“So how do you know where I live?”

“well, actually……”

I was interrogating Sakurie as she was going to leave the fried food to season for about 30 minutes.

…I wonder if the word ‘interrogation’ is appropriate for Sakurae, who answers with a smile and a good mood, perhaps because she’s happy to be able to talk to me.

“…… So, you were following me.”

“I’m sorry. But when I followed Shota-kun with my eyes, I naturally followed him. …Ah, I’ll be careful from then on, so don’t worry okay? ”

If I’m not careful, this girl will unconsciously stalking me. ……

In my mind, the alertness towards Sakurae grows.

“Did you know that …… I’m alone today?”

“That’s …… straight from leaving my house this morning, I came here. I made sure your parents went to work, and then I went shopping, so it took me a while.”

[I took so much time to find the supermarket, …….] Sakurae said as if she was ashamed of her mistake.

I took out my phone and checked the message from Sakurae that I had seen earlier.

5:21 “I just left my house.”

“5:00 means …….”

I don’t know how long it takes to get from Sakurae’s house to here, but even if she arrived at 6:00, she would have been waiting outside for almost two hours.

The supermarket from my house…..the closest one was about a 10 minute walk.

There, it would be open from 7:00 on weekdays …….

“So you’ve been at the supermarket ever since?”

It must have been after eleven o’clock when Sakurae came to my house.

I asked her to confirm this, and she replied that she had been at the supermarket for three hours.

When I asked her to confirm this, she gave me an even more ridiculous answer.

“No. If Shota-kun was going out, it would be early, so I was watching to see if he came out until 10:00. I was in the supermarket for maybe half an hour….”


And then what happens?

If she left the house at 5:00 and got there around 6:00, that means she stuck around outside the house for 4 hours until 10:00, then went to the supermarket and came here after that?

And this girl is talking about it like it’s no big deal.

I can’t hide my shocked expression, and she’s looking at me with a vacant expression on her face.

—She is too pure.

Suddenly, I felt like I understood the true nature of the fear I had towards Sakurae.

“……Why, did you make sure my parents would be out?”

“Why do you mean ……? You promised that we wouldn’t be seen in public, right?”

In other words, this girl was going around and around like that to protect her deal with me.

“I want to meet you.” Just for that …….

I silently stood up and headed to the kitchen, took out the entire pitcher of barley tea from the refrigerator, and poured it into Sakurae’s cup, which still had some left in it.


“…… drink it, you’ll fall over.”

“…… yeah.”

As if my intentions were understood, Sakurae put her hand on her cup with a smile on her face.

After confirming that Sakurae had tasted the barley tea, I continued.

“…… If you go out at this hour, even in the morning, there won’t be many people around. It’s dangerous, so don’t do it.”


“It’s going to be hot in the morning now, so don’t stay outside too much.”

“That’s ……, I’ve got a parasol, and I’ve got a bottle of water that I drank up, you know?”

“……, but still.”


Sakurae asked with a gentle smile.

“Hey, Shota kun:

“What is it,……?”

“Are you worried about me,……?”

Sakurae looks at me as if she expects something from me.

“….. don’t get me wrong. You’re here to make fried chicken for me, but if something happens to you, I don’t want it. ”


Sakurae laughed as if she couldn’t bear it anymore, and then said.

“Yes ……. but you’re still so kind, Shota-kun. Thank you”


(I told you not to get it wrong,…….)

I said, ‘I don’t know anymore,’ and looked away from Sakurae.

Still, Sakurae was sipping on her barley tea while looking at me with a smile.

The smell of fried food tickles my nostrils with a “sizzling” sound.

The smell of fried food wafts through my nostrils as I hear the sound of sizzling and the smell of fried food wafts through my nostrils.

“Wait a minute, it will be ready soon,”

Sakurae said to me as I came to the kitchen to check on her, without taking her eyes off the pan.

To avoid having her realize that I was admiring her in her apron as she stood in the kitchen, I tried to cover it up by saying, “I just came to get the dishes.

“Is this about the right size?”

“Yes, that’s fine. Thank you.”

She took out a plate to serve the fried chicken and put it on the kitchen table.

My mother had prepared some food for me to have for lunch, so I poured it over and started preparing.

“Fufu… …….”

Suddenly Sakurae laughed with a face full of happiness.

“What ……, no, you don’t have to tell me.”

“Eeeh, listen to me.”

With a cup of tea in my hand, I almost stopped to ask why, but Sakurae did the dexterous thing of complaining with a happy expression on her face, and then she said.

