“A model?!”
“Yes! I’m a fashion model. All of my money comes from appearances. I also get interviews from time to time, so there’s that, too.”
“I had no idea. …………… Why don’t you tell me that important part?”
“What? I thought your mom would have told you.”
“You think my parents know?”
“Yeah! Because they pick me up and drop me off.”
“That old Hag.”

Why does she always talk about unnecessary things, but never tells me what I need to know?
Let’s talk about it when I get home.
But still, this guy is a model. ……………
I don’t deny that she’s a beautiful girl, and everyone agrees that she’s a beauty when it comes to her looks.

The only problem is her personality………… and her abnormal obsession with me alone.
Abnormal love……… usually means a bad personality, but since she is a fashion model, a job that only involves being photographed, she doesn’t have to worry about being exposed.

That’s probably why this guy is able to do this job.
If she were a celebrity, her skin would be peeled right off and she would end up in flames.

Now I know where the money comes from. New information has come to light that she was not engaged in any dubious activities and was earning money as a fashion model.
So, the next question was.

“I’ll change the subject. What’s the reason you don’t take the money yourself? Is there a reason you want me to take it?”

This is it. This is the biggest mystery.
Is there any reason to make me take it?
And even though Shiina wants me to take it, she interferes, perhaps unconsciously, which is inconsistent.

“I’m not sure if you understand, Saku-kun. The reason why”
“I have no idea.”
“You don’t understand the female mind, do you?”
“I don’t understand.”

I said to her

“Isn’t it ideal to have your boyfriend take your stuffed animal? Every girl wants that.”

She gives me puppy dog eyes.


I naturally let out a husky voice at that reason.

“Oh? No, Saku-kun. Girls, you know? They want to get a stuffed animal that their boyfriend took from them once and said, [Here, I’ll give it to you!] That’s a staple in arcade games!”
“The basic premise is that I’m not your boyfriend, and I’m not going to let you take it from me and give it to you, right?”
“It will be!. Girls want to enjoy the atmosphere and that’s what they do!”

Shiina insists while stomping on the ground.
I have no idea what’s good about it. Is this really what all the girls are thinking? To me, it just seems like Shiina is saying it on her own.
Maybe her brain is the Alice of Wonder. This is exactly what I mean by daydreaming.

“Yes, yes, I see.”

If I get into this too much, I might get into trouble, so I’ll just let it slide and get a stuffed animal or something and get this over with.

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