I remember everything about that day.

The man of my dreams came out of nowhere one day and saved my life with ease.

How I envied him because he was good looking, kind, and could do anything like a hero. He was the one who defied the absurdity of the rotten school and always acted for the good of everyone.

He was my first friend, my companion, my mentor, my partner, my hero who colored my life.

I loved him. But more than that….I can’t forgive him. When I remember him, my fists clench unintentionally.

[Why……did you deceive me !?]

I still remember every word I said to him that day. Because never in my life had I ever been so stained with the flames of hatred.

I was betrayed in an unexpected way by someone I trusted. How painful that must have been for me. Even now, if I remember it, I still feel so much disgust that it makes me want to vomit.

And …..


His face and words at that time are burned into my brain. It’s a stain that I would like to erase even if I had to take out my brain if possible. I don’t know why I like that person……

So I changed. I will always be myself and only go after what I believe in. As if I could override and get over him.

No more heroes.

A week has passed since I moved up to the second grade.

At that time, the first-year students who weren’t able to find their feet were gradually getting used to the school, and we, who had moved up to the next grade, were beginning to adapt to our new environment.

The first-year students had probably already decided which clubs they would join. The school offers a one-week trial period for club activities, and students are supposed to submit their club application to their homeroom teachers just today. I’m in the go-home club, just like last year.

“Hey Ruri chan, aren’t you going to join any club activities?”

“…I don’t need to, I don’t like to have my time cut short.”

“Whoa, what an honor student.”

Kisaragi and Yukihana, who had been having a tense conversation just the other day, were having such a conversation next to me.

It seems that Yukihana allowed Kisaragi to call her by her first name.. At first, she seemed reluctant, but then she reopened her mind that there was no real harm in it and let it go.

And Yukihana, when you say time is being cut short, do you mean time for otaku activities?


Shit, she’s staring at me. After all, she might be a psychic. What, are you returning to another world or something?

While I was thinking such nonsense, my homeroom teacher, Shichinomiya sensei, walked into the classroom. It’s now the fifth period recess. The sixth period is homeroom, and we are supposed to decide on a certain thing.

(Well, what will we do this year….)

As soon as I’m thinking about it, the chime rings. I thought Kisaragi was going back to her seat, but she headed toward the platform.

“Then, Kisaragi san, take care of the rest.”

“Yes, please leave it to me !”

I’d forgotten that she was the class president. I endured a wry smile at the title I had completely forgotten. Kisaragi, unaware of my state of affairs, immediately begins to organize.

“We’re going to decide which committee we’re going to belong to this year !”

Committee. It’s something that every student who belongs to an organization called a school must belong to. It’s essential to the operation of the school organization, but the committees at this school are often very uneven.

In particular, the public morals committee is very unpopular among the students and is famous for its heavy workload.

(What I should aim for is…)

As I said last year, the library committee is a safe bet. It’s an easy job, all you have to do is sit at the counter. The school’s library is not very large and there are not many students who use it. In other words, there is practically no work to be done.


Just as I was making up my mind on my own, Kisaragi begins to speak with a wry smile on her face.

“I thought it would take too long, so I made a (tentative) committee list myself ! If anyone is dissatisfied with it, I think I’ll make it a show of hands, how about that?”

(What…… !?)

That selfish woman did a hell of a job. This was indeed unexpected. The people in the class looked at the chart and responded in a variety of ways: some were puzzled, others were impressed, etc. 

“By the way, I decided this based on everyone’s personalities and abilities! Is there anyone you don’t like?”

I’m looking at you. Not many people can say no to something like that if they are told to do so. It was a nasty move that took advantage of the psychological aspect of the other party. After all, that woman is cunning in a strange way. I wondered if there would really be any students who would request a change.

But there was one person. One who could give Kisaragi an honest opinion.


“Oh, what’s wrong, Ruri chan?”

“……why am I the vice president of this class?”

Looking closely at the chart, oh it’s true. The title of vice-president of this class was displayed above Yukihana, which is a grand title. Of course, Yukihana’s eyes are pissed off like usual.

