I ignored the work assigned to me that day and went straight home. The male students I mentioned earlier didn’t follow me around and I made it home safely.

I wouldn’t have minded that much, but I didn’t want to get into trouble and have to be instructed as well. 

“I mean, those guys…….”

They were probably among the group of students I saw in the morning.  Theye’r probably been flirting with Nanase since she entered school. It’s because of people like that that people say that morals are out of order. In other words, it’s like I’m getting more work from those guys…….

“Ah, I’m so annoyed !”

Why do I have to crack down on useless people like them?

Nanase should be able to stand up on her own, and most importantly, she should have a decent amount of physical ability. If it’s those guys, Nanase could just……

“Sigh, I think I’ll go to sleep ・・・・・・・”

I’ve been doing charity work for the first time in a while, so my body is completely exhausted. Should I somehow have resigned from the public morals committee?


While I was once again thinking about how to put down Kisaragi, my step sister came home late at night. Apparently, she stayed late again today doing paperwork for the student council.

“You, have you done the work you were assigned?”

“I’ll do what I have to do.”

“I wonder.”

After saying this, my step sister sat down on the sofa and leaned against it. She seemed to be more tired than usual…….

“Why are you so tired, Nee san?”

“Because I’ve been given a new job, thanks to you and your team. I’m practically doing it all by myself.”

Shinkai is in control of the joint project between the public morals committee and the student council. It seems that my step sister is quietly working on another task while she and the other student council members are doing the work.

“Is that such a big deal?”

“…..It’s a plan for the upcoming sports festival.”

“Oh, come to think of it… it soon?”

If I remember correctly, the event is right before the summer vacation, which is still about two months away. Even though this school is a college preparatory school, it has collected all the events that should be done properly, and moreover, they are thinking about the timing so that the third graders who are preparing for the exam will not be burdened. Well, for me, it’s an event like hell.

“Anyway……did anything happen today?”

“Like what?”

“I mean, I was looking around and something happened.”

Well, for someone at the top of the student council, that’s something you’d want to know. However, if I told the truth, it would definitely increase my work, so I gave my step sister a rough outline without talking about those guys.

“Well, it all went off quietly without any incident.”

“Yeah, as long as I can go home early.”

“You……you didn’t ignore the event in the middle of the day because it was too much trouble, did you?”


“……For God’s sake, take this seriously.”

Saying that, my step sister withdrew into the back. She probably went to take a shower or something. Whenever she’s frustrated or stressed, she always wants to take a shower. She probably wanted to wash away her fatigue and worries.

Left alone in the living room, I sat down on the sofa where my step sister had just been sitting and started playing with my phone.

“Sigh, anyway, let’s think about tomorrow.”

That being said, I was still thinking about my future plans to some extent and summarizing them on my smartphone.

The next day, I went to school at the same time. By the way, my step sister had already left the house while I was eating breakfast.

The same route to school, the same dazzling morning sun as usual. However, there’s one thing that is different from usual…….

(I’m totally being followed.)

There were two people. It was definitely the duo from yesterday. I’ve been completely marked.

Nanase was nowhere to be seen at this time. It seems that she has shifted her commute to school, and I can see students coming to school looking disappointed or annoyed.

(……I still have time before homeroom.)

I took a deliberate step off onto a side street to do what I had thought of yesterday. And as I waited in the middle of the side street, fiddling with my phone, those two guys appeared.

“Hey, Senpai. Did you do it yesterday?”

“Hey, hey, hey, you’re going to get blind if you keep playing with your phone like that.”

The two guys instantly came up to me and grabbed my arm holding the phone with a strong grip. It seems that the first year is more violent than I thought.

(These guys are used to this)

They have probably spent their middle school years fighting all the time. And yet, they were smart enough to be admitted to a higher education school. I can imagine that their classmates were fed up with the reign of the tyrant.

Then he pushed me against a wall and spoke frighteningly.

“She’s the girl we’ve been eyeing. If you do anything more than you have to, I’ll make sure you’ll never come to school again.”

“I’ve memorized your face, you got it?


I remained silent the whole time, and made eye contact with these men with a frightened look on their face. I’ve memorized their faces perfectly. I also want to specify the name and class, but I don’t think it’s necessary to do that. Besides, there was no need for me to get involved with these guys.


“Tsk, anyway, I won’t let you off the hook next time.”

“Let’s go, Riku.”

“Hey, don’t leave me here, Kai.”

And so the rough-looking young man left. No, they didn’t look rough. They were the first-year students who were very rough. Well, it’s a good thing that I got to know their names unintentionally.

The tall one is Riku, and the well-built one is Kai……

(Come to think of it, the son of a yakuza has enrolled in the school.)

Could it be that those guys are the ones? Although I felt the killing intent that was conveyed was insufficient for that. ……

(Ah, that reminds me of a long time ago…)

I once stopped a yakuza war when I was in middle school. At that time, Shinkai and I were already like partners, but it seemed dangerous to involve her, who was still inexperienced, so I cleared everything up on my own. I went back to my normal routine without telling Shinkai about it.

There were many close calls, but I barely survived. I know this because I overcame such a rough spot. They’re not like them.

(I knew they were just freshmen who were trying to be cool.)

Convinced of this, I turned back the way I came and headed back to the main street. I look over and see the boys from earlier heading toward the school, grinning at me. They must have felt satisfied and amused by the fact that they were able to scare me, because they were giggling. I felt sorry for the first-year students who were in the same class with them.

Well, I don’t really care about that.

Then I looked at the pocket of the guy called Riku. Apparently, he hasn’t noticed yet.

(Well, how far will they go?)

I headed for the convenience store to buy my lunch, hoping that those two would be violent and irrational. I noticed that it was quite late, so I hurried to buy some onigiri (rice balls). I immediately decided to have omelet rice and onigiri today. I would never usually do this combination.

I was unable to understand why I had left home so early today, but ended up late for homeroom.

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MC stopped a what war!?, The hell has the MC been doing before high school???

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Lol author is on drugs ☠️