“I really, Rrrr-really like Chika…Pppp-please go out with me.”

In the back of the gym, Amamiya finally confessed his feelings to Tojo.

He was so nervous that his voice sounded like a broken machine, but he was trying to convey his message seriously.

Tojo probably wasn’t expecting a confession, so she stepped back and put her hand over her mouth.

“Takaaki, you …….”

“I’m sorry it came so suddenly, but I couldn’t help but tell you. I love Chika for being a caring person, for being strict but cute when she smiles, for helping me when I’m in trouble, and for making me meals. Not as a friend, but as a member of the opposite gender. I’m in your care!”

He bowed his head and held out his hand.

Thinking in his own way, he gathered up his courage and confessed his feelings while holding back his tears.

If possible, he would like to develop a relationship with Tojo that is more than just childhood friends, and would like to go to school holding hands and have after-school dates with her.

After a few minutes of waiting for a reply, Amamiya looked up when she didn’t hold his hand. What he saw in his vision was Tojo, who was pulling away with a disgusted expression on her face.

“Eh, I can’t do it …… me and Takaaki going out, there’s no way we can be balanced no matter how you think about it, ……? You were looking at me like that,…… Disgusting.”

Tojo’s tone was colder than usual.

“You stay up all night because of a stupid game and can’t get up properly on your own. You don’t have many friends, but you don’t actively talk to your classmates and pretend to be asleep to get by. Your appearance is half-hearted and your character is dark. Why would any girl like someone like that?”

Tojo’s words stung his chest and made Amamiya feel nauseous.

A correct argument that cannot be refuted, a painful reality that is thrust upon him as a negative person.

He wanted to run away, he wanted to cry, but Tojo wouldn’t let him.

“Maybe you’re mistaken that I’ve been by your side because I love you, even though you’re so insignificant, right? Aren’t you an idiot? It’s impossible even if heaven and earth were turned upside down. Walking on water would be more likely. Don’t get carried away just because we’re childhood friends.”

Amamiya remained silent, standing there as if he had been put on ice.

Perhaps this angered Tojo, and her virulent words only increased further.

“Not good at studying or playing sports, and I’d much rather be dating Kumatani-kun, the ace of the soccer club, than you. Oh, why am I childhood friends with this guy? I wish you were more handsome.”

This time Tojo giggled as if making fun of him, and Amamiya couldn’t hold back his tears.

Because he did not expect to be rejected so thoroughly.

Amamiya was convinced that she was right.

He was a half-hearted, dark-rooted, helpless, shady person, and there was no way he could match Tojo, who was very popular in class.

It was an objectively impossible, fleeting wish.

“It’s me who wants to cry, I really do. I don’t want to go to school with you. I won’t be going to your house for the time being, so cool your head and reflect.”

Tojo, perhaps feeling refreshed after having said all she had to say, put on a satisfied expression and left without Amamiya.

The remaining Amamiya leaned against the wall and quietly broke down in tears as he listened to the sounds of club activities echoing from inside the gymnasium.

An hour or so later, he went to the main gate, and for some reason Kumatani was standing there.

He approaches with his hands in his pockets.

Amamiya was scared and turned to go towards the back gate, but Kumatani threw something to him.

Amamiya hurriedly caught it.

“Let’s go home together.”

Kumatani says this in a caring manner and walks to match Amamiya’s pace.

What was thrown to him was a can of lemon juice sold in the school vending machine.

He walked shoulder-to-shoulder with Kumatani without a single word of conversation on the way home, which he had always done by himself or with Tojo.

“I’m looking forward to the offline meeting, I want to meet you early, how about on Saturday?”

“Oh, you’re suddenly very enthusiastic, aren’t you? P-Perhaps you have a date with that girlfriend on Sunday ……?”

Amamiya felt a throbbing pain in his chest, but did not want to cut off the conversation, so he continued typing on the keyboard.

“Haha, no way~. I’ve been thoroughly rejected, I might not make it. Please cheer me up.”

“Dumped, eh? SSS-Seriously!! You really, really got dumped?!”

Amamiya is genuinely taken aback, as he didn’t expect him to bite him so hard.

Could it be that Dragon Head san has the kind of personality that takes pleasure in other people’s misfortune?

“She’s a stupid woman~. If it were me, I would never reject Rein-san’s confession~. I would have gone out with you on the premise of marriage~”

“Can you please not say weird things when we’re both men ……? I’m depressed because my childhood friend gave me a 100 pure and honest argument.”

“Don’t worry about what that woman says. Just carry on as usual.”

“No, there was a part of me that agreed with what my childhood friend said. I think I’ll try to improve myself a little from now on…”

“No, no! Please be the same as you always are, Rein-san!”
He is blamed for the rugged face and freaked out.

He is probably concerned about Amamiya, his friend of the heart.

“Okay, for now, the meeting is at 12:00 on Saturday. If you’re going to be late, let me know in advance.”

“Of course! Then, I’m going down now, good night!”

[Dragonhead has logged out.]

He didn’t wait for a reply and immediately logged out, at his own pace.

Amamiya liked Dragon Head san, including that.

He wants to meet and talk with him soon in order to heal the wound he received in his heart after his confession failed.

The person inside Dragon Head, who had logged out earlier than Rein, let out an inarticulate voice and collapsed on the bed.

She hugged her pillow, and instead of feeling sorry for Rein’s failed confession, greatly pleased.

“Fufu …… Yay”

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8 days ago

A simple no would have sufficed. People who shit on others when rejecting them are the kind of people who don’t deserve to be happy and will rob others of their happiness any chance they can get.

MC described her as a tsun, but holy shit there was nothing tsundere about that at all. That was all pure malice on her part. I hope this story ends with that scum cut from his life completely, but I guess we can only wait and see whether or not this will devolve in to generic harem slop.

8 days ago
Reply to  idiotman69

“Whats the worst she could say no?”