(There is a little bit of lewdness in the second half, so you can skip it if you like.) – Author

We went back to our room, but there was silence between us.
“Well…first of all, I’m sorry for not telling you before.”
She bowed
“No, it’s totally fine! So, please lift up your head.”
“I think we all have things we don’t want to talk about, so I don’t think it’s a big deal if you’ve got one or two things you don’t want to talk about.”
She hugged me. My height is still too short for her, so I feel like I’m being wrapped up in her arms.

“I’ll properly talk to you.”
While saying that, Mirei san stopped hugging me.


Ever since I was little, my father and mother were rarely at home because of work, so I was left at my grandfather and grandmother’s house.

I learned many things there. To be more perfect. My grandfather wanted to give the company to me, not my father, so I did well in school and was sometimes told off for not being “perfect” in various areas. My relatives also seemed to have some expectations of me…

But when I wasn’t doing well and didn’t get the scores I wanted, I was severely scolded.
“Why can’t you do this?”

And there were days when they wouldn’t let me see my father and mother when they came home. They tried to refuse, but it was impossible.

Even the kids around me would band me around as a perfect person and no one would be my friend until I met Hitomi in junior high school.

In junior high school, I was sometimes taken to parties or to important people.
Unlike these people, many of them were uncles, so I was sometimes sexually harassed.
Even so, my grandfather would just say

“It happens sometimes.”He never defended me
I didn’t think this was strange. Maybe I was brainwashed in a way.


I had tears streaming down my cheeks by the end of our conversation.

Then Mirei san took my tears with her fingers.
“Are you crying for me?”
“Of course I am! This is not the way Mirei-san…”
“Thank you.”
And she hugged me again.

“I love you.”
“Me too.”
“I’ll make it more fun from now on!”
“Yeah, but I’m the one who spoils you, right?”
“For Mirei san, that means…”
“It’ll be a lot of fun.”
“I understand…I will be spoiled”

Mirei san, who looked so happy, started to say something outrageous.

“Shall we kiss?”
“It’s okay right”
“Wait, wait! I’m not ready…”

(If you don’t like pornography, please scroll down to the bottom of the page.)

“You’re rushing me again.”
“I’m not rushing you….Hnn!!”
She held me in her arms and kissed me as she was holding me. She kissed me again and kissed me again.

“That’s enough, isn’t it?””
“HaaaHaaa…wait? What?!”
Mirei san pushed me down just like that.
“I really wanted you to come first…”
Mirei san’s behavior was strange. Her eyes were kind of glazed over.
“I taught you some naughty stuff before, didn’t I? I really didn’t want to do it while you were in high school, but… maybe I should do it now.”
“What?! No, we can’t. We’re not grown up yet”
“Why don’t we grow up together? Besides…”
And her eyes go down.
“This is because Mirei san…do this to me.”
This comment seems to have sparked something in Mirei san, and she took something out of my bag and blamed me a lot… I had stepped on the path to becoming one step more mature than everyone else in the school.

Something about this comment seemed to set Mirei on fire, and she took something out of her bag and made a lot of move… I had stepped on the path to becoming one step more mature than everyone else in school.

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