Episode 22 – lover



I woke up.

Yuna knocked me down and I think she said something to me.

The words were incredibly stimulating and seemed to hit my brain like a blunt instrument.

While I was desperately trying to remember what she said, the strong smell of pheromones that stimulate males and the unique scent of girls tickled my nostrils.

Perhaps I am lying on the bed.

However, I can feel the softness on my right arm.

This softness doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable, rather, I feel that this softness is natural to feel, a sensation I have been experiencing for a long time.

I opened my eyes.

Then I saw the ceiling, and I turned my head to the right.

There was

Yuna was there.

She was lying on her side and looking at me very passionately.

My right arm was buried by a huge marshmallow clad in her gray knit, and perhaps because I was on my side, gravity was causing her big tits to gently crush the bed and my right arm.

She doesn’t move an inch when she lays eyes on me, and she closes the distance more.

“Yuna …… why……”
“Tsukasa-kun fell asleep, so I let you sleep in my room.”
“N-no,……, it’s not that.”
“Why are you sleeping with me, Yuna?”
“Because I want to sleep with you.”

I was speechless.

While seeing her staring at me like this, I think my brain is going to bug out.

“No,…… we’re not even dating yet, I don’t know if I should be doing this.”
“!!! Not yet…….”

She twitches for a moment.

Thanks to this, my fingers start to shake as well.
I looked towards my fingers.


My finger was just above her crotch.


I tried to pull my hand out, but she wouldn’t let go.

“No. don’t leave …… Tsukasa-kun.”
“I don’t want to leave you. I will never let go and I don’t want it to be like it was two years ago! Even if I die, I won’t let go! I want to be with you forever.”
“Yuna ……”

She suddenly shivered uneasily and hugged my right arm more tightly.

I wonder if she felt insecure because she was separated from me that time.

I should have given her at least one of my contact information.

I was a coward then and had no room in my heart after the death of my parents. 

Even now, I still feel like a coward.

I was not as good-spoken as the good-looking guys at the party, and I cried in front of Yuna and Kaede san, and then I fell asleep.

I’m sure that a beautiful and cheerful girl surrounded by handsome guys would despise me if she saw me.

I wonder how much I have to disappoint Yuna.

I opened my mouth with a dark expression.

“I’m sorry. I’ve been giving Yuna a lot of trouble.”
“….. no. I’m always the one who bothers Tsukasa.”

Yuna should never have bothered me.

When I urge her to continue with a glance, she opens her mouth.

“Because I did a lot of things that annoyed Tsukasa-kun, even though we haven’t even started dating yet. ……”

She tears up and speaks again in frustration.

“But in front of Tsukasa-kun, I can’t stand it! If it wasn’t for Tsukasa-kun, I wouldn’t be able to feel like this! I’m a girl like this to begin with!”
“Yuna ……”
“Hey, we’re not dating yet, are we?”

Her blue eyes are so moist that they remind me of the deep sea, and she looks at me wistfully.

This is ……

No matter how much of a virgin and tall, shady guy I am, I know what she’s looking for.

I don’t even have hearing loss, a unique skill of male protagonists in novels.

Deafness is out of date.

I turned sideways toward Yuna.

Because of this, my right arm slipped out of her ample breasts.

She was puzzled for a moment, but I quickly put my left hand on her head and patted it.

“!! Tsukasa-kun ……”
“If it’s okay with me, let’s go out ……. Please go out with me.”
“Whaaaa …Haa!!!???!!”

In the past, I would have looked at her in awe and thought.

There is no way I can match Yuna. I’m such a small person. This was just a surprise to make fun of me.

But now it’s different.

[I want to be with Tsukasa-kun all the time. ……I want to be with him 24 hours a day, from morning to night. Even if we are apart, I want to send each other pictures on Ein and call each other to know what Tsukasa is doing. …… I also want to be dependent on Tsukasa-kun all the time. I want to talk with him and sleep with him until we fall asleep together…….After my university lectures, I want to go to Tsukasa-kun’s university and walk around flaunting my love for him in front of everyone.]
[Later, later. …… Tsukasa-kun will dominate me like this. I’m going to give in to him with loving domination. And you know, I like you, Tsukasa. ……]

One anxiety turns into a drop of black ink that falls into the tank and stains the whole thing.


Yuna’s words and actions so far have been

It is like a large amount of water falling into the black-tinted tank.

Eventually, that large amount of water falls into the black-tinted tank and replaces everything.

A few ink components may remain, but no matter how much I look at it, the water is clear and clean.

Yuna’s love was that powerful.

“Tsukasa-kun…… Tsukasa-kun!!!!”

“I’m so happyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!”

I thought I was going to suffocate.

Me and Yuna became lovers.


“Thank you so much for today.”
“No problem. It’s okay. Thank you for coming. Tsukasa can come and go as he pleases, as if this were his own home. I gave you a key card.”
“No, no! I can’t do that. ……”

After enjoying the Yuna component, I decided to leave.

I wanted to stay a little longer, but my heart wasn’t going to take it, so I decided to go back to my house.

I was so excited when I told her how I felt about her, but she suddenly squealed and agreed with me.

“Tsukasa-kun, I’ll see you every day from now on, okay?”
“Oh, okay. I understand.”

I was puzzled by the weight of Yuna’s words for some reason, Kaede san looked at us smiling and then opened her mouth.

“tsukasa, take good care of my sister from now on. Always”

The words themselves were strangely powerful, though Kaede san’s expression was one of massive receptivity.

I waved to them and left the tower apartment.

The sun was about to set.

I smiled and headed home.

I had to put Yuna’s happiness first.


Yuna side

“You came, didn’t you? Fufufu.”
“Haa…… Tsukasa-kun……”

Kaede smiles gently at her sister who is soaking in her pleasure.

“Are you doing it with Tsukasa in your room?”
“…… I held back desperately.”
“Fufufu, great.”

Kaede gently embraces her lovely sister.

The ferocious breasts rubbing against each other is truly spectacular.

“I want to have a baby, Tsukasa-kun so much.”
“I know. I’m sure that one day that day will come. I want to see it too. Tsukasa and Yuna’s baby…..”
“But you know, it hasn’t even been a day since you started dating. So, Yuna’s presence must be planted in Tsukasa’s mind even more.
“…… yeah. I want him to know more about me ……. But Tsukasa kun, it’s tiring, nee san, can I leave it to you?”
“Yes. Of course. Leave it to me.”
“Love you…….”

Yuna buries her face in Kaede’s ferocious chest.

Kaede rubbed Yuna’s back and murmured.

“Leave it to your sister,…… to mommy,…….”

Kaede’s cheeks begin to turn pink.

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