The next day in class, Amamiya was nervous.

It was because he had decided to confess his feelings to his childhood friend Tojo.

She and he had known each other since elementary school, and when they first met, they had no intention of becoming friends. Boys and girls don’t have the same interests, and he didn’t like the idea of his parents trying to befriend him just because they were neighbors.

However, when Amamiya witnessed Tojo being bullied in the sandbox at the park by an upperclassman from the same school, he rescued her despite her weakness.

Amamiya, whose nose was bleeding from being hit in the face, pulled away from the battered girl with a big smile on his face so as not to make Tojo uneasy.

After that day, the two became irreplaceable best friends.

They remained best friends in high school, but Tojo had changed.

She had been a shy girl, but she became a serious committee chairperson, and her style improved.

She is now the most popular girl in her class.

Amamiya, on the other hand, is a bad communicator who is closer to the bottom of the class.

He sits by the window, and when he is not talking to his few friends, he is fiddling with his phone or pretending to be asleep.

Sometimes he glances at Tojo, who is surrounded by many friends, but does not call out to her

“Good morning, you’re looking dull today!”

“Eh, ah …… good morning …… Kumatani-kun.”

Kumatani Toshimitsu, a flashy blonde, greeted Amamiya in a friendly manner and then sat down in the seat in front of Amemiya.

Kumatani gave a thumbs-up to Amamiya, who returned the greeting in a clumsy manner and did not seem to be particularly bothered by it.

He is a good-looking guy who is very popular with the girls and treats everyone without any reservation.

Amamiya did not dislike him, as he had been talking to him from time to time since the first day of their class change. In fact, he sometimes thought that they could become friends, but the world they lived in was so different that he did not have the courage to speak to him

“What’s going on? You seem nervous for a while now. Maybe you confessed to a girl?”

“?! How did you know ……?”

“I can tell by your face, maybe it’s Tojo-chan~”

Amamiya, who was told what and whom to confess, was taken aback by Kumatani’s keen insight.

“I guess I got it right. Hehe, I know what you mean. Tojo-chan is cute, isn’t she? Use the advantage of being childhood friends to your advantage and make it work.”

“Eh, How did you know that Chika and I are childhood friends?….”

“I know about the interpersonal relationships among my classmates. If I don’t, I won’t be able to do well, so there’s no harm in knowing. Well, just do your best. I’m rooting for you.”

After saying that, he leaves his seat and goes somewhere.
Amamiya put his hand on his chest and felt his heart beat faster and faster.

(Oh no, …… I almost fell in love with Kumatani-kun)

I never thought he would unleash his popularity beam not only on girls but also on boys.

He is a tricky charlatan, and I would like to be friends with him.

“Good morning, Karina san!”

“Good morning, Karina san! You look so cute today!”

Two girls approaching the seat behind Amamiya mentioned names unfamiliar to Japan.

That’s right, because the girl sitting behind Amamiya are half-Russian.

Her silver bobbed hair shines divinely in the sunlight streaming in through the window. Her jade-clear eyes, which draw the viewer in, peek out from her bangs.

Not only does she have a neat face, but she also has a slender body that one would not expect of a student.

Her slender figure, which was unbelievable for a student, captivated everyone in the class, both male and female.

It is obvious that God created her with a dominant hand, and a goddess is what she is.

Kalina Snowvylvna Lebedev.

That was her name in Russia, but here in Japan, her name seems to be Nagase Karina.

No one knew what was going on, but Amamiya and the others were grateful that the latter was easier for them to call her.

“…Ah, good day. The weather is nice.”

She took off her blue headphones, which were a bit large and disproportionate to her appearance, and replied in fluent Japanese.

Amamiya inwardly gutted that he was lucky to be in the front seat.

“Karina-chan, you seem a little down, don’t you? Like you’re having trouble?”

one of the two girls, a gyaru-ish girl, asked worriedly.

Amamiya, eavesdropping from the seat in front of her, thought that she was supposed to be in low spirits all the time.

Karina is relatively more mature than the other students who are more relaxed, her voice is always low when she speaks, and she is very dry when she is not interested in something.

Even during recess, when she has many friends, she often sits alone in her seat listening to music rather than spending time with them. Moreover, she rarely speaks to anyone on her own.

Despite her quiet nature, Karina is able to maintain her position at the top of the caste system simply because she is cute.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t talk about it because it’s a private matter. I can only solve it myself.”

“Y-yes. We’re best friends, so if you ever feel like talking, feel free to talk to me. I’ll help you.”

“Okay, thank you.”

The conversation ended there as homeroom was about to start and the two girls returned to their seats.

Kumatani, too, grabbed a can of juice and took his seat.

Amamiya was still nervous about whether his confession would be successful or not, but he was curious as to why Karina, the beautiful girl equally behind him, was losing her energy.

(I shouldn’t be prejudiced, but it seems like a lot of hard work, doesn’t it, Karina-san? ……)

Although not more so than Tojo, Amamiya, like other boys, had a one-time crush on Kalina.

Amamiya tries not to be conscious of Karina as much as possible because she has someone she likes, but it is too hard not to be conscious of that beauty.

However, Amamiya’s feelings never waver.

After school, when he and Tojo leave the school together as usual, he casually takes her to the back of the gymnasium, where he confesses his feelings to her.

The reason why we go to the back of the gymnasium is because it is said that there is a 70% chance of success if you make a confession there.

The probability is quite high when it comes to enhancing equipment, and as a gamer, Amemiya must have decided to bet on the 70% chance.

(No, reality and games are completely different things. The success of the confession would depend on how Chika felt about it.)

That didn’t happen.

Amamiya was a man who could properly understand that games and reality are completely different things.

It was time to leave school, and the students were getting ready to go home.

Some were karaoke with friends, others were involved in club activities, and all were living on a different timeline than Amamiya, who had gone home.

Tojo, on the other hand, had the afternoon brass band off, so she went to Amamiya’s seat to go home with him

“Hey, if you pack your textbooks carelessly, there will be holes in your bag, right? Organize them more neatly before putting them in.”

“T-Thank you. You are always so quick to get ready.”

“Takaaki is always so slow. Look, you should move your hands instead of your mouth.”

Amamiya finished his preparations while thanking Chika for helping him somehow or other.

As if wishing Amamiya well, Kumatani, the charlatan, gave him a meaningful smile and a thumbs-up.

Seeing this, Amamiya smiled bitterly and waved his hand in return.

“Hey, Chika, I’d like to stop by somewhere with you, if that’s okay.”

“Are you going to stop by for a road trip? No, I have to go straight home.
If it’s so important, why don’t we go to your place?”

“Please! I’ll be done in a minute!”

Tojo looked puzzled as Amamiya clasped his hands together and pleaded with him.

If he was asking so much, he might be in serious trouble.

“You’re so tiresome. Fine, take me with you.”

Tojo wanted to go home early and make curry with Anna at Amamiya’s house, but as a worried childhood friend, Tojo went along with Amamiya’s invitation.

Amamiya knew Tojo’s weakness, as they had been together for a long time, as she was usually tsun-tsun but weak against pushiness. The plan to lead her to the back of the gym was a success, and all that remained was for him to tell Tojo how he felt about her.

Karina, who had eavesdropped on their conversation as they left the classroom, was thinking with her hand on her chin, as if she had something on her mind.

Soon she was convinced that it was some kind of misunderstanding, and shaking her head, she put on her favorite headphones and headed home.

She had a reason for wanting to leave early.

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