“Have a safe trip home! I don’t mind if you come back!”
“After all, the only one who treats me kindly is Seiji-chan, so thank you ……!”

And I waved goodbye to the lady who is known as the monster complainer at this government office. The lady disappears, and soon my boss comes to me.

“Well~, thanks to you, Yamaoka-kun, we got out of trouble again today! You really are amazing, aren’t you?”
“N-no. I just did what I had to do!”

My name is Yamaoka Seiji. I’m in my first year of work, and I work at the window that handles the complaints that come into this government office.

“This time it was a monster complainer of the highest danger level who comes frequently, but to let him go home so easily …… I knew I was right to hire you.”
“Haha …… praise won’t get you anywhere.”

I am said to have a good ability to handle complaints. When I was in college, I often worked part-time at this government office, and my boss happened to see me handling a customer complaint and suggested that I work here, so I submitted my resume after graduation and here I am.

“Oh, is it that late already? Yamaoka, you did a great job today handling the complainers, so you can go home now. I’ll take care of the rest.”
“Thank you very much! I’ll leave you first then!”

With that smile on my face, I headed home.

“He is really a good boy, isn’t he?”
“Yes, yes! Thanks to him, Yamaoka-kun, the other bosses’ work efficiency has improved a lot!”
“It would be hell if a complainer came to our office when we were busy, wouldn’t it?”

I overheard my bosses whispering, and left the government office with a wry smile on my face.

I’m happy with my job. I come here because I get to hear the stories of all kinds of people. No matter how many people are called “monster complainers,” if I listen to them properly, they will smile and love me. And I get to touch people’s stories in a world I don’t know.

I feel this job is worthwhile.

I was crossing the pedestrian crossing, praying that this precious daily life would continue forever,

Suddenly, a large truck came at me at a very high speed.
(TL/N : Ofc)

It ran me over.

It was a split second, so I couldn’t feel any pain.

However, I heard a voice in my consciousness, which was turning blank.

“Seiji-kun,…… I want you to save another world with your kind nature.”

A girl’s voice. But what I see is a white background, so I don’t know where the voice is coming from.

“Seiji-kun, I will give you a blessing that will prevent you from ever being assassinated, so I want you to reconcile with the princesses of the three kingdoms, get married, and save the other world.”
“What are you talking about?”
“Seiji-kun, if you are reincarnated, you will understand everything.”
“Um, I can’t see the story at all….hnn”

Eventually, I completely lost consciousness.


The Kingdom of Ilas

I woke up. It was probably morning. At the same time, my ego as Eric, prince of the Kingdom of Ilas, is imprinted in my head.

This is the Kingdom of Ilas, famous for being the most powerful kingdom on the continent of the Orient, and I am the son of the king of this kingdom.

Usually, a prince reigns at the top of a privileged and privileged class, and should have a luxurious life that everyone would envy, but this Eric’s past was stained with blood.

Because of a dispute over the throne, his relatives and bureaucrats teamed up to assassinate his father, the first in line to the throne.

The father became enraged and purged all those who had tried to kill him, executing all his relatives and causing considerable loss of life among the bureaucrats. Of course, the damage here was enormous. My mother, brothers, and sisters were all assassinated, and only my father and I are still alive.

I sigh when I recall such a painful past.

Suddenly, I heard someone knocking on the door.

“Breakfast is served!”
“Come in…….”

Then the door was slowly opened and I saw a cute maid coming in, pushing a wagon.

Her name is Sera. Her age is 16. Her parents had fallen ill and she had no money to support her younger brother and sister, so she became a palace maid with a good salary. She has brown hair in two braids, chestnut eyes, a young face, and C-cup breasts. Her appearance is perfect for a palace maid.

“Excuse me then!”

Saying so, Sera, dressed in her fancy maid’s uniform, puts her breakfast on the table.

But her hands and body are trembling, and if she is not careful, she might just fall down.

Why is she moving like that? It is easy to find out if you go back to your memory.

[You’ve got dust on you! you! You didn’t clean up!]
[I’m sorry!”

If I felt bad, I would trace my finger over the hardest-to-reach places, showing the dust and scolding Sera.

[You’re sure there’s no poison in this food?]
[There is no poison in it! The court cooks have checked it thoroughly!]
[If I go insane, I’ll kill your family and all your relatives.]

This man, Eric, has broken Sera’s heart countless times in the past, including causing her hysteria because of past traumas.

Sera isn’t the only one. Everyone who had been Eric’s personal maid had a mental breakdown and left the royal palace. The only one left was Sera.

I think I did a terrible thing. 

I almost cried when I saw Sera’s slender body. But I had to be patient. Patience.
That’s what I told myself,

An accident happened.


Sera’s hand slips and she drops the plate containing the soup. This causes the plate to break and the contents to scatter all over the table and the carpet on the floor.

“I-I’m so sorry !!!”
“I’ve finished Eric-sama’s precious breakfast …… and even the finest carpet. …… I-I’m …… done… …”
“My family…… will all be killed…… father, mother, sister and brother… ……”

Sera looks very pale and her mouth is half open. Then tears streamed down her cheeks, wetting the carpet on the floor.

“Oh, no,…… the tears of a lowly commoner like me on the finest carpet,…….”

It hurt so much that my heart tightened. I can’t …… watch this kind of thing anymore.

I found myself getting off the bed and approaching Sera, who was writhing in fear and sadness.

I hugged her gently from behind.


(TL/N : Let’s go on this path too, shall we ?)

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