“Hmmm ……, is it morning already?”

After that day yesterday, I took a nap, and when I woke up, I didn’t feel like doing anything and just lounged around.

TV, which I usually don’t watch, was interesting to watch with an empty head, and I even ended up watching a late-night show.

I fell asleep on the couch, and my whole body felt lazy.

Well, that was just like a long vacation, I thought, as I folded up the towel blanket that my mother had probably hung up for me, and hoped that today would be a peaceful day.

It was just before 8:00 a.m., and my parents had probably already left for work since it was a weekday.

Breakfast was ready for me, so I washed my face and put my hands on it.

(…… peaceful.)

I ate breakfast, cleaned up, ran the washing machine, and sat down in front of the TV again.

As I sat in a daze, thinking about what to have for lunch, I began to feel as if the mess that had happened just a day before had been a dream.

Just as I was thinking about how I wished these days would go on, the intercom rang, signaling a visitor, and my peace was soon shattered.

(Did Dad buy something online again, ……?)

Since I have no recollection of a visit addressed to me, I naturally assume that it is something for my parents.

Still in my loungewear, I hesitated for a moment, but then pressed the call button, thinking it would be no more than to pick up a package.


“Ah, Shota-kun? Good morning.”


Because I was in a daze, I answered the call without even looking at the monitor carefully.

It was only when I heard the voice that I noticed Sakurae on the monitor.

“W-why are you there, ……?”

I couldn’t hide my confusion, and Sakurae said angrily

“I sent you a message yesterday. If I don’t hear back from you, it means it’s okay for me to go.”

I returned the message yesterday before I took a nap and then ……, and I haven’t looked at my phone since then.

I finished going through my memory and said to Sakurae.

“…… would you still come to me if I hadn’t even read it? normally.”

“If I could see Shota-kun, I would come to see him anytime, right?”

Sakurae answered as if it were obvious, and for the first time in a while I felt intimidated.

(Why is this girl so straightforward? …….)

Besides that, this is the first time for Sakurae to come to my house.

How do you know where the house is?

How did she know I was home alone?


As the questions swirled in my mind, Sakurae said through the monitor with a smile that seemed a little forced.

“Shota-kun, well, it’s hot outside ……. If you could, would you mind letting me in …….”

“Oh, ah ……. I understand.”

Indeed, it must be so hot outside that we are repeatedly told on TV to be careful of heatstroke.

Sakurae seemed to be in a lot of pain, so I decided to give up and take her home, thinking that there was nothing I could do about what happened.

“Sorry to bother you.”

“…… Yeah.”

I feel indescribable and invite in Sakurae, who bows politely.

Sakurae was carrying an eco-bag, looking heavy and staggering a bit.

I reflexively carry that baggage.

“Ah, ……. Thank you.”

She looked up at me with a really happy expression.

Perhaps due to the heat, her cheeks are reddish, and although she must be sweating, the smell that wafts through the air is somewhat sweet.

(……No, don’t get swept up in Sakurae’s pace.)

“……After you rest a bit, go home.”

“Yes. But right now, I don’t have enough Shota-kun ingredients, so I think it will take a while until I can fully charge it. ”

“What’s with that ……?”

When I looked at Sakurae with astonished eyes, she gave me a mischievous smile that made me wonder if her awkward appearance from earlier was just an act.

“For now, drink this.”

“Yes, I’ll have some.”

I let Sakurae through into the living room and pour her a cup of cold barley tea.

Sakurae held it in both hands and poured it down her throat.

“Phew,……, it tastes really good.”

“It’s just regular barley tea.”

Sakurae seemed to be quite thirsty, but there was about a third of the barley tea left in Sakurae’s cup.

There’s something odd about this that makes me wonder if a girl can’t drink this much in one go.

“…. So, what’s with all this luggage?”

“Ah yeah! I have to put it in the fridge. …….”

Sakurae stood up at my question, looking flustered.

“Fridge ……?”

“Yeah! I wanted to make lunch for Shota-kun.”

Sakurae said as she pulled out a pack of chicken thighs from her eco bag and showed it to me with a smile.