“Because Ruri chan is the smartest person in this class, right? I’m surprisingly stupid, so if I had a smart person supporting me, I wouldn’t have anything to be afraid of.”


“It was the result of examining Ruri chan’s intelligence, but if it seems impossible, it’s fine, you know?”


Yukihana, who was praised for being smart, unexpectedly broke down immediately. This girl isn’t used to being praised. Besides, if she keeps getting called out that she’s smart, the proud-looking Yukihana will probably answer.

She really has grown up to be a cunning girl.

(Well, I’m……)

I also look through the committee list (tentative) to find the committee I’m supposed to be a member of. Then・・・・・・

(……That bitch.)

I was assigned to the public morals committee, which is highly unpopular at this school. The other students were indeed on the appropriate committees, but I was the only one who clearly felt the intent to harass me.


When I glanced at Kisaragi, she was grinning and the corners of her mouth were hanging up. It’s intentional harassment, after all.

(……I knew I should’ve disposed of her properly.)

Maybe she really believed in my evil character (acting) that I showed at that time, and is trying to rehabilitate me or something like that. If so, she’s a real pain in the ass.

I’m having a bit of a hard time with regret, but I don’t think I made a mistake in my choice. No, I’ve decided not to think about it.

I guess this is the only thing that hasn’t changed since my time.

(Public Morals Committee……huh.)

If I remember correctly, they did the morning greetings movement, patrols around the school, and even created posters to protect the morals of the school…

Damn it, I’ve hit upon a rather troublesome committee.

“If there’s no one who’s against it, then this will be the decision, but is it going to be okay?”

Kisaragi spoke to the people in the class without me in sight. That’s a good point.

And there was no opposition from the class. She must have divided the class in her own clever way. She seems to be watching the classmates very carefully.

“Then, it’s decided !”

Kisaragi stood alone at the platform with a big smile on her face. 

Shichimiya sensei, who saw this, praised Kisaragi with a smile on her face and walked towards the staff room with the chart that had been decided.

Or rather, Shichimiya sensei, you were dozing off a little while ago…

“Then, since we’re here, I’d like to discuss the upcoming study session with you …….”

Kisaragi had started talking on the platform about something unrelated to the subject.  Yukihana and I lose consciousness almost at the same time and look at the sky from the classroom window. We’re on the same page at times like this.

Thus, my worst school life was promised.

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1 year ago

Or you know… You could just say no? That’s about enough of me.

11 months ago
Reply to  Deadmilkmen

He’s probably thinking of which route would give him the least amount of attention. Anyone in class opposing the decision would undoubtedly be made a focus in the class. Especially so if they’re the only one doing so. Refusing upfront would ultimately backfire on him even worse. He’ll probably do something to make the work less annoying or change committees later.

1 year ago

Why the fuck he didn’t say anything? It’s just stupid for the sake of creating conflict

1 year ago
Reply to  Chaosrune

He’s doing a non involvement act in his life right now (whether its justified or not we’re yet to know) so raising his hand just because he didn’t like it would make famous to a degree and interaction with people due to this infamy would be unavoidable then unforeseen events which to him will be jorrible will happen

11 months ago
Reply to  Chaosrune

Same with what the other guy said. He’s probably thinking of which route would give him the least amount of attention. Anyone in class opposing the decision would undoubtedly be made a focus in the class. Especially so if they’re the only one doing so. Refusing upfront would ultimately backfire on him even worse. He’ll probably do something to make the work less annoying or change committees later.

10 months ago

I was a bit confused in the monologue at the start..
What happened??
I though kisaragi loved mc but here it says hate him..

5 months ago

Ic she hated him in the past so he was right about the people he helped hating him. She probably wanted to give him credit for helping or becoming close but knowing the MC he refused because he was just doing his “hero” job not expecting anything in return. Also same as everyone was saying he didn’t raise his hand to complain because he’ll just stand out and bring unwanted attention to himself