“It’s kind of like being newlyweds, isn’t it?”

She said so, and then laughed again, “Fufufu…” Sakurae laughed.

I let out a sigh at the expected answer.

“I told you you don’t have to tell me …….”

“If you say so, then you knew that, didn’t you, Shota-kun? …… maybe you felt the same way I did?”

The last of the fried chicken seemed to be done, and Sakurae placed it on the cooking tray before turning to me.

“.. No, I didn’t.”

“I see. …… but Shota-kun helps me without me having to say anything, and I think he’d make a good husband.”

Without showing any signs of being disappointed by my response, Sakurae returned her gaze to the cooking table to prepare the food.

I didn’t know what to say to that, so I silently moved my hands.

“…. is this enough?”

“Ah, a little less ……. Yes, that’s about right. Thank you.”

As Sakurae stood next to me and peered into the bowl, I suddenly understood what she was saying.


“Here you go. Itadakimasu.”

I was a little nervous as I put some of Sakurae’s fried food in my mouth.

Sakurae was also watching the situation with a nervous look on her face.

“It’s good….”

“I’m glad.”

When she heard me say that, Sakurae’s smile suddenly turned into a sloppy smile.

“Didn’t you say you weren’t good at cooking?”

I asked, remembering what Sakurae had said in one of my messages to her.

Sakurae’s eyes widened at that and she looked impressed.

“You remembered. …… Yeah, I’d only ever done it in cooking class until the other day.”

“So this is it?”

When I really think that Sakurae has a talent for cooking, she giggles as if she sees right through it.

“Actually, my mom taught me how to make this yesterday. This time, I just made it exactly like that, but I’ll do my best from now on, so if there’s any dish you want to try, just let me know, okay?”

“Yesterday…… means fried chicken for lunch for the second day in a row, is that right?”

While ignoring Sakurae’s suggestion, I ask another question.

I’m sure the message I saw when I came back yesterday was ‘I’m being taught how to cook,’ so she happened to be taught how to make fried chicken ……?

I had a very bad feeling after I mentioned this question.

“Umm, because lunch was curry. I had fried chicken for dinner.”

I knew it.

How far this girl is …….

“Ah, but it’s totally fine. I love fried food too.”

(love ……, isn’t that a misunderstanding?)

I couldn’t help but feel guilty, or rather sorry, for Sakurae, who was so completely devoted to me.

During lunch, Sakurae looked so happy to see me.

I was so embarrassed that I pointed out to her, “Your chopsticks have stopped.” But after taking a bite, she would start looking at me again.

In the end, it was only after I said, “I can’t eat any more” that Sakurae concentrated on her meal.

“I’ll do the washing up, so Sakurae can rest.

I said that, but Sakurae stood next to me with the dishes in her hand.

“That’s fine, I’ll do it with you.”


I put the dishes I was holding in the sink and took the ones that Sakurae was holding.

“…. you looked sleepy. Just sit down.”


I had noticed earlier that Sakurae was nodding off while eating her lunch.

Perhaps because I’m right, Sakurae is unusually silent.

I took advantage of the opportunity to place the dishes I had get in the sink, then grabbed Sakurae’s shoulders, turned her around, and pushed her back.

“Hey, hurry up and go to the sofa over there. ”

“S-Shota kun?! I’m going, don’t push me!”

Ignoring Sakurae’s restraints, I led her to the sofa, made sure she was seated, and then covered her with the towel I had folded this morning.

“It’s okay to sleep. ”

When Sakurae pokes her head out of her towel blanket, she makes an expression that says, ‘I can’t help it.’

“…. Mouu, Shota-kun, you’re so pushy.’

“You’re the one who’s forcing yourself”

“Fufu” Sakurae laughed and said to me.

“I’d like to take a nap in Shota-kun’s room.”

“If you’re that tired, you can sleep anywhere.”

“Too bad.”

Sakurae lies pouting on the sofa.

“I’m sorry …….”

“…… don’t worry about it, it’s nothing but trouble for me if you break the dishes.”

I quickly turn on my heel to the kitchen after saying that.

Sakurae said quietly, ‘I smell Shota-kun..’, and immediately began to take a quiet sleep.


(Are you awake….?)

After I finished washing and was reading the essay I bought yesterday under the sofa where Sakurae was sleeping, Sakurae stirred at just the right moment.

“…… Shota-kun?”

