When I woke up in the morning from the usual couch, Sawa chan was sitting next to me. She was sipping coffee and watching the morning show.

Sawa chan is cute even when she looks sleepy after waking up. I rubbed my eyes sleepily.

“Good morning, Sawa chan.”

“Good morning, Sho. School will start from today. Don’t forget anything !.”

Sawa chan starts talking like a mother right out of the blue. I was half asleep and didn’t understand it either, but now that I’ve woken up, I realized something.

“Sawa chan, the button……”

“Huh? Ah !”

When I said that, she covered her chest. Maybe because it was a little hot, she opened it while I was sleeping. her white skin…well, I could see something nice in the morning.

“Sawa chan, are you inviting me by any chance?”

When I asked Sawa chan with a smirk on my face, she closed the button, her face blushing as she answered.

“I didn’t ! I’m not making you breakfast anymore !”

“Then let’s cook together. We’ll be like a married couple.”

“Oh jeez ! I’ll make it, just sit down !”

Perhaps she stick her tongue out because she burnt it by drinking the coffee with all her might, and I took Sawa chan’s hand 

“No. I’m heading to the kitchen.”

“Do whatever you want…I’m already tired in the morning.”

By the way, Sawa chan’s star sign was the lowest in the horoscope.

We stood in the kitchen side by side. Sawa chan puts on a cute apron with a bear on it. Her face is grim, but it’s such a cute apron……

And this apron is the one I gave her as a Christmas present. I can’t believe she’s conscientiously wearing it…… I can’t wait to make her my wife.

“The bear is cute. You’re using the apron I gave you.”

“Well, it would be a waste if I didn’t use it. I had no choice.”

She said such things, but I can tell that she has been using it for a long time from the fact that it is threadbare and stained in some parts.

“I’m glad you’re using it for a long time. Thanks, Sawa chan.”

“Whatever !  Just make it already. Sho, you make the fried eggs ! I’ll make a salad or something.”

She said that and turned away. Sawa chan’s ears were red, so she didn’t seem too upset.

“There ! Stop smirking and move your hands !”

Sawa chan gave me some lovin instructions, so I went to work diligently making fried eggs.


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