It drove me crazy.

The man I hated came brazenly even when I said I didn’t want to, and the man I really wanted to see kept himself away from me.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think about him.

As I watched the men who came close to me, who became older and more and more sexy, I found the gap between them and Tsukasa’s too wide, and I fell more and more in love with Tsukasa.

Nana, my best friend since elementary school, asked me if I wanted to go to a blind date.

At first I refused, but when I saw the pictures she sent me of the men who would be attending, I got goosebumps.

I was so excited to see the photos that my female instincts kicked in.

But you can’t tell from just a picture.

I had to be sure.

So I went to a blind date.

And there he was.

I found the man who saved my life.

I don’t want to miss him.

Absolutely not.

I want to keep him locked away.


This is the feeling I had the moment I met him again.

“Ah, …… yesterday’s Tsukasa …… good ……”

That’s right.

When I met him again, he was more than I could have imagined.

“……U-Umm…… I would like someone who will always be by my side. ……”

I want to be with Tsukasa forever. I want to be by his side, communicating with line, dating, and living with him, even though we are in different universities.


This is what men have tried to do to me in the past.

It’s an act of pleasure and at the same time to have children.

It’s disgusting.

Really nauseating.

It is disgusting for a man to just touch my body, but to put that criminal DNA on my precious body?

That will never happen.

If that happened and I lost my virginity, I would die.


But but ……

If that man is Tsukasa.

“Ah, ……”

The thought of another man made me angry, but even the thought of Tsukasa transformed my anger into an unknown excitement.

What if Tsukasa touched my body?



[Yuna, have my baby.]
[No. You don’t have veto power.]
[You want it.]
[……Hya…… I want Tsukasa-sama’s child.]


Tsukasa’s DNA enters my body.
Then his DNA and my DNA intertwine and a new life is born in my belly.

I conceive while being controlled by him.

I want to be dominated.

I want to be dependent on him.

I want to know everything about him.

I love a man who protects me.

I usually don’t show my emotions, but at that moment, I was letting my desires out in full force.

But he was far more than I had expected.

I secretly wished he would come to me.

Was it because of my pride as a woman?

Thinking about it now, I really feel like an idiot.


“I’m really glad I came…… I was so happy.”

He said that and was about to leave without giving me any contact information.

At that time, I almost lost my reason.

My heart ached like it was going to burst.

Thinking that I would never see Tsukasa again, I thought it would be better to die.

So Yuna made a reasonable excuse and slipped away.

Then I followed behind him as he became a dot.

I, who had been chased by men so many times before, now I go after a man on the contrary.

I will not let him go.

Yuna was very anxious when she exchanged contact.

What if this man blocks my phone number or line account?

What if he would do to me what I had done to so many men in my life?

All I could do was worry.

I want to stay in touch with Tsukasa, but if he refuses to do so, I will have a hard time. ……

That would be hard.


I want to connect, I want to connect, I want to connect, I want to connect, I want to connect, I want to connect, I want to connect, I want to connect, I want to connect, I want to connect, I want to connect, I want to connect, I want to connect, I want to connect

I want to depend I want to depend I want to depend I want to depend I want to depend I want to depend I want to depend I want to depend I want to depend I want to depend I want to depend I want to depend I want to depend I want to depend I want to depend I want to depend I want to depend I want to depend

(TL/N : Holy macaroni)

“Hot ……”

Yuna kicks the futon because there is too much heat in the futon.

Then her pheromones spread through this room in a flash.

Yuna’s scent was strong, as if to let everyone know that she was ready to make babies right now.

“Ah, …….”

She sighs frustratingly and colorfully and looks at the side table next to the bed.

There, on it

a stun gun

How many threats have I been protected from because of this stun gun?

With it, I could easily take down even a gangly man.

“It belongs to …… Tsukasa.”

Saying so, Yuna gripped that stun gun.

Then, while lying down, she put the stun gun between her own breasts, which she was wearing a nightgown.

She is lying on her side, but since she originally has bombastic breasts, the stun gun is

completely buried by the giant marshmallow.

“Tsukasa …… ah …… this is bad”

After about 10 minutes like this, she gets off the bed, puts back the stun gun, and leaves the room.

Then there is a beautiful woman in the spacious living room, ruffled and ready for the morning.

She has long black hair and a face as beautiful as a sculpture. She has a well-developed body that stimulates a man’s heart.

She is wearing only a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt, but even these enhance her beauty beautifully.

The beautiful woman turned around and smiled at me.

“Good morning, Yuna-chan.”
“Good morning, Sis …….”

Looking at her already faded eyes, melting face, and trembling body, her sister (Kiryu Kaede, stage name: Hiiragi Kaede) gives her a bewitching look.

“Oh my, you look so beautiful today, Yuna-chan.”

Kaede puts her hand on her cheek and smiles.

A childcare program is playing on the TV.

[The TV is playing a childcare program. Ogyaa!]
[Ara, what’s wrong?]
[Mom is going to give you a hug. So calm down.]
[Ogyaa….. Ogyaa….. n……”
[I’ll give you a lot of pampering. fufu]

(TL/N : What is going on…..

Oh yeah btw you will see many changes from first person to third person and I may translate it wrong…

Sometimes the author uses the word “her”, sometimes “I” plus the fact that japanese grammar does not show perfect subjects…it’s confusing me, I’m sorry )

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1 year ago

So we got one girl that is horrendously downbad for this MC. Honestly, I believed that she might have tased herself a couple of times at this point. Then, another girl that is potentially messed-up as the other sister. Apparently there is a TV show, turned on, of a mother nurturing a baby, interesting foreshadowing. MC, my boy, you should run as fast and move to another country.

1 year ago

Yo también me pregunto: ¿Que carajos?

1 year ago

Dear MC, Japan is not a safe place anymore. Try USA, you can even get a couple of assault rifles for protection.

11 months ago

Actually is ez to know the difference conversation each character if you know the kanji