“…… yeah. Do you want something to drink?”

I asked looking back at Sakurae as she got up, and she didn’t answer me, but hugged me.

“Hey! Get away from me!”

“…… No.”

Sakurae seems to be falling asleep, but she doesn’t even hear my refusal and tightens her grip on me.

I feel a warm, soft touch around the nape of my neck, and a scent that smells like the sweet scent that came from Sakurae this morning clings to me.

“…… this!”

I struggled against the embrace from behind, but managed to get out.


“……Get up, for God’s sake. You better get ready to go home.”

It was just before 4:00 p.m., and if she got ready now, she would be able to leave after 5:00 p.m. I called out to her, but she didn’t seem to be interested.

I thought so and called out to her, but Sakurae remained in a daze, looked at the clock and mumbled sadly, “It’s already this time …….”

“I’ll make you a cup of barley tea. Drink it and go home.”


I was about to cross the sofa to the kitchen when Sakurae silently grabbed my arm.

“……, Sakurae.”

“……No, I want to spend more time with Shota-kun.”

“You know,…….”

I was wondering how to persuade her, when Sakurae made a suggestion in a quiet voice.

“Let’s make a deal then,……?”

“Deal ……?”

I twisted my neck to see if there was such a request on my part.

“……I’m going home today. So, will you meet with me again during summer vacation? …I feel lonely not being able to meet Shota-kun.”


Sakurae said in a voice that sounded like she was about to cry.

…… No, this is already crying?


I thought so.

I thought that if I pushed Sakurae away, she would leave me.


“…… when the mood strikes.”


I couldn’t say it.

Furthermore, I, to Sakurae, who was still looking down, said, ‘Ah, damn it!’ I scratched my head, and then said that.

“Fried chicken! …… It was delicious, I’ll think of something else next time.”

Saying this, Sakurae finally looked up and replied with a smile.

“….Yeah! I’ll keep practicing, so just tell me anything!”

Sakurae laughed, and I felt somewhat relieved.

After drinking a cup of barley tea, Sakurae left.

(I forgot to hang the laundry. …….)

After Sakurae left, I realized that I had forgotten to hang the laundry that I washed this morning.

That was the only reason I said to myself, “Today wasn’t my lucky day.” I gave an unreasonable evaluation of the day.

(TL/N : Sakurae so kyut)

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8 months ago

Only a few chapters of her personality, and she’s already better than most short stories’ yandere FMC

8 months ago

Even if he had a trauma, she felt in love to him when she even was introverted character… so I still dont understand why the MC try to keep her to away form him

Diana Kurosawa
Diana Kurosawa
8 months ago
Reply to  john

Probably by reflex due to his trauma, he only calmed down but not recovered, specially he met his trauma last time, it became fresh~

8 months ago
Reply to  Diana Kurosawa

You can try and justify it all you want. Reality is, bad fantasy. In what world does a teenage boy, who has no love interest, completely disregard and try to ignore a beautiful girl that’s obviously throwing herself at him? Come on.

Tsundere is annoying enough, when it’s a dude doing it it’s just gross.

8 months ago
Reply to  Deadmilkmen

I mean, if your justification for calling fiction unrealistic is that it doesn’t make a good story, then you’re probably mixing up reality and fiction. This general thought process is pretty similar to symptoms of social anxiety and mild depressive disorders, and traumas in childhood are known to potentially cause C-PTSD, which can (if the trauma is in a relevant form) mimic either or both of those disorders.

The choice of *which* symptoms are presented is clearly a Doyle-ist conceit, but the MC’s mental behavior *is* within the range of plausibility.

7 months ago
Reply to  Deadmilkmen

I’m exactly like this in real life, its pretty bad to where my Psychologist got upset with me. now granted i haven’t had a lot of girls throw themselves at me since the incident that screwed me up mentally, but the incident also happened while i was in Highschool, and it destroyed my reputation, my mental health degraded worse then it was already bad, i was constantly looked down upon, it felt like everyone who was nice to me was nice because they had to in order to get what they needed (which was 90% of the time) i was the person a lot of people came to when they needed help in their relationships.. even if none of them knew my name.. but my own personal relationship went down the drain and the incident occured, i reopened the wounds i was hiding 3 months ago and i finally closed them 3 weeks ago. but i since the incident i dont believe any girl that comes up to me nicely, hugs me, or whatever you would call affectionate or whatever, actually has any sort of attraction. my wounds my be closed but that doesnt mean im still scared and the like.