A moment later, a train arrives at the platform.
I board the train with a casual look on my face.

This is a relief. I can relax until I get to school.
I let out a sigh and look out the door window.


I saw Shiina staring at me, stuck to the window.

“Hey, what’s going on? I told you not to go, did you lie to me, Saku kun? I’m sure you’ll answer me, right? Hey hey hey hey hey hey I trusted you, and you betrayed me, and I went to the store to buy water for you. So why are you doing this, and why won’t you stop? Hey hey hey hey”

A faint voice can be heard through the door. And Shiina, who was banging on the window and blabbing away.
There was no life in her eyes.

I have only seen this picture in horror movies.
Non-fictional, non-ghostly, scary horror.

I can see why they say humans are the scariest.
The people on the train were shocked.

They all look at Shiina, who is stuck to the window, with horrified eyes and say, “Isn’t that a bad idea?” “Should I call the police?”

That’s true. If I weren’t a party to this, I’d be scared too. No, I’m cowering even now.

I stepped away from the door and the train departed.
The train was moving little by little, and Shiina was clinging to the door to keep up with it.

As the speed increased, Shiina, who could no longer keep up with me, said something and stopped chasing me.
I saw a slight movement of Shiina’s mouth. It was saying perfectly, “I won’t let you go.”


A chill ran down my spine.
If I see her again today, I will be killed for sure. I’m not kidding.

I’m not going to school. Or rather, I should not go home today.

Even if I went home and shut myself in my room, Shiina would pound on the door with a knife in front of my room, saying, “Hey, open the door”. After all, she might even break down the door to get in.

And then she would mount me wrapped in a futon and tearfully say, “I believed in you,” and stab me to death.

This is a real horror movie.

No, it’s more like the end of School Days.

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1 year ago

Embrace the crazy. There’s no way out.

1 year ago
Reply to  A

Fr bro. At least it’s better than having it lead to the end like “School days” lol it? it?
2 months ago

NO NOO u had to say it ……. that anime is a very beautiful and heartwarming piece of work….. so anyone who hasnt watched it WATCH AND PUCK OUT RAINBOWS feed my sadism