[I want to eat fried chicken.]

No way…that was yesterday’s …….

I remember the message I sent back to Sakurae.

“Don’t worry okay? I bought all the ingredients.”

Sakurae had bought potato starch, flour, salad oil, lemon and mayonnaise.

I was overwhelmed and puzzled by the ingredients on the table and Sakurae’s preparation.

Sakurae said mockingly to me.

“I’m going to borrow the kitchen to do some prep work, okay? You look cute in your current outfit, but I also want to see what you look like in your casual clothes, so go change in the meantime.”


I just remembered that I was still in my loungewear.

I had no choice but to follow Sakurae, and after briefly showing her the location of the seasonings and cooking utensils in the kitchen, I returned to my room.

Leaving Sakurae in the kitchen, I arrived at my room and first checked my phone, which I had left behind.

[I want to make fried chicken for Shota-kun.]

[Can I come over tomorrow?]

[Hey, I want to see Shota-kun for the first time in a while. ……]

[I can’t stand it, I’m going to go, okay?]

[If I don’t hear back from you by the end of the day, I’m going to go.]

[I’m really going to go.]

[I just left the house.]

[What do you want to put on your fried chicken?]

[Shota-kun, you are a boy, so you eat a lot, right?]

[I’ll do my best to make it, so please praise me if it’s good.]

[I’m going shopping, so it’ll be another 30 minutes or so.]

[I’ll be there soon.]

The general flow of messages went something like this (in fact, there were about twice as many messages), and what Sakurae said was no lie.

(Even so, that’s too pushy. …….)

Thinking about it, it occurs to me that she wanted to see me enough to do this.

(What kind of feelings did Sakurae have about me ……?)

I wonder if my repeated refusals don’t break her heart.

What’s supporting her feelings?

Why is she able to laugh? ……

Various questions come to mind along with feelings of guilt.

And then I ask myself.

-Do I still not believe in Sakurae’s feelings that she goes to this extent for me?

The moment I think that, my heart aches.

[No, don’t believe] And there’s a part of me that says, [If Sakurae is this direct, I can believe her].

–I don’t want to think about it now.

I decided to give up thinking and keep my distance as I have always done.

“Ah, he’s coming down.”

“yeah, …….”

I returned to the living room, and Sakurae came up to me with pitter-pattering footsteps.

Sakurae was wearing a simple pale pink apron that she may have brought with her.

She then looked at me from head to toe, as if examining me, and smiled.

“Yeah, Shota-kun in plain clothes is cool too.”

“…… Don’t say random things.”

“It’s true, but it would be …… better if you could see my face a little more properly.”

Suddenly, Sakurae lightly lifts my bangs with her hand.


“Whaa ……?!”

At close range, Sakurae and I are staring at each other.

Sakurae is surprised at what she sees, her eyes are wide open and her cheeks are reddish.

I was a little flustered because I had never seen Sakurae’s face so closely before.

…… I knew she was cute.

I lightly brushed Sakurae’s hand away, trying to disguise the fact that my heart was beating faster.


Still, Sakurae remains frozen staring at me.

I turned my head away to avoid Sakurae’s gaze.

“..It’s not good. I’ll leave it as it is now.”

I said that, and Sakurae responded with a small “…… yes”

“I think it’s better to leave it as it is,…..”

I did not understand the meaning of Sakurae’s shyly mumbled words, but I remained turned away for a while.

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9 months ago

Bro got the protag rizz

9 months ago

Shota cannot hide his rizz, Sakurae Yandere level has just increased by one level!

8 months ago

(What kind of feelings did Sakurae have about me ……?)

… Wow.

At this point Idgaf what kind of “trauma” this dude has. Ignoring her messages was a dbag move. All he had to do was put her down firmly and explain his situation. Everything from this point is his own fault.

Lol, I hope shes the jealous type and stabs him because he had an anime girl pillow

8 months ago

MC is a bit of a moron isn’t he? So far I haven’t seen any reason why he deserves Sakurae’s affection, but I love yanderes so I’ll keep reading.

3 months ago

Well, he was part of the popular group back in the day so he should be quite an ikemen