as they can.

“What will happen if you do that here……You guys, who should have been admitted to an advanced school, are so stupid that you can’t understand that?”

“Haha, academic ability is nothing even if you work hard enough. We’re fed up with the boredom. Everyone’s just a good girl.”

“It’s too bad…..even though you’re that smart.”

One more step……I finally got there. Then I pretend to be cornered and make a gesture behind me. Of course, it’s to see what’s on the counter.

(……A set of stamps and red ink……and then scissors and ballpoint pens)

The counter was lined with ordinary stationery, but there were a few things I could use, so my plan was set for now. The rest depended on my timing.

“Hey, hey, hey, are you sure you want to do that? We’ve got a story about you…….”

“How about you stop the lecture?”


“Students like you don’t belong in this school. I have seen enough to know that your brains are stupid when you lay your hands on me.”

I dare to provoke these two. I hadn’t put emotion into these words before, but I put agitation and slight killing intent into these words. I didn’t have much to do, but I have a talent for killing, or something.

“Hee, you say that even for a woman.”

I was pretending to be calm, but my veins were twitching. I’m not accustomed to being ridiculed. I’ve seen a lot of people like that. These men are no different.

“Riku, for now, let’s avoid her face and go for her belly.”

“:Hee, then, no hard feelings, okay?’

One of the men said this and two of them closed in around me. The taller man, called Riku, turned to the left, while the other, a larger man, turned to the right. The man called Riku reached out his hand toward my arm. He must be trying to grab me.


I dare not move and let the man called Riku grab my arm. This way, the DNA of his skin would remain on my clothes and I would have physical evidence. Even if it became important, I would be able to prove that I was attacked if I raised my voice properly. This is where being a frail-looking woman comes in handy. I use whatever is available as a weapon. This is my way of fighting.

“Hm? What are you holding in your hand….?”

(Now, let’s do this.)

In my free right hand, I was holding a red ink case for my personal seal. Then I opened the case and pushed it against the face of the man called Riku.

“W-what the hell !?”

“Riku !? You bitch…….”

Riku panicked, his vision completely blocked. It would probably be a dozen seconds before he could stand up again. At the same time that Riku collapsed to his knees, the other man, upset, rushed to me and jumped on me. But my steps were slightly faster.

“There !”

“Guoogh !?”

I closed the distance between me and the man at once, and then I drove my knee into his dovetail with great force. It was what is commonly known as a flying knee kick. Then, without a pause, I slammed my elbow into his jaw. I added some rotational force, so it must have been quite powerful.

Sure enough, the man stumbled back.

“You bitch !”

The man held his jaw and moved away from me in agony. I wasn’t hurt, but my elbow hurt a little. I probably had a bruise on my elbow.

(This guy is quite used to fighting…….)

I didn’t think he would take the blow he just received and not fall down. Even though I had defeated a huge drunken man with this strategy.

There are rather few cards in my hand that I can cut. There is also the means of running to the counter and grabbing a pair of scissors, but he probably has some martial arts experience. Even if I use a blade, there is a good chance he will respond accurately. And……

(I was careless……)

Riku, who had collapsed earlier, had recovered by wiping his face during the current exchange, and was standing between me and the doorway. I should have quickly fled toward the door right after I punched him in the jaw. I missed the best solution that I could have chosen.

(As expected, I’m weakening….)

A little while ago, I would have followed up on that man without hesitation. But my body can’t keep up with it, and I completely missed the opportunity. This was indeed too stupid.

“Kai, are you okay !?”

“No problem. Damn, I completely let my guard down, Senpai !”

The man called Kai was completely over the boiling point. He’s like a sword that will jumped out from the sheath. To be honest, I wonder if I can win.

(Putting aside that guy called Riku, the one called Kai is too troublesome.)

Perhaps he was the one who took the initiative in the fight. I wonder if Riku is in a position of being his lackey and suicide squad. Either way, they’re going to see an opening and attack me.


To be honest, it’s been a long time since I’ve met someone like that. Or rather, apart from tachibana Kanata, he might be the strongest I’ve fought. Well, I had only two or three chances to really play interpersonal battles.

“Anyway, I understand that you’re not letting your guard down. If that’s the case, I have a n idea.”

“Oh, is this a line based on the fact that you knew you couldn’t win? You’re surprisingly feminine, aren’t you?”

“……Don’t worry. I’m going to settle up with you right here !”

It is said that the angrier you make this kind of opponent, the more advantageous you become, but in his case, I feel that anger is directly replacing power, so overdoing it may be a bad idea. However, I was convinced by the exchange we had just had.

(With this, even I might be able to manage.)

As expected, I can’t take on someone as strong as Tachibana Kanata, but I think I can manage to defeat this guy. I was completely outclassed in terms of physical strength, but in terms of technique, I’m probably ahead of him. I think I can ignore this Riku guy for a while.

(…… I’m worried about sore muscles tomorrow.)

If it looks like I can’t get away with it, I’ll just face him directly. I would never give in to such a nasty person.

I had made up my mind to do so, but the very next moment, I was defeated.

“I heard you were bullied in middle school?”

“…… !?”

I felt as if my heart had been ripped out of my chest.

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Lord of the Mysteries
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