Episode 5 – Good-looking men and their complements But



“Yuna chi! What’s wrong?”
“……It’s nothing.”

Yuna answered the red-haired baby-faced girl’s question like a cool queen before taking her seat.

In position, it’s me, handsome guy 1, handsome guy 2, and Yusei.

Across from us is a strong blue-haired girl with troublesome blue hair, Yuna, a red-haired girl with a childish face, and a blonde-haired girl.

Well, it was obvious how this blind date was going to turn out.

We began with a brief self-introduction.

Yuna’s last name was Kiryu, by the way.

The two handsome guys had different personalities, but they spoke well and made the party lively.

Sometimes Yusei would talk, and when I was asked to talk about something, I would reply in the safest way so as not to ruin the mood of the place.

In short, the two handsome guys beside me were the main attraction, and Yusei and I were the perfect complements.

And that’s the way it should be.

The two handsome guys are skilled at handling girls.

Those two seem to know what to say to make people laugh and when to take a break.

I was reminded of the difference in level.

I felt a little frustrated, but I was comforted to know that Kiryu Yuna was safe.

I was really glad.

Back then, Yuna had a look of despair on her face, but now she has an aura of a queen.

Well, there’s no need for me to worry from now on.

She is a very beautiful girl.

In fact, two handsome guys are after her very hard.

Even I, who am not very sensitive, could see that the two handsome guys were desperate to get her.

I thought to myself, “I’m going to fill my stomach with sake and snacks here.”

As I was thinking that, the topic suddenly changed and a red-haired girl with a baby face squinted her eyes devilishly and opened her mouth.

“What’s your ideal type?”

The red-haired girl with a childish face asked the question, and each of us answered.

The girls said “someone tall (blue-haired girl),” “someone kind (blonde-haired girl),” and “someone funny (red-haired childish face),” while the men said “someone who hugs me all the time (handsome guy 1),” “someone who travels a lot with me (handsome guy 2),” and “someone kind (Yusei)”

And finally, only me and Yuna are left.

Timing-wise, it’s my turn to say it.

But still, ideal type, huh?

I’ve never been in a relationship with a woman, so I can’t tell about my specific type like the two handsome guys.

The two handsome guys are sipping their drinks disinterestedly, and all the rest of them look at me.

I look at Yuna slightly embarrassed and open my mouth.

“…… well, that …… I’d prefer someone who will always be there for me. ……”

What am I talking about?

It’s not like a married couple or a family, and “all the time” is still too heavy.

I said something funny because I’ve been alone since my family died and my two friends didn’t come to visit me.



Yuna, sitting across from me, dropped a glass of juice.

Fortunately, the red-haired girl with the baby face held the cup back so that it didn’t overflow, so it didn’t turn out to be a catastrophe.

“Yuna chi?”
“Yuna chi?”
“Hm? Nana, what’s wrong?”
“No, Yuna-chan’s brain was buggy for a second, what’s wrong?”
“Oh, really?”
“Well, now that we’ve got that out of the way, tell me what Yuna’s ideal type is.”
“Well, let’s see.”

The huge marshmallow shakes a little at the bounce, and the male gaze is riveted on it.

It’s really big. But her waist is so thin that it is a wonder.

While handsome guys 1 and 2 are looking at me with a twinkle in their eyes

Yuna looks me in the eye and speaks in a low tone.

“I love a man who protects me.”

Yuna’s words, uttered with an almost provocative look on her face, made my brain go numb for a moment as if it were being electrified.

I’m not sure if she’s teasing me or not.

I was puzzled by Yuna’s words, which might give me unnecessary misunderstandings.

Handsome guy 1 “I’ve actually been doing karate since junior high school.”

Handsome guy 2 “I studied judo.”

The hot guys immediately started to bite.

“What’s that? It’s too obvious.”
“On the contrary, it’s too honest and funny!”
“Hahahaha! It’s Yuna chi after all~”

While the hot guys were gunning for her, Yuna took her gaze away and drank her drink.

The conversation went on like this, and as I was giving the usual banter, it was time to break up the party.

We left the pub.

The good-looking guys were talking with the women, looking as if they wanted to leave something behind.

If Yusei doesn’t go to the after-party, we can go home together.

As I was thinking so

Yusei looked at his cell phone and made a pale expression on his face.

“Bad….I’ve got to go ……! Sorry! I’ll leave you first! Call me later. I had fun today!”

Yusei bowed apologetically before dashing off.

The good looking guys waved with bright expressions and the girls waved kindly.

But the blonde girl looks disappointed.

Well, it’s not bad to go alone.
It was the first time I had seen so many beautiful women in real life, and the food at the izakaya was delicious, so I was satisfied.

And above all.

Yuna is safe.

This alone made it worth it for me to attend this party.

I was not going to be there to cause her any trouble.

So I open my mouth to the six people who are talking about the after-party.

“I’m sorry. I’m leaving too.”
“Are you leaving already, Tsukasa chi?”

Nana, a red-haired girl with a childish face, said with a frown, interrupting Yuna’s words.


Maybe it’s my imagination, but Nana and Yuna seem to be showing signs of restlessness.

It would be better to say something to them after all.

It would be irresponsible of me to just say I was leaving and go straight into action.

So I opened my mouth to them.

“Thank you so much for today. It was a lot of fun.”

After saying that, I spoke again to the puzzled Yuna.

“I’m really glad I came……. I was so happy.”

I smiled as I finished speaking.


Yuna’s legs trembled.

Her cheeks seemed to be slightly pink from the LED lighting at night.

The handsome guy smiled and said bye-bye.

So I turn on my heel and move my feet.

The city at night is full of drunken businessmen and touts, filled with the sound of trains running and people talking.

As I head toward the station, I look at the people and mutter to myself

“I’m so glad.”

I feel refreshed, as if the seed of the trouble that has been plaguing me for so long has been removed.

I think I’ll be able to get a good night’s sleep today.


I thought, but when a problem is solved, a new one is born.

The hot look she showed me.

The guilt that comes back.

Every time I remember them, I feel a strong stirring in some part of my heart.

While I was thinking about this, a voice called out from behind me and grabbed my shoulder.


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  1. “While the hot guys were *groping* her, Yuna took her gaze away and drank her drink.” – You should change “groping” to “going for” or “gunning for”. Otherwise it gives an indecent image to my really ultra pro level cultured mind